Trump's impeachment trial to proceed

Huff post US this morning. The impeachment trial of ex president Trump is to proceed, beginning on February 9.

It’s looking more and more like he’s going to get away with it. What a wonderful message to send, try to over turn an election and if you fail, meh, let bygones be bygones. Am I really going to have to settle for getting me a Trump pinata?

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When people called Trump crazy, I often point out; he’s only crazy if he doesn’t get away with this stuff. If he gets away with it; he was right, and we were the crazy ones.

It is my understanding that Mr trump may be denied the right to run as president again by a 50% vote of the senate.

Not so sure he’s gotten away with much. Seems to me that Mr Trump needs to control the narrative, because what others say about him are very important to his fragile ego.

Imo, history will judge Mr Trump very harshly. Arguably the worst president in US history and the only one to date to be impeached twice. Also arguably the most corrupt president and administration. Wouldn’t be surprised if he sues some one for libel and loses.

Further, so far no one has mentioned the civil charges Trump may have to face, especially those of sexual assault.

However, I think he will die or go gaga before he spends a day in prison. We’ll see.

I really don’t know.

This is true only if the Senate convicts him first, which would require a 2/3 majority and looks unlikely. After conviction, a simple majority could ban him from office for life.

Maybe…a possibility - BUT many with influence, money, wealth, power “get away” (it would look bad ie. Royal Family Prince Andrew, OR they are still useful tools for others to wield, Republicans and Trump Supporters).

I’d need evidence I was crazy to NOT believe the election was stolen, given the lack of demonstrable evidence and claims in the court transcripts. Or investigation by the Justice Dept (biggly tRump supporter) … sigh :woman_shrugging:t2:

Didn’t meet a standard to believe or have confidence what was being claimed was true. Sat aside - came back a lie. Now I don’t believe the claim at all.


One charge.

This will determine future rhetoric allowed and received by the “audience” - messages given.

False advertising. Buyer beware.

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It is interesting that we live in a society where whipping up some idiots into a trashing some of the material trappings of power has been taken so seriously (by the FBI, Congress, even private corporations). But where convincing millions of idiots that a pandemic is a hoax for personal gain (leading to thousands of deaths), isn’t even a crime.


Yup… I just watch the shit show. Oh, and in Canada too… lol :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:. You guys don’t get to hog all the world shit…!

When Fox news showed that Biden won, their viewers got pissed. For years, they got fed so many conspiracies theories they left for even crazier networks when showed even a little reality. This week Fox has been spreading more conspiracy theories on its opinion shows, like Fauci is the source of Covid-19, and MSNBC’s Matt Scarborough is a murder, all with no evidence. Tucker Carlson is the worst. Megan Kelly, although no longer with Fox, actually blamed CNN and MSNBC for the capitol riot. Others I knew told me that it was really Antifa at the capitol riots.

This is why I keep bringing everything back to epistemology. The main people I know driving the nuttiness are all Christians who have a terrible epistemology. When someone they trust says something, they just believe it. Willful ignorance is pervasive with people not wanting to look up even tiny facts that could prove their views wrong. They act like their views are somehow the same as mine but opposite, not realizing that they are just believing whatever comes along and cynically believing that I am doing that too. Cognitive dissonance and misinformation now run rampant and could still yet destroy our democracy.

During this time, I keep finding myself doing things I’m not exactly proud of.

For example:
I’ve been vetting the POLITICAL VIEWS of parents of the friends, of the child who lives in my home (a niece I’m raising). Why on Earth am I doing that?

Because I’ve decided it is too dangerous to allow a pandemic denier (or someone who rejects the germ theory of disease) onto my property during a pandemic. And from there it kind of makes sense to bar anyone who lives with such a person. It isn’t something I’m proud of, but that is how my family is dealing with this.

Usually, I’m not big on arguing on FB and use it to keep tabs on old friends and the general feel of “people”… but this past year I found myself needing to spread facts, because much of the “conspiracy” which was slightly amusing has drifting into real-world actions and consequences.

I don’t want society to be “ran” on that level of lack of intelligent grounding in “what is as close to true as humanly possible”. Conjecture, gossip, gods, cabals, …fuck its a medieval revival!

I find myself wondering it has always been on that level; and I’ve just been in denial.

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God! Let’s hope there’s an intelligent cabal … :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Revising God’s Prophecy! - YouTube

On a more serious note - THIS, imo is a big reason “why”…

That damn echo is still there.


So in reality the US has 4 years to get its shit together and make sure they don’t just sit back open mouthed as he lies his way back into the Whitehouse…

Now is that a reasonable rational response to people who happen not to share your political views?

It’s what Trump did everytime he was confronted with facts that contradicted his agenda, shouted fake news at them. Then of course whined about censorship, truly one of life’s astonishing ironies.

If something is truly incorrect then demonstrate that fact with evidence and rational argument, we don’t take this kind of rhetoric from theists, why would we set a different standard for Trump supporters?


2 of the last 3 PM’s in the UK went to Eaton, they were in the same year…

If you live long enough you’ll have a struggle to hang on to any idealism. Nor does the attitude of the hoi polloi leave one with much hope.

We are evolved apes, if you keep that in mind all the time, it makes it easier to cope I find.

This is the response to Marjorie Taylor Greene’s insane harassment, of the survivor of a mass shooting, from the previous video.

Who on earth elected this insane woman to congress…

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Because this is supposed to be a free country, you or anyone else don’t have a right to not be offended. Get over yourself and quit being so fucking condescending. Don’t turn politics into your own little religion. Whether you like it or not, there are at least 80 million of us, do you want to “cancel” all of us? GEEZZZ.