What are you listening to right now?

Internal Fire from DISSECTION.

Best listened to on weed

I’m listening to the sound of my water bath canner bubbling away as it finishes processing the last six pints of pickled hot peppers.


Antikrist from DIMMU BORGIR.
It’s supposed to be spelled this way.

Pints of pickled peppers :hot_pepper:


Yes, here in Scandinavia we spell “k”-like sounds with “k”, not “ch”. Hence Kristus, Antikrist, etc.

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Macabre, I love metal too, and I thought you would be interested in a Canadian horse that’s a big fan of metal. See below:


This horse turns up his nose at jazz, country music, and R&B.

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Sorry, but it wouldn’t play the video, but I can imagine it. We had a cat several years ago that didn’t mind listening to my music of choice. When I got home from work, I’d workout in the garage with the stereo going, and she(Milly) would eat her wet food in there(I fed her when I got home) and hang out in the garage until I was done, then she’d follow me into the house when I was done.
I called her Milly metal kitty.

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The Howling from WATAIN.

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I’m listening to my dog sing the song of his people as a siren goes by.

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The Wild Hunt from WATAIN.

Still the damn high-pitch ringing in my ears… (teeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeennnnnnnnnnnnnnnn…)…


Just came in from listening to “the children of the night” (coyotes) in the valley below my house. They sing nearly every night and there are often three or more packs spread out over several miles, taking turns serenading the moon…
I consider it a rare and special privilege.


They serenade the moon? I moon those little suckers all the time and they never serenade me!

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I assume you are acquainted with the expression “silent scream”, yes?

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I’m jealous. I’m listening to the same thing as TinMan teeeeeennnnnnn

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We have the occasional moonlight serenade from the green space behind our house, it’s cool to hear.

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Night’s Blood from DISSECTION.

My morning ritual. A cup of coffee, some quiet before the day begins. The weather is warming and the rainy season is starting. Today there is a light rain falling on the windows. It muffles out many of the other sounds. So sitting inside a pillow of white noise, sipping on a cup of hot coffee, laughing at the folly of the inept on this site, my day begins.

As I sit here I am reminded of a children’s activity I witnessed yesterday. It struck me as a visual analogy for the religious folk posting on the site.

So the children from the kindergarten (a satellite of this school) were having an activity day in the gym. There were about thirty 4, and 5-year-old children spread out across the gym floor. Each child was holding a hula-hoop.

These hoola-hoops were like plates with a hole cut in the middle. Like the rings around Saturn, they were striped with rainbow colors of blue, purple, red, yellow, and orange. The colorful rings began on the outermost edge of the hula-hoops and worked their way toward the center hole. But before the rings reached the halfway mark, bright green, plastic, broom-like bristles, reached toward the center of the hula-hoops.

Now the kids were having great fun as they reached out, hands grabbing the edges of the hula-hoops. They were smiling and laughing as the hula-hoops spun round and round. What struck me as particularly theistic is that not one of the hula-hoops was spinning around in relation to the kids. You see, the children were just holding onto the hoops and doing all the spinning on their own. They just held on tight and spun until they were dizzy.

It occurred to me, some of the kids might grow up and stop this sort of behavior… Others?


Prayer from GORGOROTH.