What is a news outlet compared to a…

How do you gather your news? How do you identify facts? Do you believe or hesitate (withhold belief until further information or evidence) when reading/watching news?

I ask because of this:

”In many ways, Tsargrad is similar to what Fox News has done. We started from the idea that there are many people who adhere to traditional values and they absolutely need a voice," Malofeyev told the Financial Times in 2015.

Unfortunately for me… I will often repeat somethiing I have read or think to be true, and then simply wait for the replies. Once all the replies are in, I begin formulating or altering my opinion. If it’s some major event, Line the current war, I hit the news rags, you tube, and just read what I can, nothing particular, and see what I can string together from all the reports.

I check my news :newspaper: through a reliability/accuracy “fact checker” first. Usually it will indicate whether it’s left or right leaning and how “loaded” the language is.

Any source that veers too left/right of centre I avoid.

Then I get about three articles from different countries besides the home country for the information.

I have a few friends (including some here) that I’ll pass things through just for opinions or their take.

Also local papers in the area are excellent (depending on size of community).

When it’s a legality issue, I may at first emotionally react BUT usually settle on withholding until the court case is decided. Normally I can feel what I may view as “unjust” BUT legally is where these issues are determined. Support still can be voiced for either judgement.

I avoid news via commentary/opinion.

I miss the days of news delivered by dry, respectable impartial agencies where it was viewed as a public service and not a “for profit” adventure.

OH - one more thing I practice. If I read something I suspect may be “loaded” I will substitute the opposite to see where I want to form my own ethic/moral opinion.

The indicators used in the Trust Project have usually worked well to determine how much trust I have in a particular piece.

The questions contained within the indicators aren’t always answerable in an entirety; the more that can be answered regarding a particular piece, the more I tend to believe it and allow it to help form my opinion.

Interesting. I would go to the most left and the most right I could find and then fact check as I am able. Fact is, Russia has gone to war. Beyond that, everything else is supposition, innuendo, etc… Is Russia trying to thwart the expansion of democracy and attempting to set up a buffer zone, like N. Korea, between itself and the West? Or does Putin actually give a shit about unifying Russia? Loads of stories out there.

The “most” left and right are the same. Lots of bullshit narrative and a few facts … few. Lots of speculation and connecting dots (mind pattern seeking). I find my mind gets too tired looking for “corn” in shit. I prefer corn that needs rinsing. Less commentary.

Nope. Not really.

However if your conclusion is there’s a war, great! Here’s your gold star :star:

I use a selection of the finest and most reliable online news sources to get varied reporting.

Definitely agree with your “news sources”.

I have said time and again - be careful whom you pick as your enemy, you become just like them. (I personally think it’s projection, just my opinion)

I verified the source. Yes, front page “in-depth” article. RIA is one of the top 3 news agencies in Russia.

Take the time to read (if you choose). How do you think Russia :ru: would react if this was written by NATO? The same solutions. The same language but substitute Russia for Ukraine.

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