The Oscars and god

Will Smith used both god and the devil as an excuse for assaulting Chris Rock on stage at the Oscars. Oh, and love was also an excuse. The old chestnut that “love makes you do crazy things”. That’s also a favorite excuse of people who abuse their partners. Wasn’t that one of O.J.'s excuses that he “loved her too much” ? That kind of “protection” women can do without. That he just sat back down and later was allowed back on stage sends a very bad message in my opinion.


Chris was certainly the bigger man.
Will was an idiot. First he laughs at the joke. Then, instead of apologizing to his wife, probably asking her if she wants to leave… which would have been the smartest thig for him to do… he walks up on stage and proves he is a fucking idiot. Even worse, get a load of his wife’s reaction as he slaps Will. That is not the look of a woman who felt vindicated. A very stupid man. The only person in the room showing any balls at all was Will. He met his obligations, continued the show, and simply moved forward., I’m seriously looking forward to Chris’s comedy routine about this one. Will IMO just stepped in a pile of shit. Now, let’s see if anything happens…

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Well, you should never hit anyone unless it’s in self defense. What Will Smith did was unacceptable. If I didn’t like him before. I really don’t like him now. I really respect what Sara Sidner had to say on the matter.

I try to look at both sides of the story. Will Smith’s wife has a medical condition that basically renders her bald. Instead of staying quiet and wearing a wig she put it out to the public and portrayed herself as some kind of role model. Whoop de fucking do. I am battling cancer, I know too many men who prematurely went bald, many others suffering far worse things. In silence. I and many others do not seek attention or even sympathy, we just carry on.

What do you expect with Chris Rock? His shtick if this kind of humor. Geez, Don Rickles was far worse. You are a high visibility celebrity sitting center stage, doooh, Chris is going to give you some of his brand of humor. Expect it, deal with it.

One thing not mentioned is this is black on black violence. Society is supposed to be combating this issue. But Smith gets a pass.

Of course he has to blame someone, and like a good christian, blames others rather than taking full responsibility. That is one of the many things I despise about religion, giving cowards an excuse instead of taking full responsibility for their actions.

Don’t blame jesus or the devil own up to your own actions.


Karen. Will was a Karen.

For fuck’s sake they were all fucking juveniles. Nothing was holding Jada’s ass to the seat (she can speak up for herself). Big “man” Will defending :face_vomiting: via an assault because she was “offended”. He coulda sat and spoke to Jada’s condition when he accepted the award. Besides, wasn’t GI Jane a badass? It’s not like he compared her to

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He’s a Scientologist. He wasn’t very “clear”…

If I slapped Chris Rock in front of millions of witnesses, do you think the talking heads on the entertainment shows would be debating my conduct; or do you think I would be in jail?


Did Smith actually hit Rock? From the YouTube videos I’ve seen of the incident, and Rock’s immediate reaction, it looks like something you’d see in a WWE wresting match: a fake slap.

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It make me laugh every time a fucking celebrity or pro athlete thanks their god for favoring them over everybody else, what a fucking joke. These clowns haven’t got a fucking clue.

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As I see it, the childish act by Mr. Smith is:

  • An infantilization of women by a gesture denoting his wife’s incapability at defending herself… against words. Then an acceptance speech about all of the women he protected in King Richard and to otherwise justify his violence - to include the use of religion.

  • An announcement that the real threat of battery on stage is a potential, and celebrity endorsed, audience response if a comedian makes a critical or insulting joke.

  • Giving ammunition to those supporting systemic racism in the U.S. by feeding into the stereotype of black people being prone to bad-tempered violence and less able to control their emotions.

Looking to multimillionaire entertainment stars as moral and behavioral examples is a mistake of such generous proportion that its hardly worth the explanation to those who might do so.


Glad I’m not the only one who noticed that. Ridiculous bunch of damn nonsense. That bullshit was staged like a mo-fo.

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If it was staged… that is yet to be determined. Why would an actor like Will risk so much to look so bad? Chris would have had to blackmail him into such an act. It was not funny and it made Will look like a fucking jerk. Now I know some of thes movie stars are publicity hounds, but there were at least a half dozen other ways Will could have supported his wife.

  1. Refuse the fucking award.
  2. Stand up with his wife and walk the fuck out.
  3. Stand up and address the audience.
  4. Fire back at Chris with a comedic remark.
  5. Move to the side of his wife, comfort her ‘a hit on TV’ and ask her what she wanted to do. If she was offended, ask her if she wanted to leave, address the audience, whatever, and don’t fucking assume the 'little lady needs his macho bullshit."
  6. Address the remarks in after show interviews.

I could probably think of 10 more ways that the situation could have been dealt with more effectivly. Will was way out of bounds. As for Chris’s remark, I didn’t even know what it meant until someone explained it. GI Jane?? How fucking old is that movie. (I went and looked it up. 1997) A reference to a film that was released 25 years ago. I seriously doubt it was even part of Will’s script. All Chris did was point out that Will’s wife has no ability to laugh at herself and that she is not dealing with her afliction well. How fucking serious is a little hair loss. It’s not contagious. It makes you stand out in a crowd. And she is a beautiful lady. WTF? Get the fuck over it. She puts it out there for everyone to see and wears it as a badge of honor, but when it is commented on, she gets all serious. FUCK THAT!


Also, it was just brought to my attention that Pfizer was a big sponsor of that event, and - lo and behold - they are soon coming out with a new Alopecia drug! Oh, golly gee! But - hey - I’m sure that’s just random coincidence. :roll_eyes:

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I don’t watch the Oscar’s.

BUT who the fuck couldn’t escape all the media on this?

SO I did find this… Samuel L. Jackson Receives First-Ever Oscar from Denzel Washington in Non-Televised Event

I love Samuel’s work and quite frankly - it was about damn time!

Sighhhhhhhhhh. Times have changed. There was a time when I wouldn’t have missed any of the nominated pictures, now the only one I’ve seen is The Power of the Dog. I suppose down the road I’ll make an effort to see some of them. The main reason I used to watch the Oscars is because they usually featured the best comics of the day as hosts. I can always use a laugh. I did enjoy The Power of the Dog BTW. Here’s hoping Benedict Cumberbatch at least somewhat resembles the decent person I think he is. Hope springs eternal.

Maybe so. However, that would not have been part of the script, and Ihave a sneaking suspicion the producers/director would have frowned upon any ad-libbing during that particular scene.

Oscar screen time with the likes of Rolex, Verizon, and, …

Pssstttt… looks around suspiciously. I noticed that Will wasn’t wearing a watch which is code for “hey, shit I better get a Rolex so I’m not an asshole like him”. The subliminal of the Oscar award in a triangle is an upside down “V” :scream: which is how you can use your Verizon to pay using cryptocurrency (which I heard from a friend who works for a cousin of Will THAT is how they got “bought off”).

Oh fuck … that 5G just activated the carbon deoxitritide in my vaccine and I’m stuck to my fridge (again)….

Edited to add: seriously though - it’s a good PR move for Pfizer because of vaccines which made the first in person Oscars possible.

Does anyone understand the joke that got Will Smith enraged? Seemed pretty innocuous to me.

They should let Ricky Gervais host next year, it’ll be a bloodbath…:joy:

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At least I understand what happened now. I’m always the last to know.


Watched it again, surely JPS can muster a sense of humour ffs, and I think Will Smith can consider himself a lucky man not to be facing charges for assault.

Anyone see Denzel Washington wagging his finger at him when he sat down, some levity in a really awkward moment.

Best joke so far was “paper beats Rock” made me smile anyway, but then I wasn’t slapped at the Oscar’s.

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