The Texas Taliban Target Everyone, $10,000 Reward

“Many states have enacted similar laws, which have been blocked. But this one is especially egregious. It has used the architecture of the state to promote the rule of the mob. It prohibits officials from enforcing it, instead deputising ordinary citizens to sue anyone for suspected violations. While designed this way to make legal challenges harder, it is part of the broader turn of Trump Republicans towards vigilantism and away from democratic institutions. By promising a $10,000 bounty to anyone who sues successfully, it encourages the greedy as well as vindictive ex-partners and zealots to act. Not only abortion providers, but anyone who “aids and abets” an abortion is liable; it appears that even someone who drives a woman to a clinic could be targeted. There is no redress against malicious suits, even in cases where the plaintiff has a past history of similar claims. The result is that doctors and providers who comply with the law can still be put out of business by vexatious claims.”

These religious fundamentalist zealots need to put out of business.

The full article is here The Guardian view on the Texas abortion ban: this is not the end | Editorial | The Guardian


Pickle me grandmother! Can’t say I’m surprised at the action of the Texas legislature. I was however surprised to learn that only now is Nancy Pelosi trying to make Roe vs Wade law, rather than practice based on a Supreme court decision.

In Australia, the right to an abortion is protected by law and covered under Medicare as a medical procedure (which is exactly what it is, in my opinion, nothing more)

In my opinion, the $10,000 reward is an obscenity. Be interested to see how Karen Fucknuckle manages to obtain the necessary evidence.

I find this snippet an interesting contrast with the US:

"## How much does an abortion cost?

The cost of an abortion will depend on whether it is a medical or surgical abortion, how far along you are and whether you are using a public service or a private clinic.

Not all GPs can prescribe a medical abortion and not all chemists stock the medication required. Depending on where you live, you may need to go to an approved clinic or a hospital.

Hospitals and GPs may offer bulk billing or they may be partially covered by Medicare. For a private clinic, the consultation can cost several hundred dollars. The medication costs around $50, less if you have a healthcare card.

Surgical abortions cost around the same as a medical abortion, but this cost can vary depending on how many weeks along you are and whether you are a public or private patient.

Apart from the cost of the actual procedure, many women may need to travel to get an abortion. Termination services are not easily accessible in rural and remote areas and depending on the law in your state or territory, you may need to travel interstate to have an abortion.

Some clinics can offer medical abortion consultations via telehealth video call. Speak to your GP or clinic to find out if this option is available to you."

The article cited answers a range of common questions asked in Australia about abortions.

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I am surprised that ANY legislature that isnt part of a religious government would atttempt to rule the uterus.

It shows the decline of what was one of the beacons of freedom in this world.

The “Christian” Taliban are doing their best to destroy what they claim to treasure.

I am very tempted to start an Aussie/Kiwi/Pommy/Canuck underground railroad for any female needing this kind of medical assistance. Let the Talichrist Mofos try and sue me. SWMBO is all for it.


There was no bounty placed on those refusing to get vaxed (for any reason). No encouragement to sue those who spread a contagious virus :mask:my body, my choice

Have any of them read or understand pre-abortion (law) practices? History is ripe with what humans do when desperate and how others take advantage of the desperate.

Sickening. And quite frankly, I don’t understand this at all. I’ve always believed in “choice” always (yes, even when I was religious). It was my choice not to because of religious reasons. Why can’t the religious Texas Taliban do the same?


FYI…you are sweet! :two_hearts:

There are already some “set up” and this is available also for those within 12 weeks.

Fuck you Texas Taliban. There is more than one way to skin a cat. Oh…and there are others (for those past 12 weeks).


PERHAPS :thinking: the younger generations need to experience some of the shit previous generations fought hard for. In a limited fashion. Hopefully, short term…

One more thought.

Abortion is not a moral choice. I go by “less harm”. Laws cannot legislate wanting to have a baby or caring for a newborn. It can legislate holding a woman hostage to incubate a human life. Other countries and times have done just that… read about abandoned newborns, neglect and abuse, selling children and religious institutions set up to “care” (Ireland comes to mind).

