Southern Baptists Showing Their True Colors

Hey Q-Anoners**, I’ve got some fantastic news for you: I found the evil pedophile rings you’ve been looking for!! Isn’t that great? Yeah, and you didn’t have to go Hollywood, or D.C., or either one of the ‘elite coasts’ to find them. Get this: it turns out that they were right in front of you the whole time. Now go fulfill your mission and save the children by destroying these evil bastards!

Southern Baptist Leaders Mishandled Sex Abuse Crisis, Report Alleges
Executives of the nation’s largest Protestant denomination ignored victims, resisted reforms and were concerned with avoiding ‘potential liability,’ the third-party investigation says. New York Times

Catholic Church child sexual abuse scandal
A Church-commissioned report in 2004 said more than 4,000 US Roman Catholic priests had faced sexual abuse allegations in cases involving more than 10,000 children - mostly boys. BBC News


The ability for humans to compartmentalize information like this is astounding. I remember stealing a 2" superball from WT Grants when I was 10 or so, to this day it bothers me. How these fuckers can live with themselves is mystifying. Like their god…

My guess is they do not believe in a god in any real way.


Oh, make no mistake, most of them DO believe in their precious god with all their heart. But they also have incredible ways of “rationalizing” what they see/do. “Only God can judge and punish those who fall short.” (Unless, of course, the guilty ask god for forgiveness.) “We cannot allow a few souls who had a moment of weakness to destroy our faith in God’s Perfect Plan.” (Never occurring to the bastards that God’s Perfect Plan obviously involves little children being molested. But - hey - God is Perfect and never makes mistakes.) :roll_eyes:

Why am I not surprised?

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As a young man I thought of the stories I read in the bible, listened to the preaching at my parent church and decided I could not possibly live to these conflicting ideas.

The two that I still remember thinking about:

Should I not kill, but in a war “have at” the enemy? (Vietnam was raging)

Should I not enjoy a varied sex life? (biblical heroes certainly had multiple partners)

When I coupled these thoughts with what I learned about evolution and geology I was lead quickly to seeking another answer beyond the superstition of my parents. A key question I asked myself was; would I as a father leave teach my children so poorly, let alone a father as wonderful as god is supposed to be.

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In the Boy Scouts, they have over 92,000 victims, if I remember correctly.

Why is it almost always the boys who are main or only victims of pedophile rings or groups, I would like to know.

Sadly, it is an evil where adults placed in a position of trust and authority abuse such powers. Boy Scouts, alter boys, gymnastics, parents or kin, the list is a long and sordid one.

We notice boys being abused because it is so shocking. But it happens to females too

It’s always puzzled me why catholic priests don’t go after the nuns instead of the altar boys. (But maybe they do and it’s easier to keep it secret…)

They Do go after the nuns. And to get your kink on, nuns are abusing nuns as well.

Inside the horrifying, unspoken world of sexually abusive nuns (

I’m working… google it. it’s everywhere.

Females are a small percentage of sexual predators. Adult males don’t get as much access to girls as they do boys i.e. as boy scout leaders etc. Access seems paramount for abuse to happen.

To continue my thought on “make no mistake, most of them DO believe in their precious god with all their heart”

As explained; I came to an atheist belief by deciding on a few ideas, one of which is deciding could I live the life a belief in a god would dictate: my answer was no, I could not. Applying this logic to others I believe they could not behave the way they do if they understood the life their god, as expressed in the bible, wants them to lead. They may have deluded themselves to think they are godly, but is a deluded person really in possession of a true belief? I would argue no.

“Aaaahhhheeeemmmm. I hate to interrupt but to be perfectly blunt, you have your fingers on the problem and you haven’t even noticed.” When you begin using a hart for thinking, you are bound to have some problems. Harts are for pumping blood. Why in the fuck would anyone believe anything with their hart. Now that is a plan for the little padded cell.

This is problem number 2. You got the word right again. “Dictate.” The god of the bible is the god of “DO AS I SAY AND NOT AS I DO.” If he exists, he is the most immoral piece of shit that ever existed. If you were a god would you just stand there and do nothing while babiers were raped, while people were butchered, while the people representing your chuch on Earth fucked little boys? What in the fuck kind of a god would that be? Hitler was more moral than the Christian God.


I see no disagreement here, simple arguing semantics.

Your “point” is obtuse, are you critiquing me for not being detailed enough in my post? Did you not remember the post above where I provided two simple details that convinced me, details that did not need the reality of all the other problems with a biblical belief system?

You seem to do a lot of assuming, how is that working out for social interactions here in virtual land?

Psssst… (whispering)…hey… Mark… Just a friendly word of advice here… Sometimes it’s best if you don’t take Cog too seriously (or literally)… Cuts down on stress and confusion…

I appreciate the advice.


It’s a rainy day here is my best explanation for my response.

Moved to workshop to figure out if I want to repair an old set of JBL Bookshelf speakers. This should help my thinking.

Thing about Cog is that he’s like a green, slimy patch of mold. After awhile he just sorta grows on ya.

Just as the pedophiles that live in your neighborhood do not represent the characters of ever person living in your neighborhood these people you refer to do not represent the characters of Southern Baptists or any other Christian. This goes way beyond stereo-typing and here the spirit is band-wagoning. It’s rediculous.


Oh fuck, “No True Scotsman Fallacy.” What a crock of shit. We all know all Christians are exactly alike. You point out one Christian bullshit argument and every Christian on the planet will throw every other Christian on the planet under the bus. “Those aren’t real Christians!” On any given day 1/3 of all Christians will swear to their god that the other 2/3s are going to fucking hell.


Southern Baptist leaders release a previously secret list of accused sexual abusers

May 27, 2022