What happened to freedom?

I’m asking this question mainly to see what the Canadian residents on this forum think the outcome is going to be in their current situation. What the fuck does that coward/moron/clown Trudeau think he’s doing? Regardless of the outcome, he’s signed his own political death certificate. One way or another, he’s done, it’s just a matter of time to see what happens.
He picked the wrong battle to try to exert his will on Canadian citizens, he couldn’t intimidate a 6 year old. Blue collar workers make up the vast majority of your country, just like here in the US.
There’s only so much bullshit people will put up with before we say “that’s it, no more”. Trudeau has to be one of the most arrogant, condescending politicans I’ve ever seen, how did this piece of shit get re-elected in 2020?
I don’t know if he is stupid enough to try and use the military to end the protests, I really hope it doesn’t end badly for the citizens of your country.

Please, do not express hyperbole. I am no fan of the man, and he would rather talk than take action. To see him take such action is contrary to his nature.

But Canada is not mired in race wars or such violent politics. We resolve our political differences at the polls and move on. We are also very fortunate we have a multi-party political system, we are not forced to choose between the lesser of two evils.

IMO this is the general political mood at this time.

counter protest


Policy is where I opine about a politician.

Trudeau is not the worst politician we’ve had, nor the best. He’s human and does err. He’s also human has has made some compassionate wise decisions.

He doesn’t have to meet with protesters. He also didn’t have to (imo) enact the Emergency Act. Protesters in Canada have been met with force without the Act (G7 in Toronto for example).

Much of this Convoy is USA :us: influence and a small fringe Christian Nationalists and some other extreme elements.

He is not a “man’s man” (riding horseback no shirt) :laughing: or the “blue collar” type masculine projection (he doesn’t have to be) but he was elected and has been qualified to do the job (and imo, he has done a decent job).

Our area, we have a Conservative rep. She does a bang up job and fulfills the role in Opposition and Shadowing.

This might help understand our political set up. Right now there is no majority govt so there has to be more negotiation and alliances. I prefer minority government - but we’ve also had Majority (Harper/Conservative years)

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The Convoy was originally because of “cross-border” vaccine mandates. As I mentioned previously, 90% of Canadian truckers that cross borders are vaccinated and adjusted to the removal of special status of “essential worker” that was in place before the vaccines were available. Only about 50% of USA truckers could cross. This goes both ways - international.

NOW it is a rag-tag group of anti-government, Christian Nationalists, anti-vax, Freeman on the Land conspiriturds that the overwhelming majority of Canadians are internationally embarrassed by.

For example -

THIS is the conspiriturd of the money system and that without it “humans” would be free. Ideal fantasy. Humanity is no where near the co-operative level of a “no-money” system. Folks that pass this around have no idea how the world would work without it. Occupy Wallstreet tried this approach.

SO our current situation outcome? The over 100,000-120,000 truckers are still and have been ensuring goods are transported. We are still booking booster shots. Loans, paycheques, purchases and investments are still a daily occurrence. Most Canadians are aware of civic responsibilities and are proud of our multi-culture.

My Province is moving to endemic status. Should things (new variant, level of health effect and/or vaccine effectiveness) change, we will go back to pandemic status and mandates.

We love freedom, which we have and appreciate, and balance with responsibility.

Freedumb on the other hand, is an extremist “buzzword” that is on the same level of understanding as a 3 year old. BUT isn’t that what “they” want? :smiling_imp:

Example of our government in session.

I was sure, after the invasion on Washington, that it was going to be a situation like that in the US long before Canada. Canadians are so nice! I do enjoy watching the whole thing play out and agree with your sentiment.

IMO our histories are relevant. After the US revolution, once the 13 original states had consolidated, they started to think of expansion. Initially US agents went up to what is now Canada and preached about joining this wonderful new republic. But the people basically said leave us alone, we just want to farm and hunt and live.

Obviously that wasn’t good enough, and the US launched an invasion, the War of 1812. They were stopped, then defeated soundly. Subsequently the US turned it’s attention to easier conquests, the south and west.

The Canadian people learned from this, that such political aspirations and beliefs held by the US are dangerous and warlike.

Since it’s founding the US has enjoyed only 15 years of peace out of the entire 244, and been engaged in 134 wars.

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This morning the police made their initial move against the protesters in Ottawa. The RCMP, Ontario Provincial Police, Quebec Provincial Police, and Ottawa police have move large numbers of police into the area and have shut everything down. Because this “protest” was spread over various areas, they have isolated each area and restricted travel. Presently the police are arresting isolated people and taking them away. Hopefully the hard core protesters will have a second of sanity and go home, because this is a battle they will definitely lose.

Because of the emergency measures, this is no longer a peaceful protest, and anyone attempting to join the movement will be arrested. Protesters attempting to go to the protests will be arrested, and if they have children, placed in the care of child protective services.

