The Anti-Christ

The arrival of the Anti-Christ would issue in an apparent world-wide deception leading all of the potential lambs astray.

As atheists, do you welcome the coming of the anti-Christ in the sense that, if it were to really happen, all belief in Jesus would be suspended?

In other words, is the anti-Christ someone you could get behind? Even with the consideration that such a being would be the epitome of evil and hell-fire damnation?

Is the anti-Chrst a good thing? For fuck’s sake. At least it would put an end to all of the ignorant bullshit floating around in the collective minds of Christianity in general.

Or does the manifestation of Satan bother you in any way (assuming he might appear to deceive the masses). How do we separate fact from friction?

Do you mean?

  1. the false Christ (a conman or evil supernatural creature pretending to be Jesus to con believers)
  2. or an anti-Christ (anyone who turns against the way of Jesus)

Rely on things that are observable and measurable. If you can not do so, then it is fiction.

Can you offer any proof or evidence that there is, or will be an anti-christ?

You need to read Pagels, The Origins of Satan. I don’t know how anyone can believe in such nonsense once a historical understanding is gleened.

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What objective evidence can you demonstrate for the existence of an Anti Christ let alone for the existence of a deity or Jesus Christ?

Also, The Devil by Robert Green Ingersoll. He’s where I got most of my information when I was in college.

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Yes. Excellent source. We actually know the history of the invention of these characters and their abode. IT’S A FUCKING JOKE.

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Where are you going with this?

I am a skeptic and lack a belief in any god. But if I was presented with adequate proof or evidence of such, I would alter my position.

So where is your proof of this anti-christ? Or are you just going down the road of useless speculation?

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You lost me at ‘if.’ What’s the point? Ratty, Ratty, Ratty, your mind is too fragile for all these 'What if" games. You would be so much better off if you could just stick to what is real. Life is so simple without delusions and fantasies.

The LAST thing I want to see, is the emergence of events that lead the Rapture mob to think that their sad little wank fantasies have been validated.

If you want to see some truly execrable pandering to this demographic, then there’s a hilarious film you can watch, namely Holocaust 2000.

Here we have a movie that had a lot of money lavished upon it, and not only to pay the acting fee for the big Hollywood name that was recruited to front it. This was an Italian production, resulting from a director who made rather more money than he should have by producing “pastaloid” versions of various Hollywood horror films such as The Exorcist and The Antichrist. Which should warn you in advance what is going to turn up here.

Basically, this film is a hilarious, and at times, slightly creepy film based upon the idea that the acid-trip hallucinations contained in the Book of Revelations is set to come about, courtesy of the son of a nuclear physicist. The part of the physicist is played by none other than Kirk Douglas (who presumably felt a pressing need to pay some big household bills and consequently signed up to take part in this hokum), and according to the plot, his son (played by Simon Ward) is the Antichrist, who is set to use a nuclear power plant based somewhere in the Middle East to unleash Armageddon. Cue wacky special effects including a computer going haywire as it displays 2√231 all over the monitor screen (purportedly a way of spelling “Jesus” backwards - how original), and various unpleasant deaths being meted out to various people who try to prevent the evil offspring from carrying out his master plan, one involving a Middle Eastern despot being decapitated by a helicopter rotor blade.

Despite the fact that the producers spent a lot of money on this film, it’s a turkey. Why? Because when you look at it, it is manifestly obvious that it was tailor-made to tickle the erogenous zones of every Rapture Retard in existence. In fact, it wouldn’t surprise me in the least if copies of this were in the VHS tape or DVD collections of every Rapturoid on the planet. What we have here is supernatural fuckwittery on a grand scale rendered in glorious Technicolor, with a plot line that couldn’t have sucked the cock of Rapture fantasies harder if it tried. While not as utterly coprolitic as some of the visual dreck pumped out by actual Rapturoids more recently, plot consistency is somewhere around the level of a collapsed soufflé, and there are several nice inconsistencies to look for by way of alternative entertainment, whilst enduring the spectacle of Douglas picking up a big pay check for providing the Revelations brigade with enough masturbation fodder to last them several dozen lifetimes.

It’s vintage cinematographic Gorgonzola, odoriferous to the last, and frankly I’m amazed that no one else has spotted this blatant attempt to cash in on the willingness of large numbers of gullible supernaturalists to give credence to a tract from mythology that was plainly the result of serious hallucinogen abuse. It’s a mysticism acid trip on film that at times makes you wonder at the sanity of the human race, because any truly sane species would have treated this material as Monty Python fodder. If you pick this up, imagine Eric Idle in place of Kirk Douglas, John Cleese in place of Simon Ward, and enjoy much hilarity from the substitution, which would almost certainly have been far more enjoyable if it had happened for real.

Watch this, and learn more about the Rapture Retards of this world and their warped little fantasies than you ever wanted to know.

EDIT: It turns out that the budget for this film (released in 1977) not only extended to the salaries of Kirk Douglas and Simon Ward, which weren’t cheap, but to adding luminaries of the 1970s such as Anthony Quayle and Virginia McKenna to the cast, and I suspect all four of the big name actors in question are now seriously regretting allowing this to be a part of their CVs.

