The Forgiveness

The importance of forgiveness is tremendous. It is not only because it is the center and the top of Christian revelation, but because I personally meditated on the subject not from a religious or theological point of view, but metaphysical, and then I adopted as a formal thesis of my philosophy the conviction that it is one of the essential keys to the very structure of reality as a whole.

There is no intermediary between Being and Nothing: whatever has entered the sphere of Being for an infinitesimal fraction of a second can never return to Nothing, because it has never been in it and, on the contrary, it always belonged to the sphere of Being. If we try to conceive of the passage of time as a total structure of possibility, we understand what eternity is, in the sense of Boethius: the current and simultaneous possession of all moments. Therefore, whatever happens in the temporal sphere is contained in eternity once and for all. This is the absolute irrevocability of the happening. Nothing returns to nothing, because out of nothing, nothing came.

Now, in the whole sphere of universal happening, from subatomic particles to the totality of galaxies, and even crossing all the supracorporeal and spiritual worlds that may exist, there is only ONE type of fact that, once occurred in time, can be excluded from eternity. They are our sins. Sacramental forgiveness erases sin from the record of Being. Divine forgiveness is not just a suspended punishment, but an annulment of the fact, a total and definitive UNHAPPENING. Correlate to the ‘ex nihilo’ creation, forgiveness returns to nothing what has never been in nothing. Forgiveness is the work of divine freedom and, in this sense, transcends the entire structure of universal possibility. Whoever has the opportunity to participate in this miracle, in whatever form, should make the most of it, because nothing in this world will give, as far as human strength is concerned, a more luminous understanding of the mystery of existence.

Oh jeez, another one.

In case you haven’t noticed, this is an atheist forum. The notion of sin is a religious one in which I do not believe.

Your post with all jargon is no more than a series of unfounded claims. The burden of proof is yours.

ON forgiveness: pretty sure it’s well established that forgiveness is psychologically healthy. That hanging onto slights hurts and emotional injuries harms only oneself.

I admit I’m not very good at forgiveness. Depends on the depth of hurt. There are still a couple of people I would like to forgive, but have not yet managed.

On the mystery of existence:

I was not
I was
I am not
I don’t care (On a ancient Roman tomb on the Via Apia not far from Rome)

If you haven’t seen it, I strongly recommend the clip below. I think you might agree that this Holocaust survivor seems to haven been able to forgive the unforgiveable. This was not a religious act. Have a look ,see what you think

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Then I suggest you educate yourself on quantum physics, and the established fact that virtual particles do pop in and out of existence.

From: … Are virtual particles really constantly popping in and out of existence? Or are they merely a mathematical bookkeeping device for quantum mechanics? - Scientific American

Your entire proposition and position is built on an obvious lie.

As far as forgiveness, I do not practice that. I do understand that carrying resentments and old grudges is detrimental to a person, so I just let it go, forget it. I do not forgive anyone who has screwed me over, I just put them in my rear view mirror.

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Who are we? Where on the great journey will we be reborn? We are in the midst of a sacred condensing of science that will become our stepping-stone to the multiverse itself. Our conversations with other travellers have led to a maturing of hyper-karmic consciousness.

We are at a crossroads of self-actualization and discontinuity. Throughout history, humans have been interacting with the stratosphere via electromagnetic forces. Reality has always been radiating dreamers whose auras are enveloped in learning.


@nessahanalita I am talking science, you are rambling on about a philosophy. I deal with reality, not what one wants things to be.

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Not being a naturally vindictive person, I have never harmed another for revenge.
They just go into my mental list under the heading of “People I will not urinate on should they catch fire”. These days, there are only two.

There were three people. I didn’t forgive the third, I just became indifferent towards her. I consider indifference a far greater insult than hating a person.

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I love that. It is because you have removed that person from a category of respect, and allocated them to the same level of attention as one pays to an worthless piece of shit.

To assume that science knows reality is impossible, because it can only know objects previously cut to adapt to the availability of its methods. These objects do not exist in themselves, they do not exist as reality.

Everything that exists, exists simultaneously in various dimensions of reality. For example, you take a cow “Ah, the cow is a biological being!” well and isn’t she a chemical being? Isn’t a physical one? Or an economic one? Is it not a sociological being? She belongs to all of this at the same time! Is there any science that can study it on all these aspects? No. This thing has different aspects and dimensions that intersect, this is what is called the concrete being.

Concrete comes from concrescere, that is to say that which grows together despite having nothing to do with the other. There is no science of the concrete object, science only studies an abstract object, an object as such that exists only for it. It is not the same object that exists for another science.

Science does not teach us reality, it highlights certain aspects that, properly articulated with other aspects, help us to see reality.

