The Future Is Not Atheist

I’m starting off being straight up, I’m a Pagan. I hate Abrahamic religion and it’s dogma as much as Atheists do! But, humans have believed in a creator since caveman. The Bible could be defeated if all NON-Abrahamic people United for this one cause! Pagans don’t want church in government, we wish for secular laws. BUT NOOOO!!! You asshole atheists have just cussed and been totally shitty to anyone that don’t see things exactly like you!! You’re just as dogmatic as the church! Fuck you. You’re a minority. You just have to sulk in your own little corner

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Now now honey… you know the doctor has told you to watch your blood pressure. Did you have a bowl movement today? Are you feeling constipated? Did you remember to take a nap after lunch. You know how you get when you don’t take your nap. Where is your little fireman helmet. We should probably put that on now, just in case you start banging your head on the wall again. If you are a good little boy and put your helmet on I will give you a cookie. Then you can go to your room and play with your Hulk action figure. Arrrrrrr… Hulk is strong… Grrrrr Hulk is powerful… Arrrrrr hulk does not let the mean Christians push him around. Come on now, lets go to your room. Remember what happened the last time you tried to play with the mean atheists. Come on… let’s go talk to Mr. Hulk! Come on… That’s a good little socialdarwin…


I was pondering deleting this entire thread, but in the interests of free speech, I will allow this to play out … for now.

If this is just a confrontational pissing contest, it won’t happen here.

What cause? As an atheist my only position is that I am not convinced a god or god exists. Religion, despite it’s many obvious faults, is a binding force for many societies and communities. There is always two sides to any story.

@Socialdarwin Are you aware that the entire global population for Abrahamic religions is 3.8 billion people? Are you aware that the entire global population is 7.8 billion. That leaves 4 billion as non-Abrahamic, they out-number the entire Abrahamic population.

Have you reached out to that 4 billion? Because atheists make up just 400 to 500 million.

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That raises the question: if you believe a little corner is all us atheists have; why are you shitting in it?


I like to try to ally anyone with the anti-Abrahamic resistance no mater how small the group. But you can go look at all my posts and how I came here totally diplomatic and I was talked to like shit. I never asked anyone to convert to my religion. It’s just hopeless to try to resist the status quo when nobody can see there’s a common agenda we agree on - secular government. The agnostics were not as snooty and even the satanists agreed on the secular alliance. Atheists are arrogant here anyway.

I gave Socialdarwin 24 hours to cool off. Conversation is welcome, constant bitching and complaining is not.


I don’t understand your hard-on regarding Abrahamic religions.

Not really. The growing percentages of “nones” and joke religions (Jedi, Pastafarian, etc.) in census results point to a rapid decline in religiosity on a global scale. The future is atheist, or at least agnostic.

In places where religion has got its claws into government, like Iran and Pakistan, the reaction to this inevitable sunset of belief will be vicious and cruel. But even there religious tyranny will inevitably collapse under economic and social pressures.


I would agree that the next step in the development of Western societies is a post-Christian status. This means the Christian dominance is broken, society is mainly secular with some historical Christian-based customs (like a totally secular celebration of Christmas). In such a society there is a peaceful coexistence of atheism and agnosticism with religions. Paganism and satanism might play a more important role than in the Christian dominated era. But also a tolerant Christianity could be an integrated minority in such a post-Christian society.

A wild guess; probably has read the bible, including the Torah. Not sure If he has even the most basic understanding of Islam. If I wanted to be unkind, I might say I can smell antisemitism. But I don’t so I won’t

I had hoped the dill was gone. Apparently not.

On which post was that? I must have missed it.

I see secular government as a likely outcome within the next couple of centuries. I think it’s probably inevitable. However, I’ve never claimed or implied that this is necessarily a good thing.

I am not anti religion per se and am certainly not interested in becoming involved in a quite loopy anti religious cause.

A word on argument from consensus; That a lot of people agree with a position means a lot of people agree with a position. It says nothing about the truth or falsity of a position.

Expecting others to agree with your poorly expressed, half baked ideas will get you exactly nowhere.

Demanding others agree on pain of you coming over all unnecessary will not only get you nowhere, it will piss people off.


There’s a word for that: extortion. Although I fail to see what the consequences for non-submission will be.

Yair. My mother did that all my life. We Sibs called it “emotional blackmail”. We all finally became immune from mother’s sly little ways. That means I don’t take that shit from anyone else. When it’s a stranger on an internet forum, I try not to say anything which will get me banned. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

I have a question…

How is it that a religious bigot can consider themselves to be totally diplomatic? Ahh… you mean that you are a lying shit like most diplomats? Okay, I got it. Never mind.


How much is sociadarwin paying you…
We are not even lifting a finger, simply talking, and religion is on the decline all across the USA.

Wake up and smell the orange juice…
"t may come as no surprise that the influence of Christianity in the United States is waning. Rates of church attendance, religious affiliation, belief in God, prayer and Bible-reading have been dropping for decades. Americans’ beliefs are becoming more post-Christian and, concurrently, religious identity is changing. Enter Generation Z: Born between 1999 and 2015, they are the first truly “post-Christian” generation.

