There should be a new war, not on cancer but on aging and death

There should be a new war, not on cancer but on aging and death

How do you get people to discuss on this site?

Hahaha patience. I see you waited a whole 4-6 min. Sometimes, it can take hours or days.


That is not good…where are all the atheists? There’s hundreds of millions, we need an athiest online community center.

Nope and nope. Ageing is unpleasant and it would be much better to live in an attractive, supple, pain free meat sack and then just snuff out one day at around 80 years young.

Death is a viable alternative to an overlong life. I suspect conquering death would mean that the good and entertaining would still die,relatively young, by choice, leaving an ever growing percentage of assholes to inherit the earth. Well, fuck that noddy.

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It’s been many, many years ago, but I once read a book by Robert A. Heinlein called “Time Enough for Love” whose main character Lazarus Long was immortal. If I remember right it told about the pit falls of living forever and that people eventually lose their enthusiasm for it. I think maybe I’ll give it another read, I do remember really enjoying it at the time.

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Why on earth should I want that?

I’m 73 and expect to die anywhere in the next 5 to 15 years.

As far as I 'm concerned geriatric medicine is largely a waste of resources.
I have no desire to live longer, I’m happy with being able to enjoy my life.

Geriatric medicine kept my father alive for many years after he had become demented from arteriosclerosis. In the last years of his life he was often confused and deeply unhappy. Stuff that.I 'd rather die than even go into one of those horrible places. Don’t care how modern they are or how caring the staff. One’s life is reduced to a room and dining room and being surrounded by a lot of loopy geriatrics.

What I fear above all is loss of independence , being unable to drive or look after myself. I truly hope I die before then.

Increasing life expectancy by as little as 20 years would create massive social problems, beginning with increasing retirement age to say 70-75 . Then there would need to be a complete overhaul of the taxation system .

A bigger issue would be a massive increase in world population, with massive demands on resources.

What if dramatically extended life expectancy was so expensive that only the wealthy and middle classes in affluent countries could afford it? That would create yet another radically different and innately unjust class.

You asked about people replying to your post. Some may have simply been bored by a sweeping claim unsupported by an argument. This is a debate forum. If you want to be included , have go at contributing in the form of a bit more detail about your own opinions or response to the opinions of others.

There already is a war on aging and death. What planet are you living on?

War on Aging: Today’s Seniors Don’t Look or Act Anything Like Old People Paperback

Scientists are waging a war against human aging. But what happens next?

The War on “Anti-Aging Medicine” [Robert H. Binstock, PhD](javascript::wink:

The Grandparents of Tomorrow The Grandparents of Tomorrow: Winning the War Against Aging

Is Reverse-Aging Impossible? - MaxLife Says No -

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I hope it isn’t like the war on drugs, because that didn’t work so well.



My father’s father was an old man in his 50’s. He died, a very old demented man at age 74, which is one year older than I am right now.

It’s certainly economically viable for medical science and big pharm to come up with anything which extends longevity. IE My lot, the baby boomers (born 1945-58) are currently the largest demographic in I think all developed countries.

In my state , 25% of all households are single person. In Japan lonely and isolated elderly people are a major concern, which seems set up become only worse. It’s also become increasingly common in much younger people, who are known collectively as hikikomori.

Want to live a lot longer? Perhaps be careful for what you wish.


Hikikomori (Japanese: ひきこもり or 引きこもり, lit. “pulling inward, being confined”), also known as “acute social withdrawal” ,[1][2][3][4][5] is total withdrawal from society and seeking extreme degrees of social isolation and confinement.[6] Hikikomori refers to both the phenomenon in general and the recluses themselves. Hikikomori have been described as loners or “modern-day hermits”.[7] Estimates suggest that half a million Japanese youths have become social recluses,[8] as well as more than half a million middle-aged individuals.[9]ひきこもり%20or%20引き,general%20and%20the%20recluses%20themselves.

I’m 65, I have a blood pressure of 120 over 80, I walk 3 hours or more twice to three times weekly. I don’t drink or smoke. I wrap my right knee and play squash. About the only person that beats me is the club pro and I give him a run for his money. He literally out plays me but if I had my youth…

I am hoping to just drop dead on the street one day. Healthy people have a good chance of doing that. Just one massive heart attack and good bye world. Until then, I plan on keeping on keeping on.

These day’s I am stretching regularly because they have some guy at the school teaching tai-kwan do to the kids and frankly, he is not that good. He is tall and lanky with not an ounce of power in any of his techniques. He throws punches and kicks that are not clean. I’m thinking of giving him a run for his money one day… The kid has obviously never actually fought.

So, you have an example and I have an example plus a mountain of modern research into the issue. I don’t think we can call this one a push.

We have an exponentially increasing population, on a planet with finite resources, so I don’t think this a sensible goal. Also try to imagine the kind of narcissist who’d want to live significantly longer lives, imagine it only being available to the mega rich.

Is it still sounding like a rational goal?

Far better to concentrate on tackling the population explosion, global poverty, and the climate crisis.

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Ohhhh :kissing_heart:


@Garzoid: Aging and death and two inevitable facts of life. I am not sure if you are familiar with the story of the Buddha visiting the area outside the castle, when he was a prince (before he became enlightened), in which he saw four things that made me renounce his material possessions, as wall as both his wife and his child, and went into the woods to seek spiritual enlightenment. They were called “The Four Passing Sights” - sickness, old age, death and a monk.

How can you get rid of old age and and death, when that is a fact of our existence, and of those of all living things? It is better to make life easier for people, and for that matter, for all living creature and beings, by helping them…out of selfless compassion.

You don’t understand Buddhism. Old age is an illusion in the endless cycle of death and rebirth. What is this old age you speak of and of what does it matter?

It is better? Better for who? Better for what? Better than what? If compassion is selfless, you can not answer any of the questions asked. How does an unattached mind identify 'better." What is ‘helping’ and how would you know. Either karma is karma or it is not. If you have the thought. “I am helping” is it selfless? How about “I want to help you?” Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha… Help yourself first… The greatest help you can be is not to help at all.


THIS! All of this! What you say here, is the Truth, that people need to understand.

Exactly! This is why I reject the whole notion of “karma”. You are really helping others for your own sake of getting good karma…how is that really helping then, since you are really doing it all for yourself, in terms of accumulating good karma to attain a better life in your next birth or even nirvana? And who is it that wants to accumulate that “good karma” from helping others?

Just do good for the sake of doing good - both for yourself and for others. That is enough.

The war against aging is already underway. Scientists have been working for decades on understanding the ageing process and finding ways to help maintain the human body. some of our best medical advances have come from this work. But a war on death is a terrible idea. Firstly, living forever would be awful. Secondly, how would we feed such a rapidly increasing population and how do we finance it?

I just want longer tether length!!!


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He renounced his wife and child? What a cunt…

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True renunciation is internal, not external. You can move to some ashram somewhere, but unless you renounce the things that cause you suffering, you will never be free of suffering, so leaving the world, including your family, is useless, and also seems rather selfish, if you ask me.