The Existence of Aliens

So obviously the existence of aliens is a controversial topic. Many believe that they’ve come to earth. I’m curious what you guys believe about aliens. Are they real? Have they come to earth? There’ve been many accounts and stories about aliens. The history channel has talked about many of them. Could aliens be entirely natural if they exist?

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I’ve seen no evidence of alien contact. Do they exist? If you put a gun in my face and told me to guess; I’d guess they do exist.


That is a nonsensical question; even me pointing that out gives the question more attention than it deserves.


You mean hypothetically obviously, as there is no objective evidence sufficient to support this claim that I am aware of.

Argumentum ad populum, many people believe in deities and astrology, this doesn’t make the belief true.

You first have to define accurately what you’re talking about, then demonstrate sufficient objective evidence to support those claims, before anyone can offer any informed comment.

I think by now you can dispense with unevidenced anecdotes, as you know they will be given no credence on here, and you know why.

Is filled with superstitious and unevidenced guff, seriously much of it is risible nonsense.

Again define one, accurately, then demonstrate objective evidence, you are giving us bare claims and referencing anecdotes, then asking us to speculate or guess, to what end?

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The existence of Aliens is not controversial. We have no good evidence for the existence of aliens. What we have are stories and conspiracy theories. The time to believe a proposition is when there is solid evidence supporting it.

Now… Let’s get into the nuts and bolts… If you believe aliens have visited the planet to draw circles in corn fields or impregnate women living in trailer parks, well, I just feel sorry for you. If you think they are running about with samuri swords or magical ray guns and lopping off the heads of cows to steal their intestines, I have a bridge in San Francisco I want to sell you.

If you are asserting there is a possibility of life somewhere else in the universe, well we actually can calculate a probability of sorts…

Now the Drake Equation concerned itself with ‘Intelligent Life.’ I think that was a mistake. The uncertainty factors in the equation also make it impossible to use to draw a realistic conclusion. But it is fun. When I think of alien life, I am thinking of any kind of life at all; slugs, bacteria, plants, anything. I think these are the likely aliens and not advanced beings with flying ships that navigate the cosmos.

I would be delighted if life on another planet were discovered in my lifetime. The chances are not looking good. I personally believe that we don’t know the mechanism by which nonlife turns into life, so we have no way of estimating the odds. We know there are other planets with water and in the right zones for life to appear. But, life itself appears elusive at this point.

All I can say is… ‘Wouldn’t it be cool!’ Unless of course it was a planet full of flesh-eating viruses that ended up killing every human on the planet. Then who would show up for Tin Man’s Christmas Party?


That’s why I’m afraid of aliens. I feel like they could be evil if they exist. And also the hat man. There’ve been many hat man apparently. That’s why I’m super afraid of ghosts or the hat man or all these spirits existing.

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What are you going to do when the monster under your bed comes out and eats your face?


My youngest went through a “I’m terrified of mirrors” stage. I think :thinking: it must be a developmental phase because all my guys went through it and eventually outgrew it.

When I was in my early teens we’d visit graveyards or play tricks in our friends (to freak them out).

It’s the YouTube videos.

BTW the aircraft is now called UAP.

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You are not afraid of aliens. You have never seen an alien. You have never heard a true alien story. You have no good reason to even believe such things are possible. You are not afraid of the hat man. You are not afraid of ghosts. You are afraid of the images in your own mind. You are afraid of shadows that you have created. You are afraid of yourself. You are scaring yourself and because you are afraid. You are unwilling to look at facts, so it keeps you afraid. Round and round and round you go. Frankly, I give you no hope at all. Breaking free of a vicious cycle is a difficult thing to do. I expect this is the way your brain works, and you are in vicious cycles throughout your life. Vicious cycles with your relationships, with your goals, and with all important matters. It is a life pattern for you. I suggest you have a cup of tea and just accept it. You are going to go through life stuck in one vicious cycle after another. At least you know what you are doing and where your life is headed. Good luck.


What is why you are afraid of aliens? How can you fear what there is no objective evidence exists? Climate change, natural disaster, global pandemics, and disease, pernicious ideologies and religious beliefs that persecute people, all these are objective facts, if you want to waste time indulging fear I’d focus on those.

No idea what that means? Is it a typo?

Again there is no objective evidence these exist or are even possible, so why on earth would you waste a moment indulging irrational fears on them? When I watch the film The Omen, it still scares the bejesus out of me, Billie Whitelaw the actress is terrifying, and the music raises the tension, the film is designed to do precisely that, but once it’s finished my fear has gone, as I know it just a film.


loooool :rofl:

If life can exist on one planet, I’m sure it can on another… be that bacteria, microbial or akin to hominids.

But as for aliens visiting Earth, there is no objective, empirical evidence to support the claim… currently at best, we have muppets with chappy grainy home videos that struggle to focus on what looks like a pie tin someone has tossed into the air… or someone from the bible belt having claimed to have been subject to ass probing.

Most likely all utter bollocks.

As oppose to what? Pan dimensional space Wizards?

Oooooo kay!

As oppose to us humans that are all kind and cuddly whilst denying our fellow man their basic human rights, mass murderers? Serial killers? Paedophiles? Tossing people off building because of their sexuality? Pumping food with essentially poison and handing it to the masses?
Kidnappers? rapists? War criminals? Politicians? Tin men?

Yeah… I’m sure they’re really evil.

The only thing existing here is your over active imagination.


The word over should be in that sentence before the word active, but otherwise your post is spot on, kudos.

You must have met my cousin T-800. Not sure “evil” would be the right term for him, though. It’s just that, basically, he just really doesn’t give a fuck.


I met him, he had a really strange accent, and I thought he said “oil me back”, he kicked right off when I started spraying 3 in 1 on him.


Yeah, his accent does cause him problems from time to time. Amazed you are still alive, though. Typically he simply terminates folks who piss him off. I can only speculate he slipped on the oil, allowing you a chance to get away. Plus, I’ve never seen him run. He just does the lame “stalker walk”. I keep telling him that shit only works in the movies, but his programming is terribly linear.


“Look up!!!” This is how your awakening can begin :smiley:


Ahhhhh!!! My eyes, my eyes, and my ears ahhhh!!!

Having watched that I can never unwatch it, and it was almost physically painful.


One word: OUCH! (20 F’N LETTERS)