The mind is not a thing, it's a process

I’m sending love to you through space and time. Let me know when you get it. Remember, there’s nothing you can do that can’t be done. Nothing you can sing that can’t be sung. Nothing you can do, but you can learn how to be you in time. It’s easy!

No. No. You’ve heard of “cannelloni”?

This is like half of that. It’s an Italian word … “evi-loné”

In other words, the Flying Spaghetti Monster!

Kidding. I dunno. Get checked out, mate.

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I searched it and it’s weird,seems like a religion based on pasta God.
It’s nothing more than a withdrawal symptom to believe in a pasta overlord.
Imagine some debate between this pasta cult and flat earthers both have one thing in common.
Smooth surface.


Nonsense, you’re at it again. Love is a word we use to describe a range of human emotions, none of which have ever been demonstrated to exist without a functioning physical brain. If you’re going to add magic to the mix then you will need to demonstrate something approaching objective evidence for the claim, and we know how this went last time, you’ll be telling us an itch is immaterial again.

All this means is you are appealing to a set of emotions using words, try doing it without using your senses or brain at all, never mind the computer electricity and internet.

Great song, but in my experience song lyrics, great or otherwise, are not a sound bench mark for what is true, or what can be objectively demonstrated as true.


No less weird than a deity that knows what going to happen, and has limitless power, creating a tree and some apes it doesn’t want to eat from that tree, then putting them in the same fucking place. Giving them “free will” then becoming enraged when they fucking use it, and do what this deity must have known they would, and ate the fucking fruit. Then cursing not just them, but all the countless billions of apes it knows will follow. Then who knows how many years of encouraging the apes to commit acts of ethnic cleansing, and indiscriminate mass murder including babies and children, and the sex trafficking of female prisoners, and taking slaves. Then says fuck it, and drowns the entire fucking planet and countless species because it had all worked out exactly as an omniscient diety must have known it would.

Now the next bit is priceless, after who knows how long as the myth has compressed billions of years in a few millennia, it decided enough is enough and intervenes directly by impregnating an uneducated peasant Jewish girl, by taking a ghostly form, to be born as himself in the same form as the other apes, but…that’s also his son, fuck me. Then things take a turn for the surreal all right, as this fucking deity decides the only way it can be appeased for events happening exactly as it knew they would, it to have his son / himself tortured to death, but luckily he / his son just rises from the dead a few days later anyway, and this is the best bit. All you have to do is pick one of the 45k sects and denominations that have devolved from this bizarre fucked up collection of myths and stories, and believe it without a shred of objective evidence, and you will survive your own death somehow, and live forever as “something” in eternal bliss.

A Spaghetti god doesn’t seem any weirder to me to be honest.


You don’t need any. The burden of proof lies with those asserting that there exists such a thing as the “supernatural”. All you have to do is sit back and watch them fail to support this assertion.

Indeed, two central rules of discourse that you need to apply, are as follows:

[1] Every assertion, when first presented, possesses the status “truth value unknown”, and remains in that epistemological limbo until someone provides proper evidence for the assertion in question;

[2] Every unsupported assertion is safely discardable.

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Saving this one. Thx, @Calilasseia !

The concept was weird.
It was funny to watch some pics of him.
But I m not interested in it and neither any other god of wrath.

I don’t think I compared this spaghetti with a God who just has predetermined everything?
Why spent all that rage on a deity that doesn’t exist?

Just like we can’t concieve 5th dimension with our mind there maybe a case where a super natural phenomena can’t be explained by natural cause or theory,so my response still stands.
But that doesn’t mean god exist,look I am aware of the chain reaction error logic but for paranormal ,I m agnostic.

Sorry to disappear, but as I was composing a lengthy response I was unavoidably detained for the rest of the evening and woke up with Mr Migraine assaulting my head…
Let it suffice to say I share some similar experiences from my early adulthood.
You covered several points I find apropos and you articulated them well. (Gee you are you)
I will post the following excerpt from my lengthy diatribe in the hopes of relevance:

In spite of all of these things, the most effective of all has been my recognition of my own agency. While I don’t believe we have complete influence over all of our thoughts, I am quite sure we can choose which ones to encourage and entertain. When we believe that we have no choice, have lost that choice or are being unduly influenced by something either internally or externally, that is when we need to seek help or guidance.
Understand that our minds find patterns and form heuristics with which to process all of the information we receive, in a timely and ostensibly useful manner. Sometimes these heuristics allow us accept things which are frankly not true and can become hindrances to learning and the furtherance of our overall “awareness”. This is where the danger lies in adopting beliefs not grounded in reality and/or demonstrable evidentiary facts. That adoption allows for the possibility of the creation of a heuristic that allows blind acceptance.

Edit: “Say the word and you’ll be free”


It’s a parody religion, mate. It was made to be funny on purpose. It was started in opposition to the teaching of intelligent design in public schools of USA.

Give it a read :

It does not matter… it’s just a story about mind… I gave it to you above… Castenada is a nobody who made up a story and nothing more. The Buddhists made up a story. G I Gurgiff made up a story. These are just stories that try to explain.

