Well hell, I missed the National Day of Prayer (May 6)

Not sure I understand. You seem to be claiming something without actually saying it. I wasn’t aware that there was any kind of crime caused by race. You seem to be saying there are crimes only committed by black people and/or committed because people are black? I don’t think that’s correct.

Did it not occur to you to link say poverty and ignorance (as in undereducation)
with crime?

I’m sure I’ve misunderstood…

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Wow, I wish I had powerful binoculars like that, or even to real time satellite which you just must have Mr Macabre.

Or could it be you are just eating spicy buffalo wings with large fries, sauce dripping down your vest watching Fox News?


Indeed, also I’m left wondering why white crime committed against white people is somehow not worth mentioning here, yet a crime committed by a black person against another black person is worthy of mention?

Almost as if skin colour has no direct relevance to crime. On occasion when I was younger I took long holidays in the sun, and hugely increased the melanin in my skin. I have to say, that unsurprisingly I never once developed an increased propensity towards crime?

In case I’m being too subtle here, I think any suggestion that black people, for want of a less facile description, are more likely to commit crime, is a deeply stupid and wildly racist lie.

Hopefully that was not at all what @mr.macabre was implying, in which case I apologise for not quite understanding what the point of his unevidenced claim was.

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It is a standard rallying cry of the alt-right/white supremacists. From my time in the Libertarian party, I’m still kind of fluent in “racist nutjob”.


It all boils down to willful ignorance. They’d rather add the formulation “chances of flying lead” to their weather forecasts than admitting they have a serious gun problem.

(paraphrased from something I saw out there on the internets)

I do not like to cast disparaging remarks to my wonderful neighbours to the south, because most are good people.

But I see a parallel between their gun laws and health care. They ( I mean too many ) do not look outside of thier own borders and examine how other nations deal with guns or health care.

Too many are willing to listen to their own domestic nut jobs telling lies than look outside of their own borders.

Or is it a case of them equating health care with socialism and gun reform with “taking our guns away”?

As the Scottish comedian Frankie Boyle once quipped…

Americans are an odd nation, they are totally obsessed with their teeth, but become violent when ever anyone tries to offer them free medical care…


He did a series on the 2016 presidential election which was comedy gold. Even before Trump got into the White House it was clear his political career was a rich comedy vein waiting to be tapped.

All of the late night comedy/talk shows have feasted and prospered with Trump. Now that he may be fading from the public consciousness, they will have to hire more comedy writers.

Judging from the sound bites that get parroted back, I’d say this is the whole of the arguments.

Yep, I think so probably so.

As an outsider it seems to me that for many American democracy is based on an Ayn Rand style of Libertarianism. IE “I’m Ok, Fuck you Jack”

Perhaps due to willful ignorance many Americans see universal care as a form of Socialism.

Australia has a mixed system of universal and private health care.

Medicare is available to all citizens. Health care can be had free of charge to the patient, although many doctors and hospitals charge more than Medicare pays them, so there is a ‘gap’ payable by the patient. **Medicare is not free. ** It is financed by a specific, extra 2.5% tax levy on taxable income .

There is no charge for treatment at a public hospital. This includes expensive long term care for say cancer or even organ transplants.

BUT there is usually a long waiting time for ‘elective’ (non life threatening) treatment at a public hospital.

For older people, this can mean a long wait for say a hip replacement or cataract repair.

The government encourages people over 50 to also take out private health insurance. The government pays 30% of the contributions. By law an insurance company may not refuse to cover a person. However, a two year waiting period is allowed for pre existing conditions. Private health insurance cannot run out, nor is there a limit to health insurer payment.

Here our government regulates private health companies, as well as banks,
to mention just two.

I don’t understand how Australia’s health system can be called socialised medicine. Be happy to see an informed response.

Addendum: As a single person with extras such as some dental and optical coverage, I pay $208.72 a month. That means I can usually get in to a private hospital within a week or less. EG few years ago, I had my cataracts repaired. Private hospital, day surgery, a week apart .Total cost $1500. Cost to me : $0.00

Or take the cheap way out and just sponsor the next dumbass who runs for president. How hard would it be for them to allocate some free air time to some dimwit just to get their late night shows some ratings. (Gotta think outside the box.)

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