More than any other generation before them, Gen Z does not assert a religious identity."

You are missing the whole point of the decline of religion in the USA. It is not that religion is ending, it’s the fact that ignorance is ending. With computers we have a library of infomation at our fingertips. Having information easialy accessable allows us to research fact and assess evidence. Having done so, it is obvious you are about as ignorant as the people you want to do battle with. Grow the fuck up.


You are such an optimist Cog.

I can’t see atheism, much less paganism, overtaking any religion ever.

The current numbers showing a decline in religion and an increase in secularism might only reflect part of a cycle. A global East/West war or the continuing lethalness of future C19 mutations, could totally change current trends within a decade. History has shown the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, War, Plague, Famine and Death guarantee bums on pews and this says nothing of the Stablehands of Catastrophe, Poverty, Fear, Despair and our firm favourite, the ever persistent Ignorance.

The promise of the internet introducing a new age of communication, knowledge and understanding hasn’t been universally met any more that the automobile was to free humanity of the pollution of horses. Internet technology provides the opportunity, not the motivation for any suppression of ignorance.
It may be of help those whose personal journey involves seeking an understanding of atheism to help subdue a loss of faith, but a quick check of the absolutely numerous religious sites, blogs, and forums reveal the internet has also managed to focus and intensify the spritual confidence and assurance of hordes of the religious.
Try spending more than an hour on Quora and feel the gloom of the seemingly endless contributons of zealots delighting blind faith and faulty apologetics. To deconvert them all is going to take a Cosmic Shitload of Reason.

SocialDarwin, you are avoiding the nuts and bolts aspect of how to undermine the Abrahamic religions. We might all love that idea, but you present no plan on how you intend to deconvert or even how to keep the unnumbered faithful otherwise occupied to prevent them falling back on the old comforting lies religion provides against the very reasonable fears they hold.

All three religions are deeply invested in the importance of persecution as a primary proof of their gods’ test of their faith. Their books assure them they will experience it in their lives and that their gods will be watching.
Its the very reason the Jews proved such a problem to the Seleucids, Ptolemies, Romans, Catholics, Muslims, Protestants, Nazis and all the other anti-semitics. The majority of all three religions would all rather die, as they are expected to, than give up their faiths and chances for heaven and life eternal.
And as I detailed in my first post in one of your other threads, the eastern religions are no better at “meshing” and have proved as murderous destructive and unsympathetic as any other.


You’re starting off, again, by making assumptions about atheists.

Now you’re making sweeping unevidenced claims, and poorly defined ones at that.

Another sweeping unevidenced claim.

A rather idiotic lie, and pretty ironic given your outburst afterward.

Oh I think it’s clear that you are the one sulking, and throwing a rather hilarious tantrum. No one here is going to ludicrous pagan forums and trolling pagans after all.

It’s been obvious for some time that you’re woefully ignorant, and stubbornly unwilling to learn. Critical thinking therefore eludes you, and thus you sulk, and resort to angry trolling when your overtures are challenged for any kind of objective evidence, or even an accurate explanation of exactly what you want here.

Grow up, is all I can really suggest.


You came here with idiotic sweeping and unevidenced assumptions. The idiocy of your flawed rationale have been explained to you exhaustively, but you seem unwilling or unable to learn. The ad hominem has largely come from you, as indeed it does here again.

That’s your claim, you simply assume that atheists share your facile views. I’d have thought by now, I could have made a cabbage understand the errancy of your assumption.

Nice try, I’m an agnostic, as are many atheists here, and it doesn’t make your spiel any less facile. It’s also been explained to you that atheism and agnosticism are not mutually exclusive positions. So this strikes me as another lame attempt to insult and troll the atheists here.

I find that hilarious claim highly dubious, but do show some objective evidence, beyond your anecdotal bombast.

More pointless ad hominem, and the arrogance appears to be mainly yours sunshine, evidenced in the facile assumptions you make about massive demographics, and the assumption they should flock to your vague and facile agenda, despite the fact you yourself hold superstitious beliefs in a deity, beliefs you refuse to define or justify.

Again I can only suggest you grow up, and educate yourself on some basic facts, instead of attacking others, just because they find your views facile, poorly and vaguely defined, and more than a little juvenile.

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Hardly surprising, as he is extremely reticent on this topic. Nor are we any wiser as to what exactly he expects from the atheists who post here.

Sadly delusional.

I’m sure he has “satanists” and “agnostics” (hahahaha). A few members on sites
agreed (lol) with his well thought out agenda

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A little sadistic of me perhaps, but I was hoping that if he were pressed, he’d reveal some sort of half baked petition.

It’s like watching a small child lose it’s temper completely, and is sobbing so uncontrollably they can’t even tell you why they’re upset.

Though of course his verbiage never had much clarity, beyond sweepingly vague and bombastic claims, as nonsensical as they were wooly and ill-defined.

How exactly does one defeat the bible? I have to admit that despite the idiocy of the claim, I’m almost curious to hear him explain that. Though I doubt he can offer anything tangible or lucid on the topic.