The mind is not a thing, it's a process

Hello athiest Republic.
In my life I have been very much devoid of an athiestic connection.
I mean ,the people around me are thirsts(classic tale) but I wonder living with an actual athiest in real time.
Is it legal to miss an athiest friend you don’t have?
I just can’t wrap my head around religious people.
I know I don’t have proof to deny supernatural experience but religious books are written by humans, that’s it.
I just have many talks with people,family,friends and I m sad that religion corrupts their logic and it really does,it can makes u justify even 9/11.
I just believe that I don’t deserve this loneliness.
Common,I shouldn’t be lonely, isn’t being lonely an illusion.
Aren’t you always lonely.
But man when religious family imposes restrictions on your freedom it may hurt man! Yup it hurts.
That’s why I feel like I m lonely.
But don’t worry I m reading standup novels and does meditation.
I know athiest is a just a word ,I m using the word rational from now.
Because if you are rational you will trace the technique a religious book is written and I feel as if it was always possible to write those verses by humans.
By the way,I just was tired to argue with someone’s ill faded logic of defending 9/11 with a religious lunatic.
Believe me I deserved more than people around me thought,it’s a shame that I couldn’t made it to some country,maybe I was miserable to not get financially sufficient to move from my place.
Maybe it’s a curse to live in my place.
Talk with me and I will be fine


Hi @Atkinbean. Welcome back to Atheist Republic. I know the feeling. I don’t have a whole lot of people in my life who support me as an Atheist except for my girlfriend and my daughter. That’s one of many reasons why I hang out here. Look forward to seeing you on the board. :grinning:


SURE - Christians get away with it all the time.

Not true. Out of every supernatural claim that has ever been discovered to have a cause, not once has that cause been found to be supernatural. What you don’t yet have is the evidence to demonstrate a specific event is or is not supernatural. The next question is, how much time are you willing to invest in looking into something someone else has called ‘supernatural.’ If science went about investigating each and every claim of the ‘supernatural,’ we would still be hiding from lions in the tall grass. The burden of proof is on the person making the claim. Until there is sufficient evidence, there is no reason to believe. No one has to worry about debunking all the nonsense.

Lonliness is a state of mind. What you have not yet realized is that everyone is alone. No one can crawl into your skin with you. Most people do not realize just how alone in the world they are until they hit a major life event. Their parents die, a sibling dies, their home burns down, they lose a job, the wife takes off with the kids, a spouse dies, you watch another human being die, etc. You are alone. This is a fact. Understanding this makes the friendships you have even more special. These friendships are events, happenings, that come to you as you pass through this world. They are to be treasured but never clung onto out of necessity or for filling your own needs to not feel lonely. Yes, you are alone in the world. Isn’t it fucking amazing? Now, go out and look at the night sky. See if you can feel this ball of earth spinning beneath your feet. Look out at all that, and realize how fucking amazing it is to be alone. Then, get off your ass and go find someone to hang out with. Do things you enjoy doing, and you will find people like you doing those things too. (Never ‘should’ on yourself.’ Instead, I invite you to try out the phrase. ‘I don’t like feeling lonely.’ “I shouldn’t be lonely,’ is a position of powerlessness. That is bullshit. “I don’t like feeling lonely.” is a position of power. You don’t like it, do something about it. “What brought you here?” Was it perhaps 'Lonliness?” Okay, so you know what to do. Why stop here?

NO! That is not why you are lonely. They do not have a magic button, that when pushed, causes you to be lonely. Being lonely is your reaction to their restrictions. There are a million other ways you can respond to their restrictions. Feeling lonely is one option. Anger might be another. You might realize how silly it all is and just laugh at the situation you find yourself in at the moment. You could hide out in a depressive state. Your lonliness is YOUR reaction. You don’t control them, but you do control your reactions.

Why are you wasting your time arguing with lunitics. If you can’t tell them to ‘Fuck Off’ let them have their say, and then you say, “Thank you for sharing.” Then you leave them to wallow in their lunacy. When did it become your job to save the lunatics of the world?

Here is a problem. You must be very young or very sheltered. You have not yet learned the difference between things you can control and things you can not control. You are batting your head against a wall trying to control things over which you have no contorl. You do not get to control the thoughts, minds, actions, of other people. (A mind convinced against its will is of the same opinion still.) You barely get to control the world around you, Any attempt to control it can be met with another’s attempt to control it differently than the way you want to control it. What you can control is YOU. They are your hands, your feet, your thoughts, and your actions. The world around you gets to happen and then you get to respond to it. If you are unhappy with your current responses, CHANGE THEM.

