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Hi. I’m Reddas. I’m Christian. I share a few issues WITH atheists. I share their frustrations and anger about somethings. I understand it’s never appropriate to say, “I’m sorry that you lost your faith.” I can follow some atheists logic and reason. I want to LEARN what’s an appropriate response should be. I’m reaching out here for the sake of tolerance, understanding and love.
I’m seeking help here how to be an ambassador of my faith. To understand atheism is to ask atheists. Not Christians. Where some may or may not be bias with their own agendas.
I want to do better. Set a better example of my faith. By action not throwing bible verses around. Out of respect for everyone. In this forum.

Don’t proselytize.
Do your research (before stating anything you think is “fact”)
Understand that there are some very serious intellects in here.
Realise that many here were christians, dedicated to their sects and cults that know more about the bible than you.

Be safe.


Welcome to Atheist Republic Reddas.

First off, we need to come to an understanding. The a definition of an atheist is a person who lacks a belief in a god. That is it, full stop, no more baggage attached. How each atheist arrived at that position is varied. Some did suffer trauma, some are angry, and some examine the god question and find a lack of explanation and legitimate proof or evidence.

Additionally, we are each individuals, there is no dogma, no directing organization, no leadership. I have political views that I know conflict with other atheists.

I will describe my journey. I grew up in a Protestant family, my father a Mason, my mother Eastern Star. We went to Sunday School or Church each Sunday and attended extra functions. Scattered liberally around the house were books aimed at children, the story of David and his multi-colored robe, other such stuff.

I bought in very deep, but at around the age of 19 I left organized religion because I considered it too soft, it was more of a social club rather than a pathway to direct communication with our creator. I did not want any intermediaries, I wanted a direct communication with god.

I spent the next 38+ years searching, examining other religions, having long talk with religious figures, I even spent some time alone in a church my knees, praying, trying to find god.

Then I started to watch some videos, and began my journey of learning. I learned to separate the BS from true facts, I learned the true history of the bible, I also learned the damage religion has done. Note: I am aware that religion has done a lot of very positive things.

But few years ago I came to the realization that I was an atheist. That was the complete opposite of my original intent, but I had to face hard reality, this is where I arrived at.


Welcome! I hope you enjoy your time on the forum.

It’s good not to assume (ass out of you and me). When we have a theist, normally we want to know their personal choice of deity or worship. Usually it’s unique. Like atheists, we’re all unique and have our own reasons or journeys.

Take you time. If you feel too many are responding, don’t be afraid to slow down, address one :point_up: member or question at a time.

Enjoy yourself.

Please avoid this sin. You are very welcome to discuss many things, but please, if you just preach preach preach, you will not be welcome.

And trust me, you will be asked to defend your position(s).


Welcome from another new member, I found this forum by searching for Atheist communities on Google. I’ve hung around for several weeks and started a few threads to see how the group responds to the themes I have found interesting as I thought about things in general.

The responses have been thoughts of what are the principal ideas behind non belief, My take away and advice:

Responses are varied, some lecturing, some funny, some express ideas brilliantly, some clumsily but there is knowledge you can use to understand Atheism.

An atheist is not impressed by verbosity, the Bible is verbose, this is one of the things that make it clearly a work of literature, not a real instruction book for life.

That said, some of the contributors restate why gods are not a viable explanation for why. By reading most topics you will learn what we believe and therefor choose to be non believers.

With that preparation you can go out into the world and look for explanations for the universe, avoid simply referring to bronze age books, or to pseudoscience done by people that would have been honored by the scientific community had their hypothesis been worth using to model/explain the universe. Not to discourage you, but that is a difficult job and with a group of Atheist you had better be original because we have heard it all before.


Understand we’ve heard all your bronze age reasoning before.

Understand we are all looking for a better explanation, not the same one restated because you believe we were just not taught it right.

Learn enough to show us what you’ve learned by being able to understand why we chose to be Atheist. Maybe picture yourself as a non believer, see how that feels.

Well I’ve become more verbose than I like to be. I would like to help you as I was. Letting go superstition is liberating. I would like to help you communicate better here so you stay and learn.


I would not be bothered by that statement. But it my response may be disconcerting for the theist.

What I lost was being driven by bronze age superstitions and false stories. What I lost was living a lie. What I lost was living in fear of an insecure, vengeful, petty, and psychotic god.

What I gained was the liberation from restrictions that now allow me to embrace humanity better, and live a better life not driven by superstition, hatred, guilt and fear.

I am in a much better place, and a better person than I was when I believed I was a theist.


