Satanic after school club

I think this might be of interest:

Evidentally, a judge ruled that a school should allow a Satanic club if they have other religious clubs.

What are your thoughts?

That link isn’t working.

I think it’s funny though. The Christians are probably throwing a bitch fit and say things like “OHHH…What has America come to! The end times have cometh!” :smiling_imp:

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I don’t know what happened, so I redid the link.

They asked for it. This is what Christians get when they let church’s visit the school and try to sell religion to kids. I bet xtians are really going to love it when they get a school principle that invites a Sunni Imam to the school to talk to kids about Allah. :laughing:

I think it will be even better if they have the Sikhs start a club, as they get to carry the kirpan knife.

The Supreme Court, by a vote of 8-1, held in Westside Community Schools v. Mergens (1990) that the Equal Access Act is constitutional. These guidelines are designed to help school board members, administrators, teachers, parents, religious leaders and students understand and conform to the act.

The name of the act explains its essential thrust. There are three basic concepts.

The first is nondiscrimination. If a public secondary school permits student groups to meet for student-initiated activities not directly related to the school curriculum, then it is required to treat all such student groups equally. This means the school cannot discriminate against any students conducting such meetings “on the basis of the religious, political, philosophical, or other content of the speech at such meetings.” This language was used to make clear that religious speech was to receive equal treatment, not preferred treatment.

Can Public Schools Have Religious Clubs? - Freedom Forum)


I was eating lunch in a sandwich place a few weeks ago and a guy walked in with not one but two Kirpans on his belt. Looked really strange and it almost freaked out some of the other patrons. (This is California where carrying weapons of any kind in public is not common).

I wonder how long until someone claims that carrying an AR-15 is part of their religion, and hence must be accommodated?


Sean Moon started a splinter group from the Unification Church that seems to worship AR-15s.


Fuck yeah, it’s all or nothing.

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It would be funny if the Temple of Satan started buying property right next to or facing the front of a public school so they could put statues of Baphomet for all of the parents to see when they take their kids to school lmao. I can see it now, the xtians would be throwing a bitch fit about it and it is a hilarious thought.


Really? You can’t come up with anything less misogynistic?

Am I, sadly, the only one here who finds all the various bitch hyphenations disturbing?

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Fair enough. I apologize if I have caused offense. I will refrain from using that term any further. I was not thinking when I used it.

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Thank you. I appreciate your response.

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Which just also happens to be in Pennsylvania, funny enough. PA is all over the place from gun worshipping churches to after school satan clubs, we have it all.

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Never a dull moment there, eh @SatanicMechanic ?

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Oh most certainly not, considering our governor race was between a jewish candidate on the left and an evangelical election denying wack job on the right. Fortunately we favored far away from the evangelical nutter.

I was shocked to listen to Shapiro in his inauguration speech specifically point out defending the right to a lack of religion, even though he considers himself religious. Surprised also not to hear more backlash on that comment with the religious zealots we have here.


I understand peoples’ discomfort with the Sikh’s kirpan . . . but I tend to have a much higher opinion of their religion then I do of the vast majority of Christianity.

The Sihks have a religious obligation to feed people facing food insecurity (a process that they call “langar”), and they do it without prosthetylizing and/or passing judgment.

Everybody is allowed to come and eat, with the only requirement that all conflicts get left outside so that everybody may eat in peace.

As far as I’m concerned, they can carry all the knives they want when they feed people as much as they do.

At least Ar-15’s are real.

I’ll get me coat… :innocent:

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You guys mentioned AR-15 rifles . . . and I know some of you folks are from other countries.

What is the opinion on America’s gun problem, and our fetish with assault rifles?

Do we seem as stupid, callous, and narrow-minded as I think we are? Or am I just being unpatriotic?

If you didn’t know and have not visited the US it would seem to be as religiously fanatical, educationally deprived and, yes, callous, narrow minded, violently savage and bigoted as Afghanistan. But enough about Cog…

Seriously the vast majority of the US people I found were kind and generous, sure, some were to a European/Aussie absolutely cooky but on the whole goodhearted people, with the police so damn polite even when arresting you!.

Trumpo of course is the exception, as he is to everything, except a Salvador Dali painting.

Sky ‘News’, of course is a festering sore like all the Murdochrity worldwide.

I do find unfathomable that after all the massacres of innocents that seem to happen every single day that the parents haven’t risen en masse (which happened in Australia and the UK after only one such incident each) and DEMANDED the federal regulation of semi automatic weapons as a bare minimum.
Un fucking fathomable.

Edited to add NOT visited…my oopsie.