[quote=“Cognostic, post:11, topic:3770”]
Castenada describes the mind. "“We have a predator that came from the depths of the cosmos, and took over the rule of our lives. Human beings are its prisoners. The predator is our lord and master. It has rendered us docile; helpless. If we want to protest, it suppresses our protest. If we want to act independently, it demands that we don’t do so.
[/quote] It’s all Woo woo and not important at all.

Your focusing on the story, not the point. ‘You are not your mind.’ You get to respond to your mind. (Your mind gets to respond to your mind.) LOL again, again, and again. How you respond is what is important. Thoughts are not actions. We have very little control over our thoughts.

What ever you do, don’t think about pink elephants. Now what thought just entered your brain. Obviously pink elephants. Who is controlling your thoughts, me or you. Why am I making you think about pink elephants? As long as you are reading you will keep thinking about pink elephants. You can’t help yourself. Try to not think about pink elephants. Go ahead. I won’t mention pink elephants again. In fact, pink elephants don’t exist. There is no such thing as pink elephants. Now what are you thinking about. Hopefully it’s not pink elephants. Why are you still thinking about pink elephants? Don’t you have any control at all over your mind? The mind is a tool that is used to think about pink elephants. Isn’t that obvious? If it was not a tool to think about pink elephants, then why do you keep thinking about them. Make yourself stop. Stop now. Do not think about pink elephants. Just stop. Did you do it. Are there no more pink elephants in your mind? Of course not. There they are. Big pink elephants. Why can’t you control your mind? You only get to respond to your thoughts. You can walk away. You can stop reading. But as long as you are reading, you can not stop thinking about pink elephants. I am in control of your mind. I am making you think about pink elephants. How else can you explain this? You are not in control. I am in control. The only thing you can do is (ACTION) stop reading and walk away. Pink elephants may follow you, but that is only because you can’t put them down now that they have entered your brain. Even if you walk away, they will go with you. They have the power of pink because they are pink elephants… Are you getting this… You are not your mind. I am your mind. I control your thoughts. The world about you makes you think this way or that way. You have no choice. People make you mad. People make you sad. People make you think about pink elephants, and you have no control. You should not have to think about pink elephants and if people would just go away you would not have to think about them. Damn pink elephants. You deserve not to think about them. You deserve better than pink elephants. You deserve a life free of pink elephants. Why in the hell did I have to remind you of pink elephants. It’s not fair. It’s just not fair. No human should have to think about pink elephants. Are you getting any of this? Why are you still thinking about pink elephants? When are you going to start controlling your mind? Why are you still here. Why haven’t you done something to stop this pink elephant thought? Okay. I am not done thinking about pink elephants. How about you?

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And he has not been around long enough to meet
Eric the Rainbow farting Unicorn, Blue Universe Creating Bunnies, or the Big Yellow Omnisient Banana (BYOB) Lord and Fantastic Fabricator Of Universal Truth, Lord of Universal Doctrine.

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No, but now a yellow Checker taxi has joined in the fun. Do you ever think about taxis? Are they yellow? Yellow taxis are quite common you know. Can you imagine how many there are in New York? 13,587! That’s how many yellow (did I say yellow?) taxis there are in NY city. Even if you stop thinking about them, chances are you will see one and when you do, this conversation will rise from the dead, much like your imaginary friend.
When it does, it will not just be about a taxi. Oh no, it will be about a nice yellow taxi AND a pink elephant herd.
Edit (don’t you dare go listen to Joni Mitchell)

And I immediately went to …TAXI - Jim Buys A Horse - Absolutely Hilarious - YouTube

Oh fuk, I couldn’t help myself.


I was raised in a high-control religion from birth. When I asked questions, and simple answers didn’t satisfy me, the physical punishments made me keep my mouth shut.

My anger, when I finally left at age 30 wasn’t so much at “god” BUT the religion, family and friends lying…buying the lie and force-feeding it to me. AND angry at myself for staying so long and giving trying so hard to “fit in” “be perfect” for some fucked up sense of love and acceptance. Then I was the “bad” one and shunned as an apostate.

It took years of self talk, reflection, learning who I was and de-programming myself from internal “religious-speak”.

Be gentle with yourself. Stay safe. Take time.

Eventually through it all I came to the conclusion that I couldn’t believe in a god/deity without evidence.


Why? Is a coyote driving the taxi?

No, Coyote’s in the coffee shop.

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No regrets coyote
We just come from such different sets of circumstance
I’m up all night in the studios
And you’re up early on your ranch
You’ll be brushing out a brood mare’s tail
While the sun is ascending
And i’ll just be getting home with my reel to reel…
There’s no comprehending
Just how close to the bone and the skin and the eyes
And the lips you can get
And still feel so alone
And still feel related
Like stations in some relay
You’re not a hit and run driver, no, no
Racing away
You just picked up a hitcher
A prisoner of the white lines on the freeway


My favorite song of hers.

I remember buying her first album. Have them all. Got to see her perform three times. Would like to see her this time but the tickets are more than $2k.

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