License plate and other vehicle data has been collected, and no doubt they will go after their assets. Trucker corporate accounts have been frozen, and those truckers face losing their business AND trucks.

One prime strategy is to follow the money, and the organizers have had their go fund accounts seized, they are presently in jail,and facing some stiff criminal charges. No doubt any assets seized will be use dot pay back on the damages, not only physical but the hundreds of millions in lost business. A major mall was shut down for three weeks, that lost money is going to come off the ass skin on protesters.

The protesters who believed that the worst they could face was maybe a week in jail now face the very real possibility they will lose all assets and be heavily in debt paying off damages.

Here is the money trail for any US contributors to the protest. GOfund for protest > seized by courts > pay off damages incurred as a result of the protest.

The police are now acting, with a visible presence and actions, which I approve. But they took three weeks too long to act.


He’s finally doing his job and enforcing the law. The right to protest of the members of the so-called “freedom convoy” was respected, they decided to abuse it, now they get to face the consequences. That’s all it is really.


Welcome @BenB766!

I am soooo glad to see that it is finally being broken up - and you nailed it. They abused this freedom - disrespecting other freedoms of fellow Canadians

  • AND then caused economic damage which feeds into the narrative of inflation being all Trudeau’s fault. PLUS once again, a selfish “Freedumb” at the cost of …hurting small business in the area; forcing many local residents to remain indoors; physical/emotional torment through honking…. NOT peaceful.

BTW, IMO, Trudeau may have a case on the point of foreign influences… we’ll see. Most of these “occupations/blockades” have been First Nations disputes with oil/gas companies or logging (internal). THIS particular rally stinks to high-heaven of US thought-processes and approach (not just Canadians who can’t distinguish between our cultures). It has since the beginning.

EDITED to add: I do not support the Emergency Act being used - imo it is a high standard that must be reached AND actions which warrant it’s use.


And many are going to be subject to US processes, they will lose all assets and jobs. For many, their assets are being frozen in preparation for lawsuits and payment of repairs.

There is a major mall close to Parliament Hill, and for the last three weeks it had to shut down. Hundreds of minimum wage service employees have been unable to find money this soon after Christmas.

I hope they launch a class action lawsuit against this rally and drain every penny away from those “protesters”.

IMO a lot of support has come from US truckers, who are required to be vaccinated to cross our borders.

Thanks for the welcome!

I agree that it’s unfortunate that he had to resort to the Emergency Measures act, but personally at this point I don’t see what else he could have done. The convoy organizers were clear that they had no intention of moving until all their demands are met, and since they’re not going to be met (the government was never going to resign for example), they couldn’t simply leave them there.

Whaaaaa??? A democratic, elected government isn’t going to “step down” to meet the demands of a leadership “body” governing this rally- because they are holding public infrastructure hostage??? :flushed: buuuttt? Bbbbuuutttt…. all they want is freedom and the chance to govern 36million Canadians…

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Lol I was actually surprised that many thought it was going to happen. I mean, I know we’re not exactly dealing with Nobel Prizes here but still…

Welcome my fellow Atheist. How are you today?

Doing good, what about you?

Good. Doing good.


@BenB766 Hello, and welcome to our little corner of the world. My goodness, so many Canucks in here. I live on Toronto, Whitefire out west. Please don’t hold the fact I live in Toronto against me, it’s not that the Leafs will will the Stanley Cup this year, or the next, or the next … lol

I have been watching the news a lot in the last few hours, the police have now established a hard perimeter approximately 6km long.

Because of the excessive act, anyone within this zone is now liable to be arrested and face criminal charges. A few truckers grew some brains and slithered away, understanding that a criminal record would bar them from trucking across the border.

The police have displayed commendable restraint, all they have done is form lines shoulder to shoulder and slowly advance when the crowd moves back. For the last two days they have been distributing fliers to the crowd, asking them to leave.

Because of the act enabled by Trudeau, the police have commanded tremendous resources, they have brought in police from as far as Vancouver, there is a MASSIVE police presence.


Part of me is thinking “fuck yah”… great! It is restrained and specific. Trudeau hasn’t had them tear gassed and holding a bible (without warning yet, lol)…

BUT the greater part of me still is not pleased with the use of this Act. Our Shadow Minister (Conservative) I have asked if she is privy to the security reports (she is btw)… and I did so publicly. There are things we do not have access to knowing.

SHOULD it be revoked in Commons, at least it did the job temporarily. The only thing I hate is YOU can bet YOUR bottom dollar it will be used again by a Conservative Govt for “less” cause (standard for evidence).

I am SICK and TIRED of the lowest form of stupid being catered to.

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Live video footage throughout the day.