Theocracy will end American Democracy

As far as I’m aware, US Supreme court appointees are politically based. IE left or right. Because Joe doesn’t like the present mix, I understand he’s going to appoint more he does like. I think the separation of powers is already very fragile in the US.

What separation of power? LOL

A far cry (political wrestling) from summarily removed and replaced all the judges on the constitutional chamber of El Salvador’s Supreme Court,

Can you imagine if Biden “just” summarily removed and replaced tRump’s 3 appointed Supreme Justices and then worked down the ladder to the other appointees?

If you don’t like the word “separate” (the Justices have a different responsibility) then try “balance of” powers. :woman_shrugging:t2: Since there is only “two” parties and the moderates, progressives and extremists are thrown into the one party or other - it’s easy to assume.

And let us not ignore gerrymandering.

I have no trouble admitting that this practice is done by many nations (including my own, Canada), this practice is not properly addressed in the USA, and flourishes.

This gerrymandering is both a disease, and a symptom. It causes inequities in voter representation, and benefits from it. The symptom is that gerrymandering is a process that adds fuel to the “us versus them” mentality so prevalent in US politics. Both sides are guilty of accepting this mentality.

Up here in Canada we just experienced a horrific act of terrorism, a Muslim family of six was run down by a nutjob, four perished. Yesterday ALL of our major politicians gathered for speeches and a vigil in respect to the ones murdered, and to reinforce that, as Canadians, we reject racism and such forms of violence.

I sincerely wonder if that could be possible in the US, politicians of different flavors rallying about a common cause, no negotiating, they just show up and denounce such violence and racism?


The concept of the separation of power is precise. It specifically refers to the separation of the different branches of government.

Merriam Webster: : the constitutional allocation of the legislative, executive, and judicial powers among the three branches of government

2**:** the doctrine under which the legislative, executive, and judicial branches of government are not to infringe upon each other’s constitutionally vested powers.

Other definitions refer to “a theoretical model of government”

Here governments of both parties have passed sentencing guidelines in addition to guidelines already present in law. The courts hate this and do all they can to circumvent being told what to do. Kind of defeats the purpose, which is the intention .

In Australia our system is different from some countries. Under our constitution:

“Australia does not have a complete separation of powers because some of the roles of the Parliament, the Executive and the Judiciary overlap. For example, the Prime Minister and ministers are part of the Executive and the Parliament. High Court judges, the Prime Minister and ministers are officially appointed by the Governor-General***, who is part of the Parliament and the Executive.”

*** the Governor General is the Queen’s representative, and she is our Constitutional Head of State. All legislation must be signed by her or her representative, the Governor of each State or the Governor general for federal parliament. Those positions are appointed by the government of the day and are not usually changed with a change of government. .

Made me wonder what the name was of that fatuous bigoted nincompoop, the one who started that abysmally mendacious thread asking why Muslims get a free pass. I’m paraphrasing from memory.

I despise few things, as I find the exercise a disappointment generally, but bigotry, racism, and the wanton stupidity that underpin both, must surely be worthy of the effort.

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Republican wet dream…Raisi won 61.95 percent of the vote in Friday’s election on a voter turnout of 48.8 percent.

Additional: (also a boycott was called on the election)

Texas … gotta git dat der shit right!

After Trump issued his letter on Thursday, the Texas Secretary of State’s office ordered an audit of four of the most populous Texas counties - Harris, Dallas, Tarrant and Collin counties. Of those counties, Biden won the popular vote in Harris, Dallas and Tarrant counties, while Trump won in Collin.
Abbott is facing a reelection contest next year, and has already been endorsed by Trump.

What losers!!! The biggest, sorriest, son-of-a-bitch, whiniest, fucking dumbass losers!!!

Makin’ American Gibberish Again


Makin’ Americans Gullible Again


Minority Americans Griping Again

NOTE: only applicable to those who adopt the moniker MAGA

Does he realise that 52% of Texan voters are women?

Oh dear.

Does he realise that nearly one in four of his electorate have HAD an abortion? Abortion Is a Common Experience for U.S. Women, Despite Dramatic Declines in Rates | Guttmacher Institute

Something is rotten in the State of Texas (sorry shakespeare)

I’m in a mood. Lol

So… checking stupid MAGA feeds. Came across this.

(Guy in video is Philip John Wendel)

AFTER reading THIS

Uh :roll_eyes:… is it just me or can anyone else see the “persecution complex” of the MAGA babies and false equalization???

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Nope. Christianity has been spreading misinformation for centuries. That’s what it’s designed to do if you look up The First Council of Nicaea.

In the USA religion is rampant and asserts tremendous control. Up here in Canada we just had a federal election and religion was never mentioned. And in many other nations no one gives a fuck about religion. In others, it has tremendous control.