Was church good today?

Of course catholics don’t have to worry about he bible. We were actively discourage from actually reading it. The bible was usually only mentioned in passing and then never in any dogmatic way. Unless being used to justify some outrageous claim or ritual. I found out the hard way at age 16, when I had the audacity to suggests a slightly different take on some doctrine***. The brother was very cross, and actually yelled "HERESY!. " He was too shocked to hit me, but he soon recovered. .


*** I suggested that god condemns no one. That each person condemns them self. That the sinner rejects god, making himself incapable of accepting the love and forgiveness of god, which is infinite.

Made a lot of sense to me at 16 as a chronically catholic, insufferable little prig. Today, not so much, what with being an atheist and all. More libertine than prig, at least I hope so.

This is the same tactics as Scientology uses. The “scripture” is never revealed to members victims until they are deemed “ready” for it (i.e. indoctrinated and brain-washed enough) and will accept it at face value(*). Combine this with the sunk cost fallacy and you have a powerful device for keeping your victims in line. And an effective money-making machine.

(*) Of course, the “scripture” is so insane and outrageous that nobody in their right mind and of their own free will will accept it as something even resembling truth. Scientology depends on members being brain washed before they are being let in on the secrets.

Yes it was always a “secret”. The maunderings of a second rate writer. Until the Courts in California made them publish from OT3 to OT8 on line…now we can all point and laugh. OT III Scholarship Page

Fixed that for ya. People have bankrupted themselves paying for scientology “courses” and other “services” (e.g. auditing).

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Ah, yes yes. Silly me. I blame it on trying to be too polite. Doesn’t apply to Scientology.