The mind is not a thing, it's a process

Uh, no not just the taxi, the Big Yellow Taxi.

Edit for a “Checkered” past

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Ahem, if there exist extra space dimensions, physicists will find ways of determining this that involve evidence. Something that never happens with supernatural assertions.

“It’s the word I’m thinking of …”

Or heart, or liver. Spleen and kidney optional. We can rule out spleen and kidney as the source of love.

A range of emotions? Care to back that up with empirical evidence? Or are you now the authority on the meaning of “love”?

Bah. I highly doubt I can send love over the internet. I go straight to the source - Consciousness. By extending my consciousness beyond my body, imbued (as it were) with pure love, I can affect the feelings of others.

The world is an extension of the body.

And here would be another great opportunity for me to request “objective evidence” that love is a brain state.

As I’ve already said, it doesn’t exist without a universe or a heart. Remove the universe and … oops. I said too much!

People with artificial hearts can fall in love.

Indeed. I attended a wedding just this winter where two people with completely mechanical hearts swore an everlasting devotion to each other, through thick and thin. They even kissed. And the man had an artificial penis with which he consummated the marriage. And through artificial insemination, they had an artificial baby.

A better line of inquiry … one question to start the ball rolling.

Is it possible to “fix my attention” on an external object? And is it possible to do this at the exclusion of other external objects? And when attention is “fixed on an external object” where is consciousness?

Your consciousness is fixed on an external object. You answered your own question. Ratty, do you think about the questions before you ask them?

The state you are trying to describe is the state of no-consciousness. It’s ‘I-less ness.’ Which isn’t really a state of non-consciousness because something is aware of it. All thoughts seem to stop but there is still a sense of awareness. Perhaps pure animalistic awareness. But the awareness is always there. It is a brain state. (Referencing awareness - I mean awareness of the state and not of the world around.) Nothing mystical, nothing magical, nothing soul related, nothing non-human or on a higher plain. Something anyone could do with desire, practice and imagination. Believing is Seeing* Choose your beliefs wisely.

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“I am talking about trying to comprehend 5th dimension but our biological brain is trapped in 3D,we can’t even think about real 2D space let alone 10,11th dimensions.”
So physicists are already using abstract algebra to make sense of what is not yet perceivable,we even have running quantum technology without even knowing what subatomic particles are.
We can never comprehend universe beyond Newtonian view of world with our mind.

Does it exist external to your brain :brain: upon the object? Circling the object? Engulfing the object with “attention”?

Or, is that object a fabrication in the mind which is simply referenced by consciousness as a meta mind function?

…(standing on tablecheering)… Bravo! Encore! Encore!.. :smiley:

And yes Ratty there are two of us (at least) who have the training to enter that state…but that is what it is, a state of no conscious thought where you allow/experience the workings of your autonomous systems to proceed while you suspend your concept of self.

Not easy (for me) but something I am glad I experienced,

:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: Ratty, I don’t care what anybody else says, but that shit was FUNNY!!! :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


Ahem. Let me crack my back while I get more comfortable mmmmm don’t mind me. Just settling in for the convo. Would you like some wine? Mmmmmm it’s a Bordeaux. 1746. Good year. Mmmm hmmm and the last drop is for you!

Okay! hands slapping together WHAT are you taking about, exactly? You’ll have to describe this a little more!

Because I too know of a state in which consciousness is lacking and Self is dissolved, but I have the irking feeling that we’re on different pages.

Now, is this a DMT ego death, type of thing? Or maybe the “Void”?

Do tell. Mmmm that is a good year!

Creative, no? I didn’t intend the double entendres with the “artificial insemination” line. It just sort of worked itself in.

Ha! :joy: I don’t say it nearly enough, but I love your humour too.

And of course, a tin-man can relate to “mechanical” penises. But not hearts! Yours is a heart of gold!

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At that age it would be vinegar. Bordeaux is best drunk young.
I am happily ensconced watching “Chase” with a very content Captain Cat on my lap, a nice bottle of Rangeview Hill Shiraz/Petit Verdot, with my partner on my left shouting answers at the screen.

No, Ratty, it is not as I have heard the “void” described but a mental state where one is conscious of all the major autonomous bodily functions yet unconscious to the “self” . One extricates oneself from that state very carefully and in stages. It is a matter of long training and mental discipline.

Lol. Sounds gooooood :smiley:

Ah yes. This rigorous training is offered at the Xuen Zu dojo in Hakanawa, Japan. I’ve heard of it. :wink:

I did a drawing in my spare time which proves that I’m a genius. And it will simplify the assertion that “love is supernatural”.

Yeah, after all this crap presented by you, you should be the one to suggest others to “get checked out”. Oh the irony !

I mean, it’s a little messy. But, organized? Hell yes! I’ve got it down to a science. In fact, wait until you see the version without illustrations. You will eat your words!

There’s 55 factors there. And because you were so congenial just now, I’ll explain them all.

5 factors relating to the body with 4 cases each. 5 factors relating to the mind with 4 cases each.
5 factors relating to external reality.

5 conditions necessary for concentration and 5 conditions necessary for liberation from suffering.

20 + 20 + 5 + 10 = 55

I have this systematically organized in my mind. And, I practice it daily. For me, however, it’s a simple exercise in relieving tension at a) the apex of the heart; b) the vagus nerve; c) the sciatic nerve; and d) the breathing diaphragm

But it’s all there in that mess of “crap” as you so politely put it.

pssst. He doesn’t appreciate art :shushing_face:

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Even if there is empirical evidence for the efficacy of the practice you mentioned, what’s there in it to show this as “supernatural” ?