I did not state that science “knows” reality. Science offers the best tentative explanation for a phenomena or object(s) based on the known facts.

Sin is a label which people attach to actions they don’t like or their god supposedly doesn’t like. Many of those actions are in fact pleasurable or disruptive. I don’t accept that there is anything wrong with premarital sex, for instance, or getting drunk from time to time, or any of the other actions the Christian god supposedly condemns.

You have to make an argument that those actions are inherently problematic. I’m open to using the words right and wrong because I mean destructive or harmful, but you’re talking cosmically… Tell me what cosmic disruption is caused by two people fucking, for example.

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You have to forgive me for this but you have presented a inpenetrable edifice of ultra personal philosophy that presumes readers share your own intimate interpretation and understanding of undefined concepts.

However I do happily note that Boethius shares many key observations found in the simpler and more kindly observations made in the philosophy of Tralfamador which broadly states that neither time nor reality are linear but more like a never ending series of waves spreading continuously and eternally in all directions, at all times and all events exist continuously, simultaneously, resulting with the stupendous cosmology in which all things that have happened, that are happening and are yet to have happened are harmoniously and infinitely connected in a timless continuum. In such a phenomenal reality there can be no ‘sin’ and no ‘forgiveness’ and definitely no ‘UNHAPPENING’ because all events in this universal plasma of time, simply “Are” and thus cannot be subject to limited judgemental definitions of ‘right’ or ‘wrong’.

There can be nothing to forgive. Tralfamadore insists that we need instead to free ourselves from the constricting limiting view of linear time and release our perceptions to experience the Are. Tralfamadore finds points of agreement with Boethius in that it appears to us that we still exercise free will, but explains that this particular phenomenon is only the result of localised ‘echoing’ found in congested points of shared experience that forces us to think we are making choices when in fact we are simply and ultimately following complicated pathways of perception that all eventually lead to the same outcomes which of course have already harmoniously happened, happen and will happen.

I always knew I would write in answer to your post. I have been, still am, and always be sorry if you find exception. As Tralfamador always teaches, “So it goes”.


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Why is “being” capitalized? Are you saying “something” vs “nothing”. BTW there has only been “something”. As yet, nothing has not been demonstrated or falsified.

Basically all we have is “something”. That’s it.

OK - scientifically demonstrated evidence.

Hahahahaha - YOU did throw a “may” exist in there.

Really? Coming from you, this should be good. YOU do know what a fact is, right?

HOLY FUCK!!! Bonkers :flushed:. You have no idea what a fact is. Seriously - this is the most stupid thing I’ve read in awhile by a theist.

Hahahahaha!!! An “un-happening” - oh fuck, lol. This is good mumbo-jumbo shit -

an ANNULMENT of a FACT by a BEING results in an UNHAPPENING

This is the best your brain could conjure in your meditative state??? Jesus fuckin’Christ you have a stupid :brain:.

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The modern science observes certain things in some respect; therefore, it only observes aspects, and aspects cut out according to the hypotheses and constants that itself intends to observe. There is a highly subjectivist and abstractist element about it, which makes the whole philosophy developed from this tradition of modern science extremely subjective in nature. Modern science was born with this childhood illness of subjectivism. It will be necessary to cure it of this, but it can only be cured by articulating the active and interrogative point of view with the contemplative attitude of accepting the concrete reality.

So instead of stating “I fart, therefore I am” into “I fart, therefore I stink”?

Excuse me if I get it back asswords, I am not very good at woo woo. Or it may be my temporary dyslexia (triggered by woo woo), whick kicks in and I get my mords wixed up.

@nessahanalita Seriously, which of us has their feet firmly planted in reality while the other may be off on a cosmic journey?


I think you need to “smarten up” first before you go off trying to “cure through articulation”…


Is there an acronym for Random Bunch of Complete Nonsense? RBCN? I forgive your stupidity in assuming a random group of critical thinkers would have something positive to say about the inane assertions of someone pretending to utter profundities without any support for their inane ramblings. We understand your desire to be special and forgive you.


The rekindling of presence is now happening worldwide. Soon there will be a blossoming of balance the likes of which the stratosphere has never seen. The future will be an ever-present blossoming of sharing.

Without inseparability, one cannot vibrate. Yes, it is possible to extinguish the things that can exterminate us, but not without complexity on our side. You must take a stand against greed.

It can be difficult to know where to begin. The biosphere is calling to you via four-dimensional superstructures. Can you hear it? If you have never experienced this fusion of the creative act, it can be difficult to self-actualize.

It is a sign of things to come.

Reality has always been aglow with warriors whose hopes are transformed into fulfillment. Humankind has nothing to lose. Throughout history, humans have been interacting with the infinite via ultrasonic energy.