The war on science continues

The specific claims of interest:

Masks are killing people.
The devil has laws people are following.
God has a “beautiful” breathing system, and using masks “throws it out the door”.

It always amazes me how people can have such strong convictions on things they have no evidence for. How much of this do y’all see where you live?


Ummmmm ya…and god has a beautiful pathogen that attacks those beautiful breathing systems god made, that also aid in spread of that beautiful pathogen that is being reduced significantly by people wearing the evil devil mask.

To the theists out there…Delusion, complete ignorance, and cognitive dissonance are not tools used to debate.


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Again, my area is more rural - lots of space and natural “social distancing”.

However in “closed” spaces, like grocery shopping, again, few people in and respectful of space - sanitizer available. Older folks are wearing masks, and I’ve worn one on an occasion or two. Now, if I was in the city with different conditions and population - I’d be writing a different story.

@TheMagus Re: “The devil has laws people are following.”

:man_facepalming: :man_facepalming:… (grooooan)… I’m not sure whether to laugh or cry about that one… (shaking head in wonderment)…

And yet they oppose euthanasia? You have to laugh…


For those that do not know: Much of the US considers florida to be a cesspool. Apologies to anyone that lives in Florida, (I lived in florida for a while and still have some family living in florida, so I stand by my statement.)

Of note: Palm beach county is where mar e lago is, and where trump now makes his home/residency.

Other notable residents of palm beach county/ palm island: Harvey Weinstein (now deceased by suicide) Trump and weinstein used to be buddies too.

Despite the enormous outbreak numbers currently in florida, there is growing evidence that at a state level, cases are grossly underreported in FL. With scattered reports of morgues/funeral homes and even nursing homes hiding bodies .


Yup, that’s Florida! I live in Texas which is definitely a mixed bag at this stage.

@LogicFTW probably has heard of this, but there was a guy with the twitter handle “Florida Man” that would post all of the nutty stuff. Unfortunately he doesn’t keep it up anymore.

Here’s a classic: Florida Man Says Syringes in His Anus Aren’t His

Yes - yes they were…

And yet they oppose euthanasia? You have to laugh…

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edit OOPS; I misunderstood a post AGAIN

So none of them will be wanting ventilators later, also works of the devil?
Evolution works in mysterious ways.



Just brilliant.

@LogicFTW Re: “Much of the US considers florida to be a cesspool.”

Hey, for what it’s worth, I am actually rather fond of many parts of Florida. Certainly wouldn’t consider it a cesspool, at least. However, being a Bama boy, I must admit I do not consider Florida to be Southern. To do so would get my Southern privileges revoked. :rofl:

The Princess Bride knew…



Sounds a bit like Queensland:

Tropical, great beaches, a dying Great Barrier Reef, arse deep in retirees , home of Australia’s bible belt and a plethora of successful conmen and scam artists. It’s also where we keep the ferals***, who live in the rain forest.

Great place for a short holiday. I’ve visited Townsville , twice for weekends. Had a great time.


**the ferals are like hippies but not as fastidious about personal hygiene. It has been rumoured that they mate with the local fauna, but I’ve not seen any evidence.

Sorry, but I think you meant Jeffrey Epstein there? Though your point is well made, and Weinstein is an equally detestable moral bankrupt.

“Prone” to suicide?? :thinking:

I guess we’ll find out shortly. Or maybe she’ll just do a “disappearing” act…

She never disappeared, the FBI had her under surveillance the whole time apparently.

All sorts of chickens are coming home to roost…

Yes- yes they are. It’s a good thing (poor blackmailed fuckers :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

Yep you are right @Sheldon, thank you for the correction.

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