So, we're not to visit the "forums"

… anymore after pressing the “Home” button up top? As if the older site wasn’t hard enough for my age and being an outright “NON TECHY!” I was in conversation shown in links below, therefore they do not exist anymore, but only NEW discussions on “” Huh?

So, what was wrong with the old website? Seemingly, is was easier to maneuver around, especially for the long time members being used to it.


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IMO there were a few issues with the old site, that were not user friendly…that multiple users, atheists and theists alike, pointed out…so this not for profit site doled out the cash for a better environment for users. No link between replies to posts was a big issue, and convoluted means of tracking responces, and some security issues…so, the admin upgraded…yay. I personally like it here much better, with only a very few minor, really non-issues. :+1:

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@ 21century… Wait a minute! The above rule #7 states that I cannot address racism? Then how can I talk about Jesus, as the brutal serial killer Yahweh God incarnate and His blatant racism against the non Jewish of His creation? Furthermore, in rule #8, I cannot address homophobic, or sexist comments, even though Jesus’ inspired words relating to these topics were shown to be deadly if practiced?

So much great material will be lost that could help Italianish make even a truer and final decision in NOT worshipping such a primitive Bronze, Iron, and Middle Ages God concept known as Jesus the Christ! Oh well.
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Welcome??? I moved over your last post so that others here had an idea of your conversation contribution.

Are you here to just bitch?


Obviously you don’t understand the simple concept of being facetious to the prescribed rules and by not letting me vent about Jesus going against said rules, get it? Huh?

I am not here to “bitch” unless it is against a pseudo-christian trying to spin doctor Jesus’ inspired true words away by turning themselves into pretzels, where in turn, I easily Bible Slap them Silly®️… understood?


No; I really do not.


Thanks for your update to the new site. As with anything, one has to get used to it, whereas with my situation, my “techy” millennial son isn’t alway home when I get into a quagmire on certain forums. :slight_smile:


Hey there, 21st! Glad to see you made it over here! Believe me, I totally understand about the trouble of having to learn new computer tech stuff. I am by no means “tech savvy” either. However, I have been on AR for roughly two and a half years now. In other words, started out on that old site. Didn’t think I was ever going to get the hang of that one when I first started. And THEN — BAM! :boom: — right out of nowhere they toss this new site at us a couple or three (or four or five?) days ago. WHAT THE HELL??? How am I ever going to figure out THIS shit??? I kept thinking, “Dammit, my brain is getting too old to learn new stuff like this.” However, after a couple of days of exploring and getting familiar with everything, I love it over here now. Not only is it much more fun with all the extra “toys” to play with, it is definitely easier to keep up with the discussions in the different threads. Sure, they have a few little kinks to work out here and there, but that is only normal for a new site like this. Overall, though, it has been great so far.

So, just hang in there and do a little exploring and get the feel for stuff. After awhile it will become second nature for you. See you out on the boards.

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It’s like you are determined to be as wrong on as many topics as you can? The old site was great, but because posts were inserted into the middle of threads rather than in the chronological order they were posted it made tracking conversations difficult. You seem to enjoy disjointed ad hoc rants so perhaps this was no handicap for your posting style.

No way was it easier to manoeuvre around, that is just absurdly wrong. Anyone who takes even a cursory look at this new site, and has spent some time on the old one, can see that while it was superficially simpler, there are far more useful links and methods on this site to trace posts, threads and conversations. And please will you run a fucking spell checker, wtf is maneuver (sic) ffs?

Also the old site is still accessible, as are all the threads. The one you have linked I just posted in.

So as usual you seem to be talking nonsense. Maybe they removed your posts because you seem to do a lot of trolling, as you have done here for the most part. Start offering something of value is again the best advise I can give you. Your overly hostile and disputatious attitude is counter productive to debate, try and remember there are posters on here who have been posting for a long time, and by now we all know what others have to offer, so when you breeze in and start insulting them and their understanding of the topics, it doesn’t make them look bad, it make you look like an angry troll.

Take a step back, and try again if you want to engage with the posters here, and stop with the juvenile ad hominem, no one is impressed and most have now walked away from you as a result.