The Ammons Haunting Case

Hello everyone. I’m here to discuss evidence for the supernatural. The Ammons family haunting case occurred in Gary, Indiana in 2011. A woman, her mother and her three children all report supernatural experiences, such as one of her children levitating from her bed, another being lifted and thrown into the wall by invisible figures, strange things happening inside her house, and her being possessed. Her mother wasn’t possessed and nothing happened to her. The craziest part is that there were witnesses. Nurses, doctors, psychologists, all reported seeing paranormal activity in her home, and with her children. Police officers reported a voice being heard through their radio, yelling, “You in there?”
Police officers also showed a photo of a figure through the window, but I will admit it doesn’t prove anything because it could be edited. DCS workers were called because the mother wasn’t sending her children to school, and they also reported seeing paranormal activity? You really think all these people, especially Police Officers, would lie about thus? I don’t think so. Here is an article with more information: The exorcisms of Latoya Ammons

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Yes. Yes I do. I enjoy how the house was demolished two years after they moved out. Also bought by and demolished by the host of a travel channel show about ghost hunting. Doesn’t sound suspicious at all.

Also two clinical psychologists who doubt the claims made by the children. Found all that in 5 minutes of skepticism.

*Still, not everyone was a believer. Clinical psychologist Stacy Wright noted in a report after evaluating the youngest son that “this appears to be an unfortunate and sad case of a child who has been induced into a delusional system perpetuated by his mother and potentially reinforced.”

*Joel Schwartz concurred with Wright’s assessment after speaking with the other two children. “There also appears to be a need to assess the extent to which [Ammons’ daughter] may have been unduly influenced by her mother’s concerns that the family was exposed to paranormal activity.”


Not necessarily all of them lying. Our senses are easily tricked and deceived. Contrary to popular belief eyewitnesses are notoriously unreliable. People can make a good living doing magic tricks or out right deceiving by claiming to be real mediums or exorcists. Many people have been convicted on sincere eyewitness testimony only to be proven innocent later on.
Why so quick to believe such amazing claims of demons when there are more likely explanations? A kid jumped out of a bathroom? Did a flip? Raised up in bed? I was quite the little monkey. I’m probably lucky my mom didn’t think I was possessed. Did they test that old house for carbon monoxide, check under the house for the source of the flies? Is anyone surprised that an old house and furnace makes strange noises in the night? I was once in a building where it sounded like someone was dragging something heavy down an upstairs hall. It was a rotating sprinkler hitting the outside of the building. A lot of people profited from this story and benefited from making it seem as real as possible.
How does this fit into your belief system? The priest had to keep coming back and the sacred rituals didn’t work for the mother. Are there demons more powerful than god? Why doesn’t this happen to more people? Why in this day and age of phone cameras, body cams, and ring cams isn’t there overwhelming clear evidence of these things happening?


Ah yes, why indeed…I’m gonna go out on a limb here and posit that it’s because it is all equine caca…
BTW…if there was anything demonstrably supernatural, the James Randi Educational Foundation would have been the first contact any claimant would have contacted, to collect the one million dollar prize for evidencing a supernatural event…but no, just more fertilizer…


Okay… discuss the ‘EVIDENCE.’ Stop telling the story and discuss the evidence. What is the claim and what ‘evidence’ do you have.

CLAIM: a child levitated from a bed. What evidence do you have? Some lady said it happened?

CLAIM: someone was thrown into a wall by invisible figures. What evidence do you have? Someonme saw the invisible figures? Someone ran into a wall?

CLAIM: Strange things happen inside a house. What evidence do you have? What things are being considered strange?

CLAIM: Nurses, Doctors, Psychologists saw “Paranormal Activity.” What are you defining as paranormal activity. What exactly did each person see. How are they defining it ‘paranormal?’

CLAIM: Police reported hearing a voice through the radio? Ummmm…??? (Never mind.)
The police showed a photo of a figure in the window… (Woooooo! And?)

CLAIM: the mother was not sending her kids to school so DCS was called. DCS saw paranormal activity, Who is DCS and what did they see.

Can you validate any single claim and demonstrate it is in fact “Paranormal.” Just pick one and show that it is Paranormal. One single event. Pick the very best one. The one you are sure was an example of something Paranormal, and demonstrate an actual connection between that event and anything at all paranormal.



You know, this post got me thinking. Do we realize there are parts of America where the entire community believes in Woo Woo! The cops in the town, the social workers, the men in the fire department, the local judge, the lady at the supermarket, the butcher, and 99% of the people you stop on the street. I think I lived in a town like that once. Satan was real, and he was out to get you. How hard would it be to convince a bunch of yahoos that something supernatural was going on? (Awww fuck! There was a time in my life when I identified as a yahoo!)


Whew! Thank gawd the women in the fire department wouldn’t! :wink:


I would never insult a woman with such an inane assertion! Men are supposed to be their protectors! (You know, Monkeys are flexible. We can fit both feet in our mouths at the same time.)

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Alright. The cops reporting a voice yelling on the radio. I believe it’s supernatural because why the hell would a cop lie about this? You think they’d lie about something they’re investigating? Same thing with all the other witnesses. Why would they lie? What would they gain from it? In order for your Atheistic worldview to be true you need to believe that all these people are lying.

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And that begs the question, why would they lie?

Uh, not to be one to point out the painfully obvious, but I am related to Commander Apparent… this sounds rather like Pratt Kansas…
(I think you missed the point that Santa was out to get you specifically…)

Edit Who could imagine that it would happen in Kansas?

Asking a question as a response to someone requesting validation is NOT validation.

There is no such thing as an atheist worldview.

What has this story to do with a/theism? Do you not know that there are folks who are identified as atheist who believe in ghosts?

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HAHAHAHAHAHA…why the fuck does anyone lie?
People do not have to be lying to be wrong or deluded or mistaken or hallucinating or bat-shit crazy
WTF is “Atheistic worldview”? Please define, and be as specific and elaborate as your imagination dictates…
I will be waiting in the mezzanine with @Cognostic.

Edit to find a magazine


Actually, they didn’t need to lie. They could just be deluded.


Oh I don’t know, to potentially hide their incompetence. If it turned out to be a case of child neglect or abuse and the police didn’t catch that, then obviously they would look really really bad. I’m sure the potential embarrassment would be plenty of reason to lie.

Now that is just one theory, I’m sure we could think of plenty of others. I’ll admit it’s conjecture, but I find it far far more plausible than the supernatural.

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Also extremely plausible

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So for example, how would both the cops hear the exact same thing at the exact same time? The same thing is for the others. How would multiple witnesses, outside of the family as well, see a boy being lifted up and launched into the wall by shadow figures AT THE SAME TIME? They would’ve all seen the exact same thing at the exact same time.

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But then it’s still weird how ALL these people would decide to lie. I’d get it if it’s just one or two, but the fact that most of these people would’ve lied coincidentally then doesn’t really make any sense.

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Hey, @Spider, are you just going to ignore the responses to your assertion that there is an atheist worldview? Or do you retract that assertion?

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Who said they lied? They could all be telling the truth of what they THOUGHT they saw. Mass hysteria and group think are real things that happen. It’s extremely plausible that multiple people could convince themselves that they saw an event. Jumping to the supernatural is folly.

Edit: please address your claim of an atheist worldview.