What are you listening to right now?

I think most, if not all of the regular members here know how important music is to me. I listen to it everyday for hours, it helps me mentally, and on some occasions, it helps me physically.
You can learn a thing or two about other people by the kind(genre) of music they like to listen to IMO. I thought it would be cool to start a new thread where those who are interested could post the song title and the band performing it.
My taste’s in music are different from most “normal” people, even fellow atheists. I like classical music, classic rock, and “mainstream” metal(Van Halen, RUSH, Aerosmith, Zeppelin, etc), but I love Black/Death metal music, so most of my posts’ will be music from those genres, no surprise.
It’d be very cool if other members here would be willing to post who/what you’re listening to on a daily basis. Maybe we can learn a little bit more about each other.


Unhallowed by DISSECTION.

Silence. It’s 6AM. All is peaceful. I’m at the office. I have a slight ringing or buzzing sound in my ears, but I can hear my fingers on the keyboard. Someplace outside, cars occasionally pass by. There was a mild rain last night, so the tires have that stick-to-the-road sound as they pass. My coffee is hot, and the world is getting ready to begin. Soon the employees will begin filtering in. Until then, the time is mine. This is a time just to be here and now.


Satan’s Hunger from WATAIN.

Stellarvore from WATAIN.

MATT D. - Taking calls from theists. The last call was a pantheist, and it didn’t go well for the theist. This new guy wants to look at God as an archetype… Oh, fuck. Another Jordan Peterson fan.
I gotta go take a piss.


Twilight of the Flesh from FUNERAL MIST.

This stopped me searching Netflix, and I went to YouTube and dub out some episodes of the atheists experience with Matt hosting, quality. I even watched the one with Ray Comfort, and it was very entertaining.

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I usually watch the atheist experience on you tube everyday while I’m having lunch. The ones featuring Matt D. are the best IMO.

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LOL… Talk about a brick wall. Can a human being actually be that stupid? I find him extremely difficult to listen to. “Have you ever told a lie?” Gee Ray… “Have you ever told the truth?” Talk about an apologist with the worst arguments on the planet. “Take the banana for example!” OMG, the dweeb has no idea how to do research. “Open mouth - insert foot.” When it comes to apologetics, this guy is at the bottom of the barrel. Right next to WLC and his pedantic repetitious nonsense.

I like Rabbi Wolpe, a Jewish apologist. He does not have any good arguments, but he is a human being. He actually does his best to discuss and unlike the (above-mentioned) he does not blindly follow a script. (Not that I have noticed anyway.)


I’m in that phantom buzz-like zone that is shared with comas and hangovers, and the common cold. Nothing around me is real. The person standing next to me may as well be shouting at me from across the street. I’m buried deep within myself in a warm comfortable place, and I don’t want to poke my head out to interact with the world. Is it the meds or just that I want to curl into a ball under my electric blanket and sleep? What motivates me to go to work these days? It would be so easy to just say ‘fuck it,’ and stay home. ‘Who cares if all the reports are late?’ But here I am, typing away. The phantom mumbling of students and employees wafts around me like cigarette smoke in a crowded poker room. The world is out there, but it is not penetrating my wall of isolation.

It was quite funny to watch him being handled by the two presenters, including Matt Dillahunty. At first I found a little annoying they were giving him so much rope, but they knew exactly what they were doing. Ray Comfort is as blinkered and closed minded a person as you will ever encounter, he seems like a decent person, yet he holds obviously pernicious beliefs, as clear a warning as one could wish for about the dangers of indoctrination into religion.

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Good morning everyone I’m currently listening to a group called Sting and the Police. I also listen to Bad Company and a few other artists out there. I’m glad that I am an Atheist :atom_symbol:.

The group’s called The Police, the lead singer is called Sting.

They had some good stuff, though I probably didn’t take to it when it came out, but I was in my mid teens, but have come to appreciate it since. I was more of a fan of Pink Floyd at the time.

Oh, and welcome to AR.

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Pismo l by BATUSHKA.

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Heh, the 1984 version of Dune will be back in the theaters soon (I guess to cash in on the new one that will be out soon?). Anyway in the film, Sting from the Police plays one of the antagonists:

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A Sweven Most Devout by Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult.


Death metal version of 4:33.


Angus Dei by FUNERAL MIST.