US catholic bishops plan to punish unwanted political opinions by denying communion

US Catholic bishops advance communion document, setting up potential rebuke of Biden
A majority of the US catholic bishops plan to deny communion to politicians with a more progressive political view, e.g. on abortion. This seems to be a punishment for catholic politicians, foremost President Biden, in order to influence their political agenda. Interesting enough even the Pope warns the US bishops of too drastic steps. This looks like political influence and manipulation is more important for the US catholic bishops than actual theological items.

Five of the nine. U.S. Supreme court justices, the people who rule on Federal abortion laws, are catholic. Time to make me a “I Can’t Believe I’m Still Protesting This Shit” sign. I think I’m going to need it. Backward, women are headed backward. I seriously doubt the younger generation will put up with this crap. They’ve gotten use to making up their own minds about their bodies.

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Have been wondering over several years why that hasn’t been tried before . EG even here in Oz by say excommunicating women who have abortions.

In taking this action, US Catholic bishops demonstrate yet again that they don’t get it. This not the 1950’s. Imo The most important thing they will accomplish is to piss off a lot of liberal Catholics. Get ready, this is going to bite them on the arse.

One of the few things I feel confident saying about the Catholic church is that it is in decline. It becomes less relevant each year. The Bishops have once again demonstrated just how out of touch the Church is with the real world.

Be interesting to see if Pope Francis has approved this move or if he even knows about it.

The influence of the Catholic chruch is way too large compared with the number of people actuallcy backing these crusted views. Hopefully even a majority of the “Catholics” doesn’t share the views of their leaders:
I guess the younger generation is even less conservative.

In taking this action, US Catholic bishops demonstrate yet again that they don’t get it. This not the 1950’s. Imo The most important thing they will accomplish is to piss off a lot of liberal Catholics. Get ready, this is going to bite them on the arse.
One of the few things I feel confident saying about the Catholic church is that it is in decline. It becomes less relevant each year. The Bishops have once again demonstrated just how out of touch the Church is with the real world.

I fully agree, the Catholic church is fortunately in decline. As hard it is to hear such crusted views of the catholic bishops, the good thing is that probably a lot of more liberal members realise the true nature of the church and leave. Thus the public relevance of this outdated organisation will further shrink.

Oh good. Now that nearly every female will be a nondonor or attendee at these twats’ Sunday fundraisers we can look forward to more prime real estate coming on to the market and even fewer young men lining up to wear the black dress of shame.

Fuck em. Morons.

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Every time Trump was challenged, he “doubled down”, repeating his crap and going a step further. Where has this got him? Unfortunately, he has become a demi-god, almost the central point for a new cult/religion.

This is one theory. Another is that when cornered, even the smallest and weakest mouse will stand up and fight to the death. I suspect this is their strategy, if you call it a sane course of action. The bishops know that their power is slipping, that each year followers are leaving, and with that money and power. They must take action, and what else would you expect from a bunch of almost all white old farts used to getting their way?

But this is not the middle ages, and the threat of withholding communion or excommunication does not hold the power today.

They are forcing a showdown, one they can never win. They may not lose, but there is a real possibility the roman catholic church may come out at the short end of the stick.


Thought this headline was most appropriate (Huff Post UDS Today Saturday 19 June)

What is it?/ Do those intransigent old twats not grasp the concept of the separation of Church and State? Theoretically, elected officials are obliged to follow the law of the land and the platform of their party. They may not allow their personal superstitions to interfere with governance.

It’s a matter of “La plus ca change la plus sa meme chose.” Those arrogant old twats still seem to believe that canon law trumps civil law. Such arrogance is a significant reason in the ongoing decline of the catholic church, imo.


So they won’t get to drink pretend blood out of a germ-infested chalice or eat imaginary human flesh pushed into their mouths from unclean fingers in the middle of a pandemic.

What’s the downside?

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha … Deny them participation in the magical ritual of converting wafers and wine to the body and blood of a mythical religious figure… WOW! It reminds me of the time my mommy wouldn’t let me read my Superman comic books for a week because I jumped off the roof of the garage.

