Which God Would you Hang Out With?

Of course he had never heard of Min, Pan, Dionysus, Bacchus or any of dozens if not hundreds more.

I’m convinced most Christians hang out with the “God of Wishful Thinking” :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I’ve always liked the notion of the trickster god, who is found in many cultures. The vikings called him Loki. The closest christians have is the devil, which I think is extreme and suggests god has no sense of humour. So many christians I’ve met are sour cunts, always looking as if they spend their days sucking lemons.

Yeah, not much humor in christianity, it being a dooms day cult and all. Some of the televangelist are pretty funny, but not on purpose :slight_smile: .


They are funny :laughing:

BUT you are bang on :flushed: ‘cause they are taken seriously :neutral_face:

Which is hilarious :rofl:

BUT not really, because these gullible, humourless twits ACT on their fucked-up thinking.


See below:

What I find even funnier is the fact that [ at least] literalist preachers tried to cure covid19 by a laying on of hands, contacted the illness and died.

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Looking at the current state of the world - none of them.

There are millions of gods . Shouldn’t be hard to find one not too fussed about humanity except as toys. I think both the ancient Greek and Norse pantheons have possibilities.

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I forgot all about the Egyptian Gods. I love their names. Osiris, Isis, Horus, Hathor, Anubis, and my current favorite Bastet. The cat women goddess. Meow! I don’t think I’d want to go out for any of that beer they drank in ancient Egypt though, sounds pretty nasty. Something about having to drink it through a straw to filter it? Ewwwww.

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Sheela Na Gigsor “the old hag of the breasts.” would do me.

Popular myths claim she was a lustful pagan goddess who threw herself at men by showing them her “lady parts.” Most men rejected the old hag. When one occasionally accepted, however, Sheela transformed into a beautiful woman and granted kingship to the lucky man.

Makes me wish for a revival.

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Egyptian beer was very different from ours. The grain they used was emmer, an early type of wheat. Everyone drank large quantities of that low alcohol beer because of a lack of potable water.

Workers in Egypt were often paid part of their wage in beer.

I don’t know about that.

My ex wife’s transformation into an unpleasant cow happened well after the wedding . :rage:


You might find the blog/article linked below of interest

A sip of history: ancient Egyptian beer - British Museum Blog.

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I’d hang out with Marduk, a Babylonian god who sounds pretty cool.

Hahahaha the Aussies here love that dark yeasty shit, what’s it called?vegimite???

Or Hawaiians with their ”poi” :face_vomiting:

Can’t think of anything disgusting that I grew up on that tastes good to me :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Peanut Butter. Trust me… it is an acquired taste that has not popularized itself in much of the world.

Cheese… When I first came to Korea, a made a nice cheese plate for my Korean office workers at the school Sharp Cheddar. Swiss, Cheddar, Spicy Monterey Jack (Koreans like spicy so I went with that), some broken blue cheese sprinkled about, Munster, Provolone and a few others. All chopped up in little serving squares with an assortment of crackers.

The vice principal of the school took a bite of cheddar and spit it into a napkin. The fool. He hated all the cheeses. Most of the Koreans had never had any of them before. One of the teachers had been exposed to various cheeses and had to explain to the others what they were and just how expensive this cheese plate was. LOL (I guess the expense was important) Several tried some of the different types of cheese but no one seemed to enjoy them but the one teacher and myself. I went home with about 2/3 of the plate untouched.

OH! Another weird thing you eat that Asians find disgusting … Gravy. (I kid you not.) The idea of taking pork or beef or foul drippings, combining it with milk and flour to make something you can ingest, simply turns their stomachs.

Ever had warm rice with milk and sugar, like cereal. in the morning. Another Western bastardization of perfectly good food that will turn an Asian’s stomach. Rice pudding? Ha ha ha ha ha ha … not in a million years in this country;.

And the quantity of meat Westerners eat at a single setting is insane. A single slab of western steak, lets say a good cut of prime rib, would feed an entire party of four to six hungry adults in Asia.

Let’s not forget milk. No other animal on the planet drinks milk well into its adult life. Only humans do this. And not all humans have the capacity to break down the proline found in milk. Apparently it is an evolutionary trait that we developed over time. Animals that do drink milk are animals that we have domesticated, like cats and dogs. Many people in the world can still not digest milk.


Fuck - I wanted to move there and open a Canadian Poutine fast food joint!


WTF - ??? VOMIT! I had to go and look up the recipe, now I can’t leave the toilet.

Feel like a cold one? This may give you second thoughts.

The Jedi God, not that it was ever mentioned unless in the books. I never read the Star Wars books.