You know you’re dealing with celluloid Velveeta on an epic scale, for two reasons. First of all, NO nuclear physicist from a western nation who values his life, is going to be involved with ANY project that calls for a nuclear reactor to be constructed on the soil of a Middle Eastern Arab nation. This idea would have been considered ridiculous even in the somewhat freewheeling 1970s, and would probably have led to anyone signing up to this project to become an instant target for the CIA and Mossad. The latter would have sent out assassins to decapitate this project faster than you can say “Mazel Tov”.

In the present post-al-Qaeda and post-ISIL world, any nuclear physicist signing up to such a project would have a life expectancy measured at most in days. He would not be able to use any form of transport, without someone putting said transport in the crosshairs of a guided missile launcher. Either that, or he’d be lined up for the same sort of encounter with an umbrella that saw Georgi Markov snuffed out by the Bulgarian secret police, or a re-enactment of the “more polonium in your tea, vicar?” scenario that took out Alexander Litvinenko.

So that’s once piece of hokum that pushes this film well and truly into the Cheez Whiz realm.

The other centres upon a hilarious plot device, in which the structure of the nuclear reactor includes seven cooling towers with big spheres on the top, which just oh-so-coincidentally looks like the seven headed monster from the more acid trip part of Revelations. If you’ve made it that far, you’ll really wet your pants laughing at how this plot device is treated, and frankly, a tour of this film is actually worth putting up with for that cameo alone.

I suspect Tin-Man in particular will have a field day with this after watching it.

Oh, one final note: the American release of this turd of a movie is more likely to be listed in the catalogue under the title The Chosen, as opposed to the European releases. IMDB will give you some idea of the flavour of this offering here. Enjoy.


LOL… Now I have something to do tonight.

“Into the Cheez Whiz realm?” LOL I give you credit 3 times and then I steal it.



Damn… Now I’m tempted to watch the movie just for the purpose of seeing that scene alone.

Until then, this may sate your … umm… desires. lol


Aunty Christ

Oh my GOD! The special effects are so real it is almost like I am THERE!

The second. Like, a huge turn away from Christ. One that would scare Christians in general. (Not that it isn’t already happening in a sense).

It’s a hypothetical thought exercise.

Not necessarily a good or fruitful one. Forget I asked, please. I was in a mood. Well, I was drunk actually. Pretending to have a life over the internet.

Re: Anti-Christ

Here’s a visual that could be considered a great “Poetic Justice” moment…

The skies turn dark and forboding… The whole Earth starts to shake and tremble… Lightening and thunder start crashing all around… Giant geysers of molten lava spew high into the sky from thousands of opened vents around the globe… Massive tidal waves approach every shore… Panic and chaos EVERYWHERE!.. Then… in the sky… for all to see… appears an image of Satan (Looking remarkably like Quintin Tarantino, oddly enough.)… and everything but the humans is suddenly frozen in place as if a “Pause” button was pressed. And the Satan image starts to speak…

“Hello, humans! Welcome to the beginning of ‘The End’! So glad you could be here today! You really wouldn’t want to miss this! So, anyway, before The End continues, I just have a couple of administrative details I need to attend to real quick! Show of hands, please! Where are all my atheists out there?”… (scanning the world population)… “Ah, okay. Excellent! Will all you atheists please form nice orderly lines at the ‘Entry’ doors that will be appearing near you? Oh, and please escort any nearby children to the line with you. Yes, that’s wonderful. Thank you. Now, another show of hands, please. Where are all the Pagans?”… (scanning again)… “Ah, very good. Very good. Please step over and join the lines with the atheists and children… Splendid. Oh, almost forgot! My apologies. How many here have never heard of the Christian god?.. Please join the lines. Careful, careful! No rush! Try not to trip over the cracks forming in the ground!.. Okay, there we go! Very nice!”… (checking that everybody is in line)… “Okay, ladies and gentlemen, when the doors open I need you all to proceed quickly, but safely, through them and see the intake personnel inside! Be mindful of the children, please. Ready?..Go!”… (presses button to open all ‘Entry’ doorsstarts addressing those remaining)… “Now then, for those of you who remain. Christians, Muslims, rapists, child molesters, and so forth and so forth! CONGRATULATIONS! You get to stay here and witness The End just like you always wanted to do! Isn’t that GREAT? Yes, yes, yes… I know there are some of you out there who never wanted to see it. But, hey, consider it a bonus! Oh, and please don’t have any fear that you will die! That is just silly. Okay, you WILL likely get fucked up pretty bad, depending on your reflexes and survival skills. And, yes, you WILL feel the pain if that happens. But I promise, you will not die. Oh, and I should mention, The End will take a very long time. Could even last forever, for all I know. Not my department, though.”… (clapping hands and briskly rubbing them together)… “Annnnywho… Really wish I could stay and watch, but there is much for me to do ‘Down Below’ with the big party starting. Gotta make sure the caterers are on time. Have to supervise the DJ booth and sound system assembly. Must be there to handle any questions about the housing arrangements that always come up. And, of course, I’m expected to give the welcoming speech. You know how it is. So, anyway, have fun! Enjoy! You’ve earned it!”… (Satan disappears from skygiant finger presses ‘Resume’ button)…


Thank Zeus. You have passed the thought exercise with top marks. :laughing:

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