Hello, Reddas. Welcome to the AR. Nice having you with us, and I do hope you are truly here to learn. We have some fantastic folks here from a wide variety of backgrounds. Please feel free to pick our collective “vault of knowledge” and enjoy some good natured camaraderie. However, if you have “thin skin”, I do suggest you put on a thick leather jacket or something similar. Not many punches are pulled around here.

Oh, and if you happen to see Cog coming around, it is perfectly okay to pinch your nose shut to avoid the odor.

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…(chuckle)… Why on Earth should that bother me? Granted, there certainly are some atheists out there who would get their feathers ruffled if somebody told them that. MY reaction, though, would likely be a puzzled look, followed by a big smile, and then a brief laugh before I MIGHT say, “Thanks, but I’m actually sorry you still have yours.”


Welcome to the forum. Genuine inquiry is always welcome and even appreciated. Lots of people around here love to share and there is a pretty good knowledge base around this place. Ask away and do your best not to preach. Most of us have heard it all. Try to address one topic at a time. That is usually best.


I didn’t lose it. I discovered how completely useless it was. Faith is not a path to truth. There is absolutely no position, no idology, no belief, no religion, no philosophy, no political agenda, that can not be held as true, based solely on faith. The Buddhists have faith, the Muslims have Faith, the Hindus have Faith, the Republicans have Faith, the Democrats have Faith, the Taoists have faith, the Nazis had and have faith, the KKK has faith, The people of Jonestown had faith, the Catholics have faitrh, the Mormons have faith, JW have faith, and you my friend are wasting your life wallowing in faith. What use is it? Faith is not a path to truth. It can lead you noplace. If you ever find a path to truth, it will not be because of faith.



The attached article is from Psychology Today. It discusses how religion hijacks the brain.


Welcome to Ayetheist Republic. :wink:

That was an interesting read, and will probably help me in the understanding of others.

I do ponder whether this applies (in some way) to sports teams.


Nice article, Ayetheist. Very informative. Thanks for sharing. And welcome to the AR. Come on in and make yourself at home.

Having grown up surrounded by the clans of Roll Tide and War Eagle, I can fully attest to that concept being applicable to sports team fan(atic)s.

I once sprang a surprise question on my wife the psychologist.

Are sports fans rational?

Her response was an immediate NO.


And she is absolutely correct.

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You might want to state your own opinions instead of simply posting articles. You are an atheist in an athjeist forum. A new member just signed in, You certainly didn’t post the article for us (the atheists on the site). If you thought the article was interesting and wanted to share it you would have posted it in the Atheist Hub. I suggest a mod, move the post to the Hub for anyone interested in the article. Did you know, 3ed grade also Hijacks your mind? In fact, you can probably make the very same argument for nearly anything you think you believe. Thanks for sharing.

and potentially, how to rehabilitate someone who has undergone ideological brainwashing

The article unjustly singles out religious fundamentalism. Think about it, We are all indoctrinated. The first time we put our hand over our hearts and uttered the Pledge of Allegence. Can anyone tell me which country in the world is Number 2? Does Canada say "We’re number 2? Japan? Korea? Brazil? Russia? Paris?

This 'Cult Like Brainwashing Shit" is going on around us 24/7. Your entire culture is a Church. Your beliefs about the kinds of foods you eat, the clothes you wear, social distance, how you treat people in the streets, and so much more.

Baseball fans, Foot Ball fans, Hocky Fans, Writer;s Clubs - (You ever been to a fucking writer’s club meeting? A bunch of pedantic wanna-be self, agrandizing, narcisistic, if you were smat enough you would understand what the fuck I am saying individuals.) How about 'Boy Scouts of America - Now there is a fucking cult for you!

I read the Selfish Gene. There isn’t an original thought in this guy’s article. He did a book review of Dawkins. You can read, “The Selfish Gene Yourslef,” HERE :

Welcome @Reddas

Good advice given here already, so I am just going to go ahead and and jump in here…

Well the best thing you can do to set a better example is to let go completely of your faith, because faith is the reason people give for believing when they have no good reasons. If you are wanting to set a better example of your religion, well good luck with that.
It is impossible for you to set an example of your faith. You can, however, set an an example of your beliefs of how you should treat others, etc… If you want to claim that those beliefs are subsequent to your faith, then go ahead and think that. Unfortunately, if that is really the case, then you have built in a failure mechanism which can, at any time, provide an opportunity to fail to maintain appropriate treatment of others with the simple explanation of a “loss of faith” or “weakness of my faith” or other such nonsensical justification(s).
If you are a “true believer”, then you have become convinced of the truth of your God, etc.
If indeed you are convinced that faith is a good reason to be convinced, then you are truly self-deluded.

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