The Religion of Atheism

It has been brought to my attention that one of our esteemed atheist members here has recently declared atheism to be a religion unto itself. Yes, thanks to our resident Wordologist and Studies Expert, we are all suddenly faithless members of a godless religion. Of course, this should really come as no big surprise to anybody. After all, it was only a matter of time before atheists worldwide realized how silly it is to believe that our non-beliefs in god(s) are not a belief in non-believing. Therefore, it is only natural we are members of a religion based on non-belief. As such, the logical next step in this process is to form a proper non-belief church. And it is only fitting that our church should have a proper name to reflect its core non-beliefs and its non-core values. Hence, this thread. Please submit your church name suggestions here so that we may discuss them and then decide which should be used. I shall start with the following submissions…

  1. The Godless Tabernacle of Disbelief

  2. Unholy Shrine of Non-Worship

  3. Church of Premier Night Heathens

Now, get those cerebral juices flowing so that we godless non-believers can soon join the religious ranks of our god fearing brothers and sisters.

Sorry, I’m already dedicated to dead pigs :pig2:

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Heathens all, apostates, sinners !!!

The one and only true church is The Church of the Latter Day Dude.

And get a rug that ties the room together.

Shining Heathen Infidel Temple?
Charming United Nontheist Temple?

Church of DILLIGAF?

Aww, fuck, who cares. lol

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Well, White, if it makes you feel any better, The Heathen Herald of the Holy Hog is actually a sub-sect of the atheist religion. So there really isn’t any conflict there. Feel free to maintain your faith in Pork. At least Pork is real.

Yesssss… Yes, yes, yes. I like it. Has potential. Not that anybody really cares, though. :roll_eyes:

Good effort. Yes, good effort. It has even inspired me. How about “Socially Kinetic Un-united Non-theist Kingdom”? We could call it SKUNK, for short.


Here is a picture of what I think about when I think about an atheist religion. I framed it for you so that you can zero in on the actual picture and not confuse it with the white background.

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So, this is what you think about when thinking about an atheist religion:


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How about:
The Church of No God of the Latter-day Godless
Witnesses to No God

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Or… The God Given Church of No God of the Latter-day Godless Witnesses to No God

The Reality is an Illusion One Can Remake to Suit Oneself Church

The This May Be a Sign That American Youth May Now Be Abandoning Rationality Faith

The Church of Gal Gadot Lingerie Overdrive

Shit, this is tough.


Yes, I agree. But it is imperative we have a strong and sturdy name for the church of our new atheist non-faith-belief religion. And I think you might be onto something there with that Lingerie Overdrive theme. Keep pursuing that avenue.

Crap, did I miss the moment of worldwide realisation?
Or was it only a matter of time before the first communicating moron came up with the concept of a God and shared it?

Just a slightly different approach here, but how about something along the lines of…

No Way In Hell We Believe In Hell Open Door Temple

Or maybe just keep it simple with…

Empty Prayers Cathedral

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You did miss the realization. You just didn’t realize you didn’t realize it. But now that you do realize you didn’t realize it, it is important that you realize the realization that you missed may now cause you to realize more realizations you didn’t realize you missed. Basically, just realize the possibility there may still be realizations out there you have yet to realize that you haven’t realized them. No worries, though, because you will definitely realize the moment when you realize the realizations you didn’t initially realize.

Sorry guys I just lack the belief that any of those names will catch on.

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Aw, fuck! Don’t you DARE go trying to start a whole other disbelief religion right now. We are still trying to come up with a name for THIS one. Believe in whatever disbelief you want, but how 'bout we just deal with all the disbeliefs one at a time, okay? This lack of belief business is already complicated enough as it is.

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I don’t believe that either.

In fact I do not believe your claims of setting up a new religion so unenethusiastically that I am not going to set up my own.

I am not going to call it atheism.


Church of the Eternal Karen.

You think the christian god’s wrath is bad?