Ten Commandments in school classrooms?

My favorite version of a modern attempt at the 10 Commandments is Jim Jefferies. He boils them all down into one commandment and that is the only one we need.

  1. Don’t be a dick.

I almost bitch-slapped a classmate when he said: “You Jews are so cheap that you only have ten commandments.”

He’s always making off-color jokes about race and religion.

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What, precisely, is a bitch-slap?


I would have bitch-slapped him too. What an idiot. It’s the damn Christians that have 10 commandments. Not the Jews. The Jews have 613.


You slap the son of a bitch as hard as you can across the face with an open palm. You really need to lean into it when you do it.

Note that I was tempted to do this, but didn’t actually do it. I don’t believe in violence except as a last resort in a life-threatening situation.


Admirable restraint, IMHO you retained the moral high ground FWIW. Can I ask was this a work environment, and was this bigot a co-worker? If so then a trip to the HR office to make a formal complaint would be far more efficacious. It has the added advantage that his behaviour is on record, so any future indiscretions would involves a higher degree of censure. Most HR departments have a zero tolerance for such bigotry.

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Unfortunately, bigotry is a part of the school that I’m currently enrolled in.

The administration let students take off for Good Friday . . . yet I couldn’t take off for Yom Kippur (and yes, I know this is an Atheist forum, but I still have my culture).

They also use racist caricatures in their educational materials. See below, and note white gloves, exaggerated lips, and Afro hair style . . . in a discussion about sickle-cell anemia:

I complained through channels, and I was shot down.

In any case, since I’m not black . . . I had no business being offended (according to them).

My point is that racism hurts everyone regardless of one’s race.

Another point that I struggle with is the idea that Texas is hyperfocused on drag shows, as a drag show is adult material that harms children . . . yet it’s perfectly OK to allow and encourage the sale and ownership of assault rifles by private citizens.

So . . . they care more about drag shows than they do about school shootings.

Instead of passing legislation banning AK-47 and AR-15 rifles . . . they actually passed legislation loosening gun restrictions.

They want teacers to become armed, with the idea (I hesitate to dignify the concept by calling it a “theory”) that more guns means–by statistical probability–that a good person with a gun will be in the vacinity of the shooter, and will have the means to take him (or her) out.

I sometimes question my values (and sanity) because I feel like I’m the only one who sees a problem with this. People look at me like I’m crazy when I express my confusion with the idea that the answer to the gun problem is more guns.

And yet I don’t see how drag shows and drag story time (in the library) harm children, and then I get told that my values are screwed up . . . and that I have no moral standards.

My world has recently become a twisted, inverted rabbit hole.

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What [is] the difference between a slap and a bitch slap?


When you decide that the person you are slapping is a son of a bitch.

Have you ever called anyone an S.O.B. before?

I guess my sarcasm was too vague. Especially when Cog responded right after with the same phrase.

Why “bitch” slap? Why son of a “bitch”? And particularly in a post about bigotry?

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I guess a “son of a bitch slap” would be more correct, but the phrase seems rather cumbersome.

If it would be less offensive, I’ll promise to use “slap” instead of “bitch slap” in the future if this is less controversial. I also promise that I’m not being sarcastic when I promise this, as I realize that this forum includes people from many different countries and cultures.

I like to dialog with people who have a different viewpoint (otherwise I should just talk to a mirror), so I recognize that different words and phrases are different for different people.

So I do apologize for any offense.

Bitch is a term originally used for a female dog, and has come–in my background–to be used as an insulting term for anyone, and has no connotation of gender or misogyny.

When I looked it up after reading the last few posts, I wanted to bang my head against a wall.

Indeed, I did not mean to offend anyone. Before judging me too harshly, keep in mind that I am autistic and that I sometimes have problems communicating and/or understanding someone else’s viewpoint.

I do try, however.

What would his mother’s behavior have to do with anything?


@Kevin_Levites, I don’t think you are a misogynist nor do I think you likely abuse women. However, there are many that are and do. Phrases like bitch-slap normalize the mistreatment of women who are viewed by misogynists as not behaving as expected by them. It’s no different, imo, than other nasty and bigoted phrases that I won’t include here.


No apology necessary, but again is there a HR department? only this sounds like a violation of your constitutional rights.

Hells bells, if you get no joy from the HR department, and a formal complaint, they must be under the jurisdiction of an education board, try a formal complaint there.

They’re full of shit, they can’t tell anyone when they can and cannot take offence, and this sort of racism in a education system has to be of interest to some governing body surely?

I wholly concur.

I don’t believe either claim, Texas sounds like it’s caught in some sort of time warp.

Yes I’ve heard the more guns mean a safer environment argument, it’s not borne out by the facts. Sadly the sense of fear stems from the proliferation of guns, and how easily criminals can obtain them, and whilst I understand the desire to arm oneself in such a scenario, all the evidence suggests gun ownership doesn’t generally make you safer, it likely just provides a false sense of security.

Nor do I, one of my favourite films is The Bird Cage, with Robin Williams and Nathan Lane are a gay couple who own a drag club, all the grandchildren have watched this with us, it hasn’t harmed them.

I imagine I’d be told the same quite often if I lived in Texas.

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I understand. I acknowledge that I was being offensive, and I will be much more careful when it comes to how I communicate.

I also accept the hypocrasy of complaining about a racist image in my school curricula while using a sexist and misogynistic insult in the same thread.


Thanks for your understanding, Kevin. It’s admirable. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you for the validation, as I’m happy that someone else can understand my viewpoint.

Incidentally, does anyone else believe that this image contains a racist caricature? My concerns were roundly dismissed by everyone that I’ve approached in the school hierarchy.

It was also implied (without actually saying so) that I have a “white saviour” complex, and that I should stay in my lane.

Thank you again for the validation.

I sometimes wonder if I have anything in common with the crazy people who claim they can see a truth or reality that no one else perceives.

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Jon Stewart sums it up nicely. This Oklahoma State Senator who not only won’t pass laws to control guns, but wants to roll back what few there are, wants to protect children from drag show readings but not from guns.