Sad 😢 Texas Taliban

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I personally like the spelling of Texass heheheeeee in the link.


It made the national news in the UK, avitttt…:grin::sunglasses:

If you don’t want an abortion, then don’t have one, but give other people the same choice…

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Made the news here as well…


I have a newer, more complicated chain of thought on the subject of abortion. Bear in mind, I say this realizing that the reason to get an abortion doesn’t matter. If you’re pro-life, then you need to be pro QUALITY OF LIFE. Meaning that if parents can’t possibly take care of a child or are physically or emotionally incapable of taking on all the responsibility of a newborn, then it is ethically and morally permissible to terminate the pregnancy rather than sentence the fetus to a life of poverty, brought into a world that couldn’t possibly care or take care of them.

That’s besides the point though. The grounds for getting an abortion don’t matter, the point is that a woman should always have the choice, including the choice to bring a new life into the world. I think about all the pain, both psychological and physical that it takes to bring a new life into the world, the amount of hard work, labor that has to go into taking care of that life 24/7 for 18 years(sometimes forever!). It is absolutely, grossly immoral in my eyes to force that responsibility onto people who are not prepared to handle it, and it is even worse to sentence an unwanted newborn to a lifetime of misery.

Again though, if a woman for whatever reason wants to get an abortion, that should always be a legal entitlement for her. We settled this a LONG time ago, we don’t need to be retrograding this shit.


Well, that didn’t last long, an appeals court has already reinstated the ban. There’s talk of targeting the corporate donors of those who back this. Governor Gregg Abbott’s plan to eliminate rape in the state of Texas is also going as well as you’d expect such a delusional plan to go.


It really pisses me off how fast a nation can retrograde after nearly 50 years of legal precedent. The fact that they won’t even allow them even under extreme cases(rape or incest) find intensely infuriating and grossly immoral.

I used to live in Texas a long time ago, and even though I still feel homesickness every now and then, I still just just have to say… fuck Texas, but especially fuck Gregg Abbott.

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May the governor’s viagra turn into blue tic tacs and any sexual harassment be caught on the clearest of video :slightly_smiling_face: .


May every forced birth child land (in a basket :basket:) on his doorstep.


I fully disagree with the “Always” part. Abortion should not be an option as a means of birth control. It should not be ‘always an option.’ (I have seen some shit.) If a woman is going in for her third or fourth abortion, something is wrong and someone is being very irresponsible. There IS a psychological problem, a family problem, someone is being used, or somewhere something is seriously wrong. The woman is not in control of her life and someone else needs to step in and take control or at least a serious look at what is going on. (YES - mandatory sterilization may be in order. Not only that I am in favor of Mandatory sterilization for Deadbeat dads as well. Any asshole that knocks up a woman and is not paying for the kids, does not get to go out and knock up another woman. Something is wrong here. Should the state be allowed to step in and prevent this asshole from creating more babies that he will not support? I say YES.)
Sterilization procedures in men and women are reversable. Should finances or life situations change, they may opt to alter these procedures.

Example: Woman in and out of a mental hospital. Pregnant 7 times. 7 abortions. Schizophrenic. Surviving on the street as a prostitute. Using drugs.

Example: Mentally deficient woman in hospital: IQ in the 79 range. Sexually active. Pregnant by male residents 3 times and male staff 1 time.

I completely disagree with the idea that abortion is health care and that I should pay for it. Absolutely not! However, under some circumstances “INJURY” as in rape. I fully agree. That is no different than being stabbed by a mugger. It should be covered. The fact that you go out, get drunk, and then get pregnant, is your problem and not mine. The fact that you forget to take your pill is your problem not mine. The fact that you are a promiscuous teen is your problem not mine. Abortion is NOT healthcare. And it is not contraception.

When people demonstrate a complete lack of responsibility for their own lives, to the degree that they are causing significant harm to the persons and property around them, I believe we have the right to intervene.


I agree that there are times that intervention may be appropriate, as I’ve worked in healthcare as a medic . . . and I’ve seen the consequences of prostitution, pregnancy while using drugs, and so forth.

Yet I still have grave misgivings with your position.

There were many thousands of Native-American women whom were routinely sterilized without their knowledge and/or informed consent up until the late 1970’s. This was done “for their own good” because of the rampant alcoholism and drug addiction that was common on the reservations.