You ‘DESERVE’ SHIT. This is the biggest bunch of whiny bullshit I have ever heard. People dying of cancer deserve to be healthy and you want to whine about feeling lonely. Babies dying of starvation deserve to live but you want to whine about having no friends. This is pissy bullshit. Grow the fuck up! You don’t ‘deserve’ anything and you ‘deserve’ even less when you start whining like a ______ (I’m trying to be good.)

So you don’t like feeling lonely. Sit there with a pad of paper and a pencil until you can thing of one thing you can do to not feel so lonely. Say, ‘Hi’ to five strangers tomorrow and complement them on something they have done. If you can’t see people in the world doing things worth complementing, YOU AREN’T LOOKING. You are alone because you are sitting there whining about it.

Welcome to AR. You are never alone here. But you are also going to have to deal with the opinions of others.


But what about some personal non drug paranormal experience,I am sure you have heard one or other forms of it.
E.g; Watching a ghost suddenly in your lawn or hearing a voice out of nowhere.

It’s because I was forced to think under restrictions now I am trying to think with my own mind,I just am learning to not fall apart.
The loneliness that arised had many dimensions at the time I was writing it and the way I expressed it was not perfect.
It just happened,I was feeling weird.
Ok I accept that people have far far far worse conditions than me and I m nothing,I don’t know how can one diverge that longing inside their heart.
That was what infact I meant with my ‘loneliness’.

I don’t have enough wisdom to counter argue this sentence.
I get so self conscious about people logic system and I don’t argue like shouting,I just present my views and all angry and shouting are them because I offend them.

I think it’s more common things for me.
Well today I will do it with a more concious effort.

I think that’s is what I was missing,I need to pen down my States of mind,I think I have some severe troublesome mind states, it’s more weird feeling,maybe I need to look up a psychologist.

I will try to make sense and I sure will deal with opinions of others, it’s normal thing to do.

Aaaaand this post is why I still think you are a great person.

The way he pointed out some sentences I created without even knowing them in detail terrified me.
It made me question my so called loneliness.

Cog calls it as he sees it, and he often sees it as it really is.

If you want to add detail then do so that is what this forum is for, to support other atheists, hone our arguments and piss each other off occasionally.

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Ahhh…there it is.

Oooh…give me some more of that…

Oh Oh…yessss…

See? this is what I’m looking for, right here. Preach it Brother Cog, for it is the word.
These are key points that everyone can benefit from adopting. We all have to try to not let the reaction take center stage. How in the hell can you deal with any issue when it has taken a secondary role to your emotions?
Now the next step is to realize that (within some reasonable parameters) no one else is responsible for how you react or feel. As much as we want to lay blame at the feet of others for our discontent, ultimately, as Cog pointed out

Or angry, or sad, or even happy.
These ideas are not a “magic button” to alleviate your angst. They are, however, concepts which can be quite useful.
Welcome and please understand we all have need for illumination to find our way through.

Edit: “Give them a light and they will follow it anywhere”

YEP! I always say it a little differently. Sometimes our reactions are justified. But if you don’t know the difference you never know when that is.

The time to believe is with independent verification. I went on all those trips in my late teens and early 20s. I can still do the OBE thing. It’s all brain states. While pursuing my degree in sociology, I studied dream cultures. I looked at the Mayans, Australian Aboriginese, Krishna Consciouness, and Zen. The OBE shit came about from studies of Carlos Castenada, Jane Roberts, Krishna Consciousness, J Krishna Murti, G. I. Gurgiff, Anton Levey, and more. You have all the personal paranormal experiences you want and show me how any are different from a brain state. All you have are 1. Not yet explained. Or 2, I don’t know. Unless of course you have evidence for anything called supernatural. I’ve seen ghosts, monsters in the forest and all the evil demons you can imagine. As a Christian I would walk down the middle of the road in the small town of Pratt Kansas, because my mind believed in evil behind the shadows. ‘Believing is Seeing.’ With religious indoctrination you can convince yourself of anything.

No. You are falling apart. Let it happen. Your old self is falling away and a new self emerging, You are lost, We have a game called "Pick Up Sticks.’ 100 or so bright-colored sticks, Life is like this game. You hole all the sticks in your hand and then let them go. They form a pile on the floor. They you begin picking them up one by one. As soon as you have all the sticks piled neatly in your hand, the game is over, and you drop them again. You have simply dropped all the sticks. The world is exactly the same. The sticks are all the same. You just don’t know the right order to pick them up again. You are experiencing a major life change. Give yourself a break. Give yourself some time to let things fall into place. You pick shit up, one stick at a time.

