Theocracy will end American Democracy

The RepubliKLAN party has been taken over by trump and his evangelical base. They are the ones that stormed the capital with their Jesus signs and confederate flags and the gop is now the Qanon party of white domestic terrorists. I have been watching a CNN program about how this all started back in the 1950’s and christianity played an important role in their takeover. Does anyone think we will ever get religion out of politics? Or is democracy dead? What is your opinion of the future of America?

As long as the Democrats are in power this country is screwed. My great-grandkids will still be stuck trying to pay off our national dept. What would rather have, christians running the country, or the the party that founded the KKK?

P.S., I assume that you’re a fan of IRON MAIDEN and SLAYER?

In the US it has always been an integral part of your politics. Name one atheist President, Vice President or leader of either house.

Like a Freemason, if you don’t profess a god, you are out on your arse.

Who the fuck do you owe it to?

If you haven’t realised yet that “National Debt” is a banking construct with no basis in reality I dont want to be doing your weekly budget.

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You appear to be intimating that Democrats are less fiscally responsible, and run up the debt more than their political adversaries.

Do you have statistics and numbers to support this position, or is it just opinion?


Where was the outrage when trump gave 2 trillion in tax cuts to the very wealthy? The KKK belongs to the republican party which is nothing more than white nationalists! Get your facts straight!

Going by his previous posts expressing political opinions, take a wild guess. :thinking:

America as a theocracy? I guess it’s possible, but I think unlikely. Trump is an old man in ill health who may die even before the next election. I think it’s likely the present dysfunctional state of the GOP is a temporary aberration which will dissipate when Trump finally dies.

As an outsider, I think there would probably be civil war before a theocracy took government in the US.

Religiosity only flourishes where there is poverty and ignorance (as in under education) Solve those two pressing US problems and any threat of a theocracy will disappear.

I’m wrong?

Have look at countries with high numbers of secular citizens. EG: Australasia, Canada, UK, much of Western and Northern Europe.

Now have a look in countries and areas within countries with high and/or increasing levels of religiosity. As far as I can tell, such places have extreme poverty and lack of education either as a country or in specific areas. Such as say the US bible belt, much of sub Saharan Africa, and chunks of Mexico, central and South America

But as they say, “I have no horse in this race”. On a personal level, I only care about the US because of anything it, or troglodytes like Donald Trump, does which effects my country.


You will also have to look at the political traditions in these countries, and how they have been evolving. Take France, for example, where they have laws guaranteeing religious freedom, but at the same time confine all religion to the private sector (where it belongs, in my opinion) and have state secularism in the public sphere (awesome!). Say what you want about the french, but their principles of a secular state apparatus is in my opinion a very good thing. However, it comes at a certain price, which is that undercurrents of the extremist kind in the religious sphere can go unnoticed and uninterfered with for a longer time, which can be a polarising factor in society.

Like all citizens of the world that pay taxes for things purchased in the past. Like when you buy a house and have to pay for it over 25 years? Oh! The outrage!

I assume the “moral dilemma” of either Christians or KKK founders running your country must get muddy when the “founders” want to rename the “institutions”. Lol.

Edited to add: a short article on how past national debt has been paid and a “fourth” approach (combined with some of the others) that the US may take HOWEVER given that “war” is a fiat currency “goldmine” - most likely a lot of resistance from the central banks and industrial war machine (businesses dependent and influential)

Democrats will lead us into a socialist society. Religion does not matter.

  • Progressive socialism
  • Democratic socialism
  • Revolutionary socialism
  • Libertarian socialism
  • Market socialism
  • Green socialism

So many…


You do realise they lost to Biden and the Democrats? Trump was a one term president, and the very serious public insurrection he orchestrated failed, as did his spurious legal challenges. So it sounds like democracy did precisely what it was supposed to, to me anyway?

Is this some sort of inane competition to see who can espouse the most vapid rhetoric?

Well they will have the right to take part in democratic elections, as do you, so I’d suggest you try and grasp the idea that sometimes democracy doesn’t return the result you’d hoped for. Then teach that simple fact to them.

Oh look, it’s another of your ludicrous false dichotomy fallacies. Or is it a poisoning of the well fallacy. You know what it might even be both…

Pffft, if all you’re going to do is make sound reasonable arguments, that seems a little unfair…


Oh well, I may as well join in then.

Tax Cuts Do Not Pay For Themselves

Both the Bush and Trump administrations argued that “tax cuts pay for themselves” as each passed significant tax cuts soon after taking office. The data suggests that this logic is faulty, as tax rates in the U.S. aren’t high enough to produce significant behavioral changes when they are reduced, and typical reductions aren’t large enough to have immediate impacts. Instead of spurring economic growth and thus more revenues, tax cuts simply increase budget deficits.

Compared to Democratic presidents, Republicans are estimated to add between 0.75% and 1.2% more to the deficit (as a percent of GDP) each year they are in office. This result controls for economic conditions, and explains 75% of the variation in the annual changes to deficits.

Citation / link…

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If you or anyone else really believe that that racist, corrupt, senile son-of-a bitch received over 80 million popular votes in a “fair” election, then there’s nothing left to say. The corruption in this election will be revealed in the end, but it’s way too little too late, the damage has been done.

We have gasoline shortages and the price of gas has gone up dramatically since the election. The first thing this ass-clown did was cancel construction on the Keystone pipeline, putting 700,000 people out of work.

Our southern border has turned into a free-for-all, the cost of building materials has gone up over 400%, and the middle east is on fire again. Luckily we have uncle joe on top of things.

tRump received 74,222,593 although for awhile he was claiming many, many more - SO I believe the so-called racist, corrupt, senile son-of-a-bitch received 74,222,593

As for Sleepy Joe - yes he did, HE DID get OVER 80 million votes. Get your microscope - bamboos in the air…

BTW I’m convinced because of the evidence - court standard (read them) - ohhhh and the audits.

As of yet the claim it was stolen has evidence that ranks up there with god and flat earth.


Yes I believe that. Who do you think is more grounded in reality: you or me?

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Neither the Republican nor the Democratic party much resembles what they did when founded over a hundred and fifty years ago. You think that a party in any way affiliated with the Klan nominated Obama for president?


You are stating that Biden lost the election and Trump garnered more votes. Do you have any proof, or is this just an opinion?

For weeks after the election Trump proclaimed he had won, Biden had cheated, and he had proof. In the end, despite many lost court cases, that proof Trump has claimed has never been presented.

Fact-checkers have counted Trump made 30,573 lies while in office. Is it possible this is number 30,574?

Why is that?

Because the pandemic was mismanaged from the beginning by Trump, it caused havoc in the industry. A great many of the gasoline transport drivers quit, and went to other shipping vocations.

To transport and deliver gasoline, a driver requires special training and certification, a vocation not easily or quickly filled.

@mr.macabre Despite your propensity to make claims without proof, I can back up my assertions.