This being is Evil, incompetent and gross - the only thing it is good at is being violent!

I hate this being. This being continues to be a jerk and is irrational, irascible and illogical. Last night as I was lying in bed, I started thinking about how contradictory this being is…and worse yet, this being is the one who is hurting me with its pack of lies and its incompetency. The only thing I’ve done wrong is trust this being…Photo0217 (1) See the attached picture - I broke a bottle a few days ago and because this being made me so nervous, I hurt myself even more! This being is something like a demon (bat) out of hell!

By ‘this being’ I presume you mean yourself? If so and also presuming you are not simply trolling for a reaction, I would honestly suggest you talk to someone about how you feel. Perhaps your doctor to begin with.

Referring to yourself in the third person is rare but not unknown but blaming this third person you for things and hating the third person you is definitely something you should seek help with.

If you are hurting yourself, please stop. The rush of intense feeling may stifle the other fears and voices for a short time but it is a terrible path.

Why do you feel evil, incompetent and gross? Every human being has something to offer, why are you so certain you are worthless?

Ummm?? What being? Do you understand that “being” asserts ‘existance.’ Poking yourself in the eye is not evidence of a being. “Look doctor, look doctor, I’m poking myself in they eye.”

“Well you can call the Catholic bishop and have an exorcism or you could just stop poking yourself in the eye. That will be $80 please. Have two cookies and call me in the morning.”

@iriss7480 I sincerely recommend you talk to a doctor, police, or a suicide hot line.

Sadly, this member keeps posting but has yet to reply to any replies to any of her many new threads. I can only assume she (?) is too mentally unwell or is trolling.

Thanks for the heads up. I suspected it was a troll but I was concerned the person was unwell. We can only hope it is the former.

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good for you. tell it that I said hi.

This individual will post every 3 or 4 weeks, with basically the same message, but never reply or do anymore. This individual may be a troll, or someone truly in a crisis. That is why my single response is to seek out police or professional medical help. If this person is a troll, I do not add anymore to the conversation. If this person is in crisis, all I can do is hope they find help.

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Crazier than a box of frogs…