Excusing the flowery language. OF COURSE IT HAS MANY DIMENSIONS! You are realizing you are alone. HELLO!!! Anyone home. You are fucking alone! When you die, no one goes with you. How many more dimensions do you need. You are on a speck of dust in the vast universe - ALONE.

Because there are no deserves. Ti\

hey don’t exist. GET THEM OUT OF YOUR HEAD!

i’VE GOT TO go teach 'Skriten will finish this.

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Stop measuring what you do against other people. State your views clearly. If people don’t like it, they can go fuck themselves. You don’t have to agree with other people. You don’t even have to agree with them to get along with them. There are lots of people and lots of opinions. What you should be willing to do is consider what others say as rationally as you consider your own opinions. I am probably one of the more boisterous writers on the site, however, I have always been of the opinion that if I don’t put my opinions out there, they can’t be judged. Let the shit hit the fan and see where it goes. There is no reason to tip toe around people. You are known by the boundaries you set and the positions you take in your life. If you don’t like who you are, change.

‘States of Mind are states of mind. You are not your mind.’ My alarm clock goes off in the morning. I reach over and turn it off. It wakes me up. Then I decide whether I am going to go to work. Your mind is nothing more than a stimulus machine. It is going 24/7. The Buddhists call it a monkey, leaping from tree to tree. (Did I give anything away here?) G I Gurgiff called it a ‘coach’ without a driver. Carlos Castenada describes the mind. "“We have a predator that came from the depths of the cosmos, and took over the rule of our lives. Human beings are its prisoners. The predator is our lord and master. It has rendered us docile; helpless. If we want to protest, it suppresses our protest. If we want to act independently, it demands that we don’t do so.” YOU ARE NOT YOUR MIND. You are what you do. You are your response to your mind, and to the world around you.

Stop paying attention to your mind. Decide what you want from your life and begin working on it. Don’t let your mind get in the way. Your mind is full of bullshit conditioned responses and interpretations of the world around you. The very ‘STICKS’ (referencing the previous analogy of Pick Up Sticks) you have dropped.

Now that you have dropped all that shit, it is time to put it back in a new way. A way that makes better sense for where you are in your life now. You don’t have the same mind you had when you were a 10-year-old. You don’t have the same mind you had when you were 15. Now, once again, it is time to pick up the sticks and create a new mind. The difference is… Now, you understand, you have a choice. CHOOSE TO BE DIFFERENT.

EDIT > Probably a good topic for a thread. What is mind for? The human mind is an amazing thing. It looks at itself. I look at my thoughts, and then I look at who is looking, infinitely. (But always in the past.) The mind is not a thing, it is a process, ever moving forward from moment to moment. You, too, are a process and not a thing. Every moment of your life is a moment of amazing change. Your mind makes you a thing. Your mind is what traps you into being this way or that way. Like fire. And now I am getting into esoteric gobbledy goop. (Opinions may Vary.)

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Anything else to say.
I don’t think there remained anything.
Now I will try to absorb some new information and wait for 10-15 days.
I want to scream because my mind is agitated,I am mad because I screamed.
Explain this behaviour.

(Edit:Who are you typing this.What do you mean by explain this behaviour ,you just did it,look the topic is changed,but are u changed,Mr.Self?
Scream ,scream till your vocal cords collapse,is that want you want,I am questioning your questions because no body believes in what you believe.
Ok you calling yourself mad but why being here and not going to mental asylum,you were probably lying to me that you are mad.)

I think that is an EXCELLENT idea. Take care of yourself. Get lots of sleep. I have found, in my life’s most stressful times, sleep really helps. In the end, You can choose to go on as you have always gone on. You can choose to change. You can choose to not do anything now -== which is really a choice to allow things to go on the way they have always gone on. Take a rest, but don’t go to sleep. (Equivocation on the word sleep,)

I will try it.
See ya.

Love is supernatural

You are an animal whose “humanity” is a subtle game played with you by the EVILONE!

Yes, yes, ratty… how in the fuck did I not know that. Sheeedh what a fucking monkey I am. Love is supernatural… why in the hell didn’t anyone ever think of that before you?

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Pretty much matches Castenada’s concept of mind.

Do you mean Evil One?
Who is the evil one inside me.
Is it a part of me or just it is same me calling myself good and evil.
Yeah I am an animal Nd this type of animal maybe able to learn from others rather than the city kite who recognised to steal lunch from the Tiffin after a lid is opened and do it again and again in parks but unfortunately can’t convey this information to kites in village,but the animal u are describing can write the experience and share it with others.
Subtle game!
What do you mean!
Who is playing it inside me?

What is it?
Can you explain the concept in brief?