Many tribes were hastened into extinction because of this policy, so these principles seem–at least to me–to be similar to Nazi eugenics.

So, how do we establish criteria that doesn’t seem similar to the ideas behind Nazi “racial hygiene” policies?

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Here is a link that shows that as many as 25% of Native American women were sterilized without their consent.

The uterus is an organ that is exempt from healthcare? Hahahahhaha

BTW pay upfront - The average cost of a medical abortion (abortion pill up to 10 weeks) is $535 but could be $1,600 or higher depending on the state or provider . The average cost for an early suction abortion (5 to 12 weeks) is $508 but could be as high as $955.

OR down the line (as a citizen paying for and contributing to other citizens). Like EI, Pensions, healthcare (not uterus related :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:), judicial, social services, etc.

I disagree with your position. A woman’s choice is between her and her doctor. End of story. I don’t give a fuck “why” or “how many times” or age of fetus, etc…. WE DO NOT KNOW or can “control” other peoples decisions (shitty as they may be).

Forced sterilization happened in Canada to the “mentally deficient” back a few decades. NOT going there again.

Sorry. As a citizen I’m willing to pay for the less than one percent of one percent (one-offs) that would justify horrific restrictions on bodily autonomy.


I would NEVER support sterilization without full knowledge. NEVER.

No one asserted that — Strawman argument.
Birth control pills are $50 a month max and are currently free at the free clinic.
I actually don’t have a problem with that.

We are specifically talking about ‘Abortion.’ Not problems with the female uterus.

Hmm… “Forced Sterilization” I see it as a solution to a problem and not a problem as long as it is out in the open. (I would consider placing it as a voluntary free option in place of abortion, paid for by the state.) I am happy to pay for sterilization procedures. Not for abortions. (But, as I said above, for the case of injury - rape)

Relax… My single vote is not going to change the world. When it comes to a woman’s right over her own body, you get my support. You just don’t get it 100% all the time in every single instance. If you are on your 7th abortion, something is wrong with you.

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Judgmental or what? Oh come on, mansplain it to me…


Speaking of abortion and religion, here is woman whom supposedly gets pregnant (intentionally) and has abortions as a sacrifice on her altar.

Weird stuff.

Once my side stops hurting from the laughter I might try. I did give examples above.

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Yes I read the depth of your opinion, obviously you were menstruating at the time so I can dismiss your opinions as they are flawed as they always are at this time of the month. .

Now, take a becs and go lie down my pretty, don’t bother your lovely head about real issues, your little brain will just get confused.

Let me handle it for you while you iron my shirts.

As a by the way here in Australia uterine healthcare is a right, it is free (ish) and nobody seems to be going all coy and masculine about it…except the catholic and evangelical rump and a few incel nutters.

But, yes, I get you need a group to park your male ego, so carry on.

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OMG :flushed: Jesus fuckin’Christ… I’m pulled away from a regular visit and you guys start dragging your hands on the ground! Menstration May cause pain, irritation, BUT it doesn’t cause extreme rare examples to “morally” try to implement forced sterilization or abortion limitations.

Sure. There is. BUT no reason to sterilize her nor to restrict her access to abortion. A fetal growth in her uterus can be removed because NO ONE has the right to use your body to sustain their life. Again, there are a lot of fucked up people BUT having an extreme example to somehow restrict the vast majority (and it goes there uh, USA and religidards have made sure of that) doesn’t justify it. LESS harm. Access to abortion - LESS harm. NO forced sterilization - less harm.

Uh :roll_eyes: if the “vote” is to restrict and that is influenced by the rare one offs - and then the religitards (en masse) and the Conservatives all do their “one vote” YAH - IT MAKES a fucking difference.

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I agree with that too. It’s off topic. We are talking about abortion. I have asserted that some people are mentaly or physically incapable of making their own decisions in regards to getting pregnant for quite a variety of reasons. Abortion should be monitored so these cases can be discovered and looked into. Some are really horrific. I would honestly assert that if anyone is on number three a health care worker needs to step in and take a close look at what is going on. In cases, as I mentioned previously, I see nothing at all wrong with steralization. (Perhaps you need to go and work with some of the babies born of these um… situations… You can go to the local hospital and volunteer to simply hold them you know. No one else is holding them. It’s a sad truth.

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