Which God Would you Hang Out With?

We all know there are lists of thousands of gods. They all have interesting qualities. Imagine for a moment you could hang out with one of them. Just go out for a burger and a beer or perhaps watch your favorite football game or auto race at home on the wide screen. Which God would you choose and why?

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I found a good one… Barraiya - The god who created the first vagina. Now that is someone I wanna meet!

What a conversation starter on my next date. “Hey baby! I know how you got your vagina. Wanna hear the story?”

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Loki … definitely Loki.

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She’s the Japanese Shinto goddess of the dawn, fun, and partying, and inventor of the performing arts, including stripping.


@algebe … me and Loki are crashing your party :tada:

There’s an old joke:

A missionary is trying to convert a Dane to christianity in say the eighth century.

Dane “Now let me understand. Your god got nailed to a tree?”

Missionary “It was a cross actually”

Dane " Well, MY god carries a bloody great hammer"

Thor would be great at say a football match. He would also like beer and stronger alcohol. It’s my understanding that Thor spent a goodly amount of time fucking nymphs and like that.

I would also ask him to throw lightning at every church and temple we could find, and burn them to the ground. Preferably with the priests inside.

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We could do a couples night! Excellent!

@ White. No more worries about sex!
HA HA HA HA … You could literally go fuck yourself… (Happy Face!) Ducking quickly and sprinting from the room.

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I imagine I would like to think in terms of a Pokemon World of what ever god that would be. LOL.

There’s lots of worlds I wish I could hang out with the gods or god of that world. Harry Potter would be one of those worlds I would like to hang out with the god of. It would be fun to meet certain dark wizard’s too of course. Even if they killed me… LOL.

But in any-case there’s many worlds I would love to live in. A Simpsons god would be a choice to hang out with. Family guy Jesus and God. LOL.

" Which God Would you Hang Out With?"

Hard to say. Mostly if not all fantasy gods anyways.

Edit; American Dad’s god. Lol the episode Stan threatens to shoot god.

Thor was also a transvestite who took part in a same-sex wedding ceremony.

Didn’t know that, I have only a very basic knowledge of Norse gods .How fantastic! .

Have always been a bit bemused that some of 'em turned up in our names for some of the days of the week.

I’ve always found it fascinating that “Octo” is the prefix for 8. Yet “October” is the tenth month. (Yes I know the story behind all of this. Just thought I would throw it out there. Anyone interested can find the answer with a simple Google search.)

In Latin; it was the word the the eighth month of the Roman year.

This sounds pretty good. Also Macuilcozcacuauhtli, the Aztec god of gluttony, or Adephagia, the ancient Greek god of gluttony. If I’m going to over indulge I’m going to do it fucking properly…:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Find one marry one and produce babies.
Matter solved.
Now your baby is star Lord.

Find one Maya and pull a baby from her thigh, problem is also solved.

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IF I had a choice, probably a Greek nymph, or perhaps the Norse Loki. OR the trickster in another culture. They always seem like fun. ( I really like Brer Rabbit)

If they were real, I’d hang out with Mnemosyne, goddess of memory and some of her daughters who were all Muses, most especially Cleo, who mused for history, Terpischore, muse of music and dance, Urania for astronomy and Erato for erotic poetry (woowoo).
Would it matter that I’m not Greek?


Gee, Ii didn’t know all that about the Muses. I’ve just changed my mind, although I’d like to keep one of the nymphs.


Thor has just spent the last two nights with a nymph.

He is thundering across the sky on Gungir, yelling’ “I’M THOR!!! I’M THOR!!!”

From below comes a plaintive wail; from the nymph: “You’re thor? I’m tho thor I can hardly pith”

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hmmm Choosing a god to hang out with is harder than I thought it’d be. I think I’ll just make up one, since they’re all make believe anyway. Tyrion Lannister had an interesting idea for a god:

His god would need adjusting for a woman’s taste, of course. I’d start by replacing the wine with a strawberry daiquiri…and go from there :slight_smile: .

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