SCOTUS is corrupted

This sounds like the conclusive, unspoken last step to Project 2025.

I’d be on the side of those not fighting for the establishment of a hideous Christ-nationalist autocracy.

I also volunteer @Tin-Man to enter the ranks. Wouldn’t want him to miss out on the prestige of advance party duty for something like this.

Another Inquisition? :smiley: Oh, goodie-goodie! I do so hope the “Gatherers of the Unfaithful” decide to wear distinctive attire and emblems during their Crusade… (heading out to backyard to zero my rifle)…

… (whistling a little ditty while prepping my equipment)… Already on it, sir… (casual salute)…

This gal provides a short synopsis of Project 2025.

It’s genuinely terrible stuff, indeed.

I’d be surprised if the orange jagoff didn’t take more cues from groups like Heritage, should he win the election.

Look for my contribution to the ‘How to Resist the Republican Loyalty Enforcers’ underground instruction booklet should this occur.

He’s long been associated with The Heritage Foundation.

Here’s a comparison between Trump’s platform and Project 2025: