Westboro Baptist Church

What do you think of these assholes?


At least they believe the non-sense they are spouting. Already makes them better than most religious people in my experience. And they are kind of accurate I suppose: if you accept that the Christian god is real and responsible for the content of the bible: then that god probably does hate gay people.

I’ve heard of the Westboro Baptist Church, and have followed the news on them for years.

The Southern Poverty Law Center has designated them as a hate group that should be compared to the KKK, the neo-Nazis, and the Aryan Brotherhood.

I wouldn’t piss in their faces if their hair was on fire.

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Wouldn’t it just be a national tragedy if someone lost control of their vehicle and ran over every one of these fucking clowns? No? Then I guess it’s just me then.

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I have particular issues with religion and homosexuality, as these issues created problems with my paramedic job (as I also discussed at length in another thread on this forum).

I was a field training officer, so I was once assigned a nursing student whom was working on his advance practice nurse practitioner certification, and EMS work was an elective course that was part of his studies.

Well, this guy had about 7 years of experience working in pediatric intensive care, and–in many respects–he knew more about pediatric emergencies than I did.

So, we got a very sick kid on one call. This little kid was suffering from leukemia, aggressive chemotherapy, and severe complications from juvenile diabetes all at the same time.

I swallowed my excessively large ego, put my student in charge of the situation, and delegated myself to accepting instructions from him . . . and he saved the kid’s life.

The problem was the issues with the parents. My student was very effeminate in a way that would cause many people to assume that he’s gay (and he actually was “very gay” if we talk about stereotypes), and the religious parents complained to our service.


Because exposing their male child to “homosexualist influences” during a “delicate stage in his masculine development” may cause their child to turn out gay.

These people disowned an older gay son, and their Freewill Southern Baptist congregation at their church blamed the parents for the older son’s homosexuality.

After all, nobody is ever born gay because “God doesn’t make mistakes.” Also, all gay people tend to be child molestors . . . so how would you feel if some paramedic had a child molestor touching and handling your child?

These people had a letter of complained signed off on by the whole congregation, and they forwarded a copy to their Congressman before sending it to my EMS agency.

This was part of why I was demoted, as my actions were seen as equivalent to forcing a blood transfusion on a Jehova’s Witness. This was despite the fact that I was told beforehand to utilize this nurse as much as possible to give him some authentic EMS experience for his degree.

I also need to indicate that paramedics and EMTs are expected to be pragmatic and practical, as we work in an unstable environment that doesn’t have the resources of a hospital, clinic, or doctor’s office. As a consequence, I do not shy away from improvisation when I need to save someone’s life in a fucked-up situation.

When I pointed out that my student had saved this kid’s life with his expertise in pediatrics, I was told that “the ends don’t justify the means,” and that I should have been more sensitive to the family’s religious beliefs.

In fairness to my EMS service, I do have a lot of social incompetence because of my autism . . . so if I had better social skills, then the situation may have turned out differently.

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Here are some of the books that were waved in my face:



And so forth.

I could go include many more examples, but I’m starting to get nauseous . . . and I’m cooking spicey wings tonight and I don’t want to lose my appetite.

My service made me read many of these books as a form of continuing education when I would have much rather been practicing rappelling out of helicopters and ripping apart cars to rescue CPR dummies.

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Fuck Westboro church. Those carbuncles on the arse of society were refused a visa for Australia. Probably for their protection. If they tried the shit they pull at funerals, pretty sure at least one mourner would have beaten them with their signs.

I read that the patriarch of the church had finally died. Apparently the church is having difficulties hanging together.

This Aussie hates being preached out, and I really hate being judged by some ignorant cunt who doesn’t know me.


The more I hear about Australia, the more I want to move there.

It must be refreshing to live in a place where homophobia and religious bigotry isn’t tolerated.

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It’s kind of refreshing to see people admit how hate filled the bible actually is, but it’s startling to see how wholeheartedly they embrace that hate. I find myself pleasantly surprised that they don’t have more members than they do and that some members have managed to escape after life long indoctrinations. That they turned on their founder Fred Phelps and excommunicated him gives me hope that Trumps supporters could eventually turn on him. That would be delicious. One can always hope.


Agree with all your points. Great post.

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I wouldn’t go that far. Australia is a wonderful country, my country, which I love , but it’s no Utopia. Social mores can’t be removed by simply passing laws as far as I can see…

In terms of Homophobia. It’s often said that Australia’s national religion is sport, especially football. Professional players tend to be one eyebrow, no neck, mouth breathing neanderthals who cling to a toxic machismo culture. This is emulated by male youth who idolise those cretins.

As for racism and bigotry, see below on the shameful race riots we had here in 2005.

The 60 minutes report is 44 minutes, but worth watching.


I break into laughter just reading the name. It does not matter what follows, it’s going to be funny as hell.

Actually, I think the long skirts in corduroys are quite amusing. With matching purple cardigan of course.



He may be right!

Could be a cotton-blend (poly or rayon).

Price difference? Think of a $5 t-shirt (blend) vs a pure cotton ($125).


I don’t mean to be unkind, but the ensemble looks like rejects from the local op shop. She was probably taught that it’s a sign of vanity to care what you look like.

Me? I don’t care all that much. Although I have stopped wearing my Ugg boots with holes in the toes out in public, and I usually wear a clean T shirt. Roll on summer, then I can wear sandals all the time (usually without socks)

The reason? Simple; it’s over 25 year since I last “Dressed to impress”. Now, an expensive year is if I spend over $200. Obviously, I only buy high end gear.



I had an American aunt who had ben fashion editor for Vogue. She told me that having a maker’s brand showing on clothes, hand bags etc is vulgar.

My aunt also told me that Coco Channel believed that wearing precious stones was also vulgar. She liked to plastic jewelry

My maternal grandmother actually know Coco Channel and disagreed. My Nan said "Them that has 'em wears 'em " . My nan was a pistol

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I think the WBC should thank their lucky stars that hell doesn’t exist.

You know they’re extreme when even the KKK calls them out.

They seem to have the more correct interpretation of that horror story people call a bible than those who insist “god is love”. The repeated genocides and sending you to be tortured for eternity for some rather mundane things doesn’t seem very “loving”. In the entire world god only found 8 people worthy to save from the flood. Children and babies must have been among those. Most of the animals would have suffered the same fate too. He wiped out the entire cities of Sodom and Gomorrah then killed a woman he allowed to escape for having the temerity to look back. I think the WBC is right that the christian god hates gay people. He appears to hate most people. Everyone should be glad it’s a myth.


Amen to that…


Entertaining the idea that if a god like this were real. It feels like it created these “flaws” in mankind just so it could have fun torturing them. “HA HA, I made you GAY! and now I’ll have fun twisting your arms and legs off in Hell over and over and over again BA HA HA HA HA!”

Your eyes saw my unformed substance, and in Your book all the days [of my life] were written before ever they took shape, when as yet there was none of them. - Psalm 139:1-16

This is so stupid. If a deity like this KNOWS from the very beginning that a child is going to fuck up and be sent to Hell before it ever does anything. Why would an ALL loving deity do this?

Not to mention this would mean “God” set up every character in the Bible that was destined to fail in the plot.

Christianity is so fucked up. I don’t see how people believe in this crap. All the stories are silly and just drip with bullshit. Everything I learned in school contradicted the Bible. I don’t know how or why people choose to believe in it’s bs.