Trump defeat. Another indication that God is fake?

Surely the almighty God should have turned things in favor of Trump given that Christians from all over the world pretty much wanted him to win over Biden…?

That is a rational and logical conclusion, but we are dealing with theists.

You people love opening your mouths to spew garbage!

By definition, is God supposed to be Human? Not at all! His ways are mysterious. Yes. Sometimes he doesn’t give us what we want but has better plans for us. We who are Christians just need to trust and have faith in him.

And BTW, Joe Biden is a staunch Christian, a Catholic for that matter, so i dont get your point at all!

There is no need to see this as a Christian or no Christian stuff. The issue was that “Christians” clearly had a bias towards Trump because of certain policies of his like anti abortion, anti gay and stuffs like that.

Btw trump and biden are both Christians but both have different ideologies. On a personal level, Trump can be regarded as an unbeliever; he talks anyhow, he is clearly racist, and stuffs like that.

For Christian’s, It all boils down to what God wants. That every “Christian” has a bias towards Trump does not mean that Trump will be the president. However, note that anything can happen between now and the inaugration day.

Just like a football match, if the referee has not blown the whistle, any and everything can still happen.

No fucking shit! For some stupid fuck reason he keeps telling you to post on the site and so you stumble in here like a dweeb and say something utterly and completely inane and then melt away back into fairy land. The only thing mysterious is why you keep listening to your God voice when it keeps making you look like a fucking moron.


YEP: A Catholic and a (Edit: Unfounded slur removed) Creepy Guy.

Joe is a creep and will not make it through his term in office without a sex scandal. (My Prophecy!) The guy is creepy as FUCK!

Evidence please. Not claims or assertions. You would fucking blast anyone who came up on these forums without clear evidence. Produce some.

No I dont give a fuck about Joe Biden. I do give a fuck about EVIDENCE.

Umm… That’s what the news article and the videos are about. “Creepy” is the claim. Prediction is “sex scandal.” Would you be comfortable with that man touching your kids, or wife, like this? It’s not creepy? I will just have to disagree with anyone who does not find this behavior creepy. I teach elementary kids and would find any of this sort of touching a “red flag.” Any teacher engaged in this sort of touching would find themselves “written up” and warned against inappropriate touching. To watch a public figure do it on TV is nuts. (IMO - of course.)

Creepy? Yes. Calling him a peadophile is where you need CLEAR unequivocal evidence.

Remember he lost his daughter in a car crash.

I agree one of his advisors should have a word about his propensity for touching. It is a far cry from your assertion in your post Cog.

That is a libel.

Prophecy about “sex scandal” … no problem… predict away

Creepy as FUCK … no problem … personal opinion about someone


NOW - slowly opens baking drawer

You have evidence, right? I mean this serious accusation isn’t just based on something being pulled out of someone’s ass???

hand feeeling around for wood

Without “commentary” (which normally follows and/or tells you what to see) I see an old fart with boundary issues…

slowly withdrawing hand from drawer

Stick to creepy. That CAPITALIZED accusation can sit on a big pile of disbelief …

Now whether I’m holding a rolling pin??? Hahahahaha - that’s up to you…hahahahaha :smiling_imp:*

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If you weren’t quite so scary I could get to like you Whitefire,sans rolling pin and sex toys of course.

Error noted and retracted. (Thanks.)

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big warm smile

What are you in the mood for - tummy rub or good old American Pie? :pie:


Lol! “He” sure in the fuck doesn’t “give” you demonstrable evidence…

Here - “feel” better … a link just for you Joy…

Cat Kerr interacts physically with god and Jesus and heaven and gets messages - OH and angels too!!!

VERY funny shit ‘cause I think she’s serious…

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WTF was that clusterfuck of nonsense?

Worse than talking to Cog after one his sessions with you Whitefire…

I never turn down ----- pie.

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Now - the Biden and Democrats NEED to be scrutinized!!! BIG TIME! Their failures and disconnect- well, fuck - I’m not sure if there has been any real “connection” re-established with the average, moderate American…

We’ll see…

Just a lower, different form of evil :imp: AND, (IMO - which is just my ass) perhaps “lesser” which (just by my standards…again, no biggie - everyone has some form of standard) to me is a better thing (more positive - needing a pull together).

It’s politics - what could go wrong sarcasm :roll_eyes:

One last thing to remember - I love America …so much has been contributed to the world by America.

BUT it’s not all on American’s shoulders. You guys seem to have been carrying a heavy load - but there is a whole bunch of different countries offering different contributions that are rarely talked about - and are just as important.

We need our friend back on the world play table.

However, us other countries can handle things too… just a little differently. :hugs:

Social evolution is much faster these days than physical evolution…

Biden is more overtly religious than Trump. Besides when did their deity’s failure to do what they want ever dent theistic belief?

Another irony overload, well done.

Straw man fallacy, and while we’re at it, what objective evidence can you demonstrate for any deity?

So your deity is unevidenced and Inexplicable, priceless. What’s a mystery is why you think being unable to explain or evidence something is a compelling argument for an extant deity.

Evidence required that this is discernable from plain blind luck please?

Faith can pretty much believe anything, it certainly is no more compelling a reason to believe one deity over any other, so that’s another own goal from you I’m afraid.