This gets Awkward


Hahahaha. This is so on target :dart:. This video was meant for active JWs - so most likely YouTube will remove “commentary” soon :yum:. I use to be a clone :woman_zombie:

That was great. It should be a prime time weekly show. They should keep the “This Gets Awkward” title. Add a little pepped up theme music like Seinfeld and include canned laughter. Maybe get celebrity cameos like RuPaul? I guarantee a ratings winner.


Reinforces my impression that JW’s is for the working class. Less likely to be educated or capable of rational thinking. That you are rational and curious must have been something to hide.

I’ll bet there’s also a culture of being special, even of being persecuted by the more worldly who don’t understand and will not accept JW’s absolute, truth.


When I was a gossoon catholics were not permitted to attend church services of another denomination, including weddings and funerals. Protestants were welcome, even encouraged to attend. I think the hope was they would get catholic juice on themselves.

Mum and dad were married in a catholic church, kinda, in 1946----First, non catholic mum had to promise to bring up any children catholic. Next My darling mother was not good enough to get married in front of the altar. The actual ceremony was held in the sacristy, a little side room where the priest gets changed. The irony is that my mother was a better christian than any catholic I’ve ever met. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: ( Can’t find an emoticom flipping the bird. Be really handy here.)

Catholics didn’t stop being cunts when they lost their heretic burning privilege.

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Yup - oh FUCK yah!!! Window-washer and cleaners central - ARE special because WE HAD THE TRUTH :crazy_face:. We, “the great crowd” were promised life everlasting on earth living in your worldly sorry ass houses :house_with_garden: after Jesus and his angels killed you all.

Oh yah - and of course persecuted. What true Christian isn’t persecuted?

Ironically I envied my Catholic friends at school - they seemed to have it easy…

The Jews may have invented guilt, but the catholics made it an art form—I was taught all about sin, the devil and hell when I was 5.

I really take issue with the comments about therapists. I get that the narrator is presenting the public face of psychotherapy. And we do have self monitoring organizations to keep us ethical and following guidelines. However; asserting that therapists are just their to help their clients is pure bullshit. And it is bullshit even if the therapist him or herslef believes it. Therapists are NOT a bunch of alturistic do-gooders out to save the planet one person at a time. If they were, they would all be locked away for their psychpathy. The profession is like any other. 20 percent nutjobs. 70 percent workers who will probably do you no harm and may or may not get the job done. 10 percent cream of the crop who just seem to be amazing people with a talent for doing what they do.

There are all sorts of pseudo woo woo bullshit artists in the field of psychology. Start with the $10 hypnotists. You can be a therapuetic hypnotist in a couple of months and for as little as $50. There is no regulation. Almost the same as being a priest or a minister. There is bullshit everything out there. Bullshit cognitive therapies, bullshit neurolinguistic programming, bullshit past life regression, bullshit regression therapy, bullshit gestalt, bullshit, bullshit, bullshit… Psychotherapy is as corrupt as the priesthood.

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Where did this train of thought come from and why this thread - 6 months later?

walks up quietlywhispers in soothing voice

“You OK? my monkey man…”

I never look at dates. It shows up on my desktop and I respond. That’s what monkeys do.

Here you are: :fu:
Use it wisely.

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Probably about as true as the claim that young men joined the priesthood out of a love of god.

That thought first crossed my mind in 1975. At a party with a room full of young clinical psychologists. My thought was “some of these people are really strange”. That observation was reinforced through working with psychologists at work for over 20 years.

The psychologist with whom I worked tended to be good people, usually warm and caring, but as fucked up as the rest of the population. It occurred to me that at least some had become psychologist to sort out their own issues (usually without success).

After spending years seeing shrinks I formed the opinion that spending years in therapy may for some/many be simply bourgeoise self indulgence.

Having said that, last year I was ‘discharged’ after seeing my Cognitive Therapist psychologist for seven years. Also saw a shrink for all of that time. She came up with a cocktail of psychotropic drugs which keep my mood stable. Today my GP monitors my medication. If I stop taking them, I get ratty within a couple of days and suicidal within about 3-4 weeks…

Imo therapies of all kinds carry the same caveat for the therapist as for the medical doctor ; “First, do no harm”. The therapies I have received at first simply kept me from killing myself. To be blunt I think that had as much to with my relationship with the therapist as with the model she used…

No, it’s not all nonsense because therapist really do help some people imo; they helped me. . But there seems to be is a lot of ordure along with the few diamonds.

I have similar issues with psychiatrists . I’ve seen at least one who was simply incompetent and one pyschotherapist who was actually dangerous. He did not use medication, at all. He **did ** use acupuncture and various bits of new age woo. One patient suicided while I was seeing him. I was unable to trust him and thought he was only interested in money. Didn’t see him for long.

I am glad my wife is the exception to the rule. FYI I do agree with Cog, most are nutjobs.

Her story is like something out of a movie. In her late teens she was working as a server, and one co-worker was mentally handicapped. And unfortunately, the brunt of nasty jokes and treatment. So she made her major psychology, and pursued that vocation. She does not seek fame and fortune, but rather helps children with behavior problems.

These days I am sure I keep her busy applying her craft. lol

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@David_Killens Your wife is not a nut job, but you, on the other hand, well……. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

EDIT: I know…I know……takes one to know one, right? :rofl: :sweat_smile: :rofl: :sweat_smile: :rofl: :sweat_smile:

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True story. One weekend at Mosport, where race fans father for a weekend of racing and massive consumption of alcohol, there was this huge bonfire at the top of a hill. Everyone tuned into the same rock radio station, and the music was loud, the bonfire was a glorious blaze, everyone dancing around and just going nuts. And in the middle of this inferno of fire, music, and beer, there was this crazy tall dude, six feet two, 165 pounds, and a huge afro. He looked like a dandelion seed.

Cough cough … that was a fun night.

How wonderful.

I on the other hand resemble nothing as much as a Volkswagen beetle, standing upright. :blush:***

*** It’s due to a combination of factors; age, reduced testosterone production, anti depressants and of course gluttony and sloth.

@David_Killens What type of racing was it? Sounds like you folks had a great time and had fun.

@boomer47 You have NO idea how much I miss those old Volkswagen Beetles, from way back in the day, when I was just a wee little lad. I really wish we could bring them back. #HerbieRidesAgain

Road racing. I suspect it was the 1974 Victoria Day Weekend bash, lots and lots of racing by many different classes. But at a big track like Mosport, there are many support races, so basically there is competition between 9:00 AM and late afternoon.

But I had it down to a science. Wednesday pre-book a hospital room for alcohol poisoning (they never took my phone calls seriously). Show up Thursday evening, find a site, pitch the tent, start consuming copious amounts of beer. Every morning down for a shower, a complete change of clothing (even shoes), and back at it. Tuesday morning crawl out from under the carnage, stagger stagger stagger, lurch, lurch lurch back home.

Moss corner 1972 Can-Am race edited

My sister had one when she was working in the country. I drove it, just the once

----They don’t tell you that you must leave a window open when you get into the car or your head will explode. Nor do they tell you that it’s afraid of trucks. Each time a truck comes towards you at speed, you end up facing the other way.

I had a friend who had a geriatric, a kind of off-green puke colour Beetle. Bought it for $500 , drove it for 10 years and sold it for $500.

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@David_Killens That sounds like a lot of fun. Do they still do that, up where you are?

@boomer47 I am reminded of the old movie “Herbie Rides Again”, from way back in the day.

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