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This is automatic send message to your congressional representative. I reversed the message.


"would impose abortion on demand, "

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha … How do you impose an abortion on someone who is demanding it?

My Only Issue with the bill is ---- “Abortion is not a Woman’s Health Care Issue.”
It is a lack of responsibility issue. The couple should be tracked down and forced to pay. They should also pay for tracking costs, DNA tests, etc… People need to take responsibility for their own actions.

In the case of crimes… obviously this does not apply. It genuinely is an injury.

I see no reason at all, none, why Tax dollars should be used for Abortions outside of extenuating circumstances.

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First… I would want to read the proposed Bill, not accept a fundies’ biased perception/interpretation and sell of an idea that they base on a moral stance.

Without reading the bill, I would opine that “society” pays regardless. In Texas, how many single moms on social assistance are they willing to support through tax dollars …how much money and energy from the Justice Dept. (or Maintenance Enforcement) is society in Texas willing to increase to ensure “responsible men” pay up their portion of childcare (hahahahahaha). How many foster homes or paying adoptive parents for adopting State kids???

Fuck me …yah, a few bucks spent on a Woman’s Health (Reproductive) issue.

“Lack of responsibility issue” - OMFG :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: you’re lucky you’re catching me busy and in a somewhat good mood…


You’re taking the piss aren’t you, can’t always tell with you.

Well, in Australia, The UK, Canada and I’m pretty sure throughout Scandinavia at least, abortion is seen as a medical issue between the woman and her doctor and no one else. As such it is covered (ie free) under the various public health systems.

I have a huge issue with the still sadly pervasive blame the victim mentality. That mentality has always tried to put abortion under the control of sanctimonious and pious hypocrites and weak men who insist on having control over others in every way possible. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Of course this is only my opinion, and I’m a man so what do I know.


LOL… I work and live in Korea. Guys that work for the US army can not escape their obligations to their children. Many women do not know this.

So, there I am, head of the HR, department for the Hazmat Services, Korea Wide Operations, when in walks the DoD. They grab my network administrator and haul him off.

Turns out, he was a dead beat dad, hiding out in the US Army. (Not Allowed.) Somehow he managed to keep his job, but – according to him-- his savings was cleaned out and two-thirds of his wages were being garnished.

Now, I am 100% in favor of this. I don’t believe the state should foot the bill for unwed mothers at all. I would like to see a complete end to the welfare state. No more free money from the government. Track down the fathers and make them pay. Nothing will snap men into shape than figuring out that a one night stand with a woman could lead to an 18 year sentence. Men might actually wake the fuck up and start treating women like human beings. One thing for sure. A whole lot of men would be a whole lot more careful.

Look… There are no easy answers. I get it. The system we have sucks. We have generations of families growing up on welfare. The system is broken. I am all for figuring out how to give people a hand up. I am totally against a hand-out. Cheap loans for school, start up businesses, etc… But no handouts.

Uh??? What planet do you live on? Historically, what happens to women with no “free money from the gov’t”? What about the kids? Oh yah, guys sure get responsible with an 18 yr sentence (tax dollars :dollar:). So the govt pays to “lock them up” but doesn’t offer a social net for women/children (cost to house a prisoner annually in Canada [provincial jails in 2011-12 was about $67,000…in 2018 $114,500]).

Yah - snaps them into shape :roll_eyes:. Stupidest thing I’ve read for a while. You are in lala-woo-woo land with reality and monetary budgets and costs to society.

The idea of “free money” from society - what about the idea of “stealing from society”.

Approaching a societal issue in how humans should be …hahahahaha and sweeping :broom: simplistic solutions to complex issues - hahahahaha


Yes, Simplistic. Just stop the welfare state. No more free rides. You want money from the government, you have to have a plan to not be a drain in the future. You have to take out a low interest loan. You have to meet the goals of that plan. You have to pay back the money. Nothing for free.

A hand up is different than a handout.

Right. Cause people pay back loans. Because there is no student-loan debt bubble. Loans to live is already how people survive - and bankruptcy. Seriously, how many single mom’s are you focused on here? Can she get “free day care” too or is there a loan for that also? What about help around the house (you know that other full time job…)

How many single fathers are on social assistance raising their kids? Or raising them working for min. wage? I mean they have it tough too, right? :roll_eyes:

Does the free ride extend to corporations or only those moms raising kids who by-and-large make up the “welfare” state (oh cause they should pay for their own abortions if it’s legal to have a say over their uterus)…

Avg cost for “govt paid abortions” $300-500.

Canada paid $80 million for women’s health.

Early election cost: $600 million

No one is enforcing student pay backs. I paid back my student loans. I did it in 3 or 4 years. I don’t recall now. Yes, day care for working moms in the form of government schools should be free. As long as the mom is actually working. Public schools are free now. All that welfare money can be re-routed into something useful. As I said, a hand up. Not a handout.

Not my problem that people chose to be single parents. Form a support group and help each other out. It is not the government’s responsibility and it is not the responsibility of people that are not having kids. How can you turn to a stranger on the street and tell them… “You have to pay for my kids.?” That just makes no sense at all. How do you turn to someone you have never met before. Someone who has nothing to do with you or your life and telly them, “You have to pay for my abortion?” “Excuse me???” That just makes no sense at all.

Perhaps we can get insurance companies to begin selling pregnancy insurance. Now there is a proposition for losing money. We allready have worker’s compensation insurance. Get rid of welfare and we can double the worker’s compensation rates. The workers deserve it.

Yeah like everyone just up and decides I WANT TO BE A SINGLE PARENT.

I wound up a single parent when I divorced the 200 lb parasite I was married to. My work load halved and my stress level dropped 3/4. I only had to take care of 2 young children and not 3 and the 50+ year old generated the most amount of work.

3 years later, he was dead. He couldn’t survive on his own.


So, children and adults have no value?

You would have this generation be the last one with no replacement adults.

Uh, what do you think “government” is? A social support group. It is a support group for health and single/disabled/seniors/orphans and for businesses and for the environment and for food and for public safety issues and for protection (community and country)…

Taxes are paid by all.

“Excuse me???” I have to pay for your vasectomy … (Canada)


Not me. Read again with a sarcastic tone in your head. I’m arguing with Cog :gear: so much of my tone will be sarcastic or “tongue-in-cheek”…

So subjective.

Like @Fleeing_in_Terror pointed out… kids have no value (let me guess, they’ve been birthed so ‘fuck em now). She shoulda kept her legs crossed…

Hmmmm :thinking: useful, like giving the corporations more tax breaks and loopholes and slave-labor (prisons) or expand the army - isn’t that where money for education, health, welfare usually goes???

OMISW (Oh My Invisible Sky Wizard) Anything pertaining to reproduction is very much a health issue for women. Giving birth carries risk to a women’s health and life. Abortions don’t go away when it’s illegal or just not affordable by conventional means. The risks of long term health complications and death go way up.

All of this talk about women’s bodies being controlled. How about … if a woman requires an abortion, the father will have a vasectomy.

Why not? If the state intends to mess around with a woman’s ability to abort a child, then how about messing with the men’s junk?


Now that is utter and complete nonsense! “Government is a social support group?” AWWWW FUCK! And I have been drafted to join and have no fucking say at all where my money goes. Fuck the fucking governmnt. I knew I would never want to be a member of a group that would have me as a member. I will never vote for social welfare. We might as well give money to Churches for all the good they do. I will never vote to give women free abortions, outside of “special qualifying circumstances.” I will never vote to give men government funded vasectomies. WTF??? You gotta be kidding me! I will vote to end the welfare state. To end government intrusion into the lives of people.

Even with that said, I am 100% in favor of universal health care. I just don’t regard vasectomies or abortions as essential to “health care.” (Women obviously have special circumstances concerning aborotion; rape, molestation, forced trafficking, or real dangers associated with giving birth that could cost a life.) Health care is for health care. To meet the basic health care needs of a human being. Not for elective whims. For example, I should be able to to to the doctor and have a rolling pin removed from my ass if it was forcibly shoved up there against my will; however, if I was an active participant in a strange ritualistic sex act involving rolling pins, bubble wrap, and lime jelly filled water balloons, no one should have to pay for that extraction but me.

Okay, we are now in agreement. You are in the area of “Extenuating Circumstances.” A woman whose health is threatened by her pregnancy due to complecations is in a health crisis. Abortion is certainly a consideration. This is not the reason for most abortions.

This is not the Abortion, being discussed, generally speaking. Abortion used as birth control is what I am referencing.
Reasons for Abortion:
Research collected from 2008 through 2010 asked women about the reasons for getting an abortion.1
Some listed multiple reasons for their decision. The reasons, and the percentage of women who gave each one, are:

  • Not financially prepared: 40% Not a woman’s health care issue — a financial issue.
    Bad timing, not ready, or unplanned: 36% Not a health care issue — a planning issue
    **Partner-related reasons 31% Not a health care issue. A relationship issue.
  • Need to focus on her other children: 29% More bad planning - not health care.
  • Interferes with educational or vocational plans: 20% More bad planning…
  • Not emotionally or mentally prepared: 19% An emotional or mental issue - not a health issue.
    **** Health-related reasons (includes concern for her own health, the health of the fetus, use of prescription or non-prescription drugs, alcohol, or tobacco): 12%*** (The Group that Qualifies)
  • Not independent or mature enough for a baby: 7% A maturity issue . Bad timing.
  • Influences from family or friends: 5% An improper ability to think for one’s self issue. Not health related.
  • Doesn’t want a baby or to place the baby for adoption: 4% Not a health issue.

The Key Words in Health Care are “Health” and “Care.” No one is denying a pregnant woman 'Health Care."

If only that were true…

I will get my coat… :innocent:

We have the income taxes… also GST and Provincial Sales Taxes. Extra taxes in gas :fuelpump: and smokes…

I don’t know anyone who doesn’t pay taxes.