Looks like any moron influenced by such a ban has no fucking business at all being in government. It’s as if grown men are playing cops and robbers with toy guns.

“Bang! Bang! I shot you. Now you have to lie down.”

Oh fuck me… It the politician lays down I am going to give up on the idea of human intelligence all together. What a fucking joke.

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There are more than 100 declared Catholics in Congress…it should be interesting now that the Vatican has admitted the Bishops action was “caontrary to the Vatican’s advice”

Bless the fat purple swaddled fucktards, I think I will write to congratulate them on their stand.

Quote: Biden, who attends Mass regularly, says he personally opposes abortion but doesn’t think he should impose that position on Americans who feel otherwise.

Separation of Church and State.

Given the mind-set of the US, this may explain why some loved tRump (personal agendas) and why some would never elect anyone with a faith outside the Christian one - let alone a person with no faith

Not too far off track - BUT historically religion and religious belief was one of the main motivators and tools used. To lose this “tool” means a human accountability and responsibility instead of throwing it on “God’s will/laws/requirements”.

Example- shouldn’t have fornicated. You have to live with the consequences of your sinful actions. Blah blah blah :confused: (bastard kids)…


Columbus wanted to launch a new Crusade to take back the Holy Land from the infidels (the Muslims). This desire was not merely to reclaim the land of the Bible and the place where Jesus had walked; it was part of the much larger and widespread, apocalyptic scenario in which Columbus and many of his contemporaries believed. That scenario, derived from the biblical book of Revelation, claims that the conversion of all peoples to Christianity and the re-conquest of Jerusalem are necessary precon- ditions for the “Second Coming” when Christ will return before the “End of Days.” Columbus felt strongly the imminence of this event; he also came to feel that he had a providential role to play in the drama. There is considerable evidence from his contemporaries and his own writings, especially in the little known Libro de las profec ́ıas, or Book of Prophecies, that these were long- standing beliefs of Columbus.

ONE reason that tRump had the religious right? Does religion only hold sway over the right (even in Canada)? It seems very few are so “religiously apocalyptic” on the left or moderate.

I have and will continue to vote persons or policy (conservative or liberal) BUT the Catholic Church :church: using this religious punishment tool against a Political figure, the President, responsible for all (peoples, faiths, States - as in job title :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) IS AS heinous an emotional control as any policy I’ve seen in JWdom.

BUT “yes” Cog - *bang bang :point_right:t2:“ is exactly what this shit is …too bad too many drop to the ground, dead or wounded *ugh, ugh, you got me…”

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Well theism isn’t being offered as a democracy, it’s a totalitarian existence under the capricious whim of an angry vengeful deity.

What’s hilarious is that theists who claim an eternal punishment is awaiting all who disagree with them, can’t wait a few decades, and want to insist we follow their superstitious dogma right now.

Oh the RCC has a long and egregious history of political vandalism. They signed a concordat with Nazism after all, that should have been enough evidence they’re an amoral organisation, more obsessed with archaic superstition, than helping human beings.

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Someone needs to start a petition to remove the catholic church from tax-exempt (and audit-free) status since they are obviously meddling in politics.

If that petition had traction, I am confident the US bishops would quickly stop this crap.

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Their attempts to impose these magical thinking, superstitious, harmful beliefs are brought to us by the same people that, in the 21st century, are still opposed to birth control. That is such an illogical, unsupportable position that they have lost that argument in industrialized nations. If they refused communion to everyone who uses birth control that ritual they consider so important would be almost empty of child bearing age people. They have to draw their line in the sand further, and further back and I’m hopeful the tide will wash away that line too.


For sure the RCC has a long tradition of favouring the access to power and influence over sticking with the pretended “Christian” moralities. Hypocrisy is a regular guest in the church…

The position of the Catholic church on birth control is really ridiculous. Fortunately a majority of it’s followers in First World countries is very aware of this and simply ignores this nonsense. Let’s hope they soon start realising how silly also the rest of the fairy tale teachings of the church is.

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Yes. And let’s hope the upper echelon of the superstitionists in the RCC (and other major religions) do not realise it, and not understand why members keep defecting.