Human history is rife with the deaths of unwanted children.

Abortion offers less harm to both the potential human and the real person (deciding what is best for herself).

Abortion rates go up in countries where it is banned.

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On the face of it, this new law wouldn’t stand up to a court challenge, but with the current Supreme Court, I won’t be surprised if they let this law stand. They already had the chance to block it before it went into effect a few days ago and they declined to.

A bigger battle is looming. Next month the Supreme Court will hear arguments on a challenge to a Mississippi law banning abortion after 15 weeks. This has the potential to overturn Roe v. Wade, and given the 6:3 conservative majority on the court, it’s a distinct possibility.

It hasn’t really sunk in yet what’s happening. Two of my women friends wouldn’t even believe me that Texas passed this law. Both were acting like I’d fallen for some ridiculous abortion rights propaganda. Thank goodness for the internet :slight_smile: . They had stunned expressions when they realized it was true. This is going to get ugly when it hits home.



Amy Barrett was brought in just for that reason.

Holy fuck Whitefire, then that means that any pregnant teen could be confined in her house by her parents, forced to give birth … then what?

The adoption agencies will enjoy a roaring business in Texas, and in 15 years we will see many homeless kids wandering the streets of Texas.

And the first thing any single pregnant woman would do on discovering her pregnancy is go out and buy a wedding ring. Sort of like garlic for vampires, it keeps the monsters at bay.

That is so sick and barbaric even the Afghan Taliban wouldn’t stoop that low.

Seriously thought that was a windup, fuck me.

"the Texas Legislature passed a new law Thursday that allows private citizens to kidnap and detain any pregnant woman or girl until she reaches full term and gives birth. "

“The sanctity of life can only be preserved when every Texan is empowered to seize childbearing females off the street, place them in the back of a van, and drive them to an undisclosed location where they can be held against their will for the duration of their pregnancy,”

They don’t seem too concerned over the “sanctity” of pregnant women. This is insane, it’s like something of the Handmaid’s Tale.

"Gov. Greg Abbott said that it was within the rights of an individual to keep the pregnant hostage chained up in a basement or locked in a cage,"

“once an over-the-counter pregnancy test has confirmed a woman is expecting, she can be held at knifepoint, at gunpoint, or through any means deemed necessary to ensure gestation is completed.”

"No citizen should ever be penalized for exercising their basic freedom to force a woman to bring a child into this world.

“the state legislature was in the process of passing a bystander law that would punish any Texan who fails to do everything within his power to stop a pregnant woman or girl from accessing health care.

Seriously this is insane…

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Not just her parents, but by anyone anywhere anytime.

…a lasting legacy of insanity from Trump’s appointments to the supreme court.

Isn’t that story from The Onion?

Please tell me I’ve been the victim of satire?

I think so. The people at the Onion are excellent at this. So many insane things are happening in Texas right now; that it is easy to just add another without people noticing.

I am almost relieved, which is a sad statement in itself.

Hehehehehe :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Every so often gotta keep ‘em on their toes. Don’t trust anyone (sources people :smiling_imp:)

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Ohhhhh you’re wicked. I like that :slight_smile: It’s a scary commentary that it didn’t seem all that far fetched. I believe we’ll be hearing some real horror stories soon about botched abortions, women who need abortions for medical reasons unable to obtain them, dead babies in dumpsters, and women who miscarry, and the people who helped them, harassed and ending up in court.
I hope that Onion article will at least gets peoples attention so they check out what’s really going on. I’m afraid a lot of women here have gotten complacent. We’ve gotten so use to having rights over our own bodies that I had a hard time convincing some of my friends that Texas had passed a law virtually banning abortions ( most woman don’t even know they’re pregnant before 6 weeks), and authorizing private citizens to go after anyone who even helps them in anyway obtain one. That was a frustrating couple of minutes before I could prove to them what I was saying was true :slight_smile: