What did you feel after apostasy?

What did you feel after apostasy?

I have heard many times that an apostate feels a sense of liberation from a religious sect, a sense of happiness. What is your experience?

Initially, a sense of pent up anger/frustration at having been duped for so long. (Did not recognize it as that at the time. Only realized it months later in hindsight.) Along with that came a brief period of “disorientation.” Rather like being released from a cage you’ve lived in your entire life. You are now free to roam about and explore areas you were never allowed to go, but you’re not sure where to start. Was almost a little “intimidating”, in a way. And there was the reflexive “cringe” after saying/thinking things you were never suppose to say/think.

Over time, however, the anger and the confusion gradually faded. After which, my thinking became much more clear, and my overall attitude toward life in general improved tremendously. After several decades of doubt, uncertainty, and an ever-present mild anxiety, I FINALLY had FULL control of my thoughts and my life. Best feeling ever. As such, it allowed me to treat people better. I gained a fresher and more healthy perspective on various subjects that once made me incredibly uncomfortable. I am now completely at ease (and actually enjoy) discussing matters that I would have typically avoided at all costs in the past.

Suffice it to say, I am a much more relaxed and level-headed guy now. And just to be clear, this was not something that happened at the “snap of the fingers”. It was a process - a transformation - that took place over the course of several months. And that process is still ongoing, as I seek to learn more and more whenever possible. And while this is the case for me, bear in mind the process is different for everybody. And it varies based on countless factors, both big and small.

Edit to add: On a side note, I noticed you used the term “apostasy”. Almost as if to suggest those of us who escaped our religious indoctrination have committed some sort of “crime”. Further implying we should maybe feel “ashamed” or guilty for no longer clinging to blind faith. Granted, you may not have meant it that way, but it IS the impression it gives. Just so you know.


I was never a believer, so apostasy is meaningless to me.

It is a loaded term for many who left the various cults and sects of religion.


Uhhh… Hungry?.. Horny?.. No, wait… Uh, exhausted. No. Hold on a sec… Relieved, maybe?.. (reading question again)… Oh, damn. My bad. I thought it asked how I felt after a POTTY. Sorry. Had bowel movements on my mind. It’s an important concern for me since I started getting into my senior years.

My feelings after are best described by the below

Please watch

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I spent the great majority of my life with a theist mindset. About ten years ago, after watching videos and reading from various forums, did I come to the realization I was an atheist. I did not expect that, I did not set out with that as a goal.

For me, it was liberating. No more fear, no more wondering what god would do to you next. No more uncertainty and trepidation, no more fear.


We were all born agnostics. I haven’t felt anything

Really? I was under the impression we were all born Atheists as default. Tell me. Have you ever tried asking a new born baby what it believes?

By definition Atheism is the lack of or the disbelief in deities. So a new born baby has no concept of what a god is and therefor they lack that defining belief. It would be atheism because it does not require you to have a “god” awareness.

No one believes in a god until we are told to believe in one. The reason anyone stops being an atheist at a young age is because their parents make them stop when they indoctrinate religion onto them.

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Honestly. As if I didn’t know that.
You lot are having a field day with me.

lol if you did then why say what you said? :confused:

Because we were all born agnostics and if you weren’t i like to see proof of that. I’ll wait here. Take your time.

That’s shifting the burden of proof and last I checked, you’re the one who made that claim.

What objective evidence can you demonstrate that we were born agnostics?

Uh, hate to interrupt, guys, but the OP question was, “What did you feel after apostasy?” In an effort to get things back on track, I’d like to share what I felt…

Well, after that initial release of tension that had built up over several decades, I felt incredibly horny. I no longer had to hide my feelings of sexual attraction for my toaster. And then a couple of hours later I was really tired, and kinda raw in a couple of places better left unmentioned. Soooo…

An immense relief, and a near orgasmic feeling when all the built-up shit finally came out. And afterwards, it is important to eat healthy food, nok junk food.

Oh, wait. I was describing relief after severe constipation. However, same shit.

I apologise. In my hurried ignorance I assumed you were born devoid of any religion like every person on earth. Silly me.

I can now see the error of my ways. You were born devoid of intelligence. Please accept my apology.

You mean without belief?

Good. We encourage folks to be willing to “change their minds upon learning new information”.

Awww :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: bob the dog :dog: is sorry. That’s ok, we all say stupid shit sometimes.

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Sarcasm is not in your vocabulary??
Dont try to be clever. You don’t gave the smarts.

Lol :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I tried though…

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Doesn’t he remind you of someone?


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