Question of Morals

Although I don’t have a criminal record, many members of my wife’s family have records. And we tend to be atheist as well. What seems offensive to Christians to us Athiests in our family seems minor.

For example you bought groceries at a store…clerk forgot to charge you for an item…do you be honest and tell the clerk or just let it go? I usually just let it go keeping my mouth shut, got something for free.

Your selling a used car with all kinds of problems…do you disclose those issues to buyer? I don’t I figure if buyer doesn’t inspect car it is his own fault.

You got to doctor and they are billing wrong insurance company that belongs to a dead man. Do you disclose mistake they made or keep reeping benefits of great insurance coverage better than yours? I usually keep my mouth shut.

You have a side business besides one IRS knows about. Since it is cash only…who will know. Are you honest like most Christians or do you be smart and keep this to yourself? Our family usually keeps these transactions of cash unreported.

As an atheist these minor things don’t bother me, but a stupid Christian would want screw himself by being too honest.

well they should as they are nothing to do with atheism.
They are to do with being a decent human being, which you are obviously not.


@DarkLover Please do not use the word “us” when discussing anything I may have in common with you.


Oh you have to tell the clerk immediately. God is testing you. Fail the test, burn in fire. That’s what I always say. That’s why I never drink coffee from Starbucks.

Fuck no. Let the buyer beware. We are a Christian nation founded on good moral christian values. If god did not want those people to have the car, they never would have bought it. That car will have a special place in their life because God has a plan. Do you really think I could sell a shit car to an undeserving christian. Ha! God would never let that happen.

Thye can’t bill the wrong insurance company. It’s not possible. God is omnipresent and counts even the hairs on your head. They billed an isnurance company and that is all you need to know. God makes stupid people too. He makes stupid people to reward those of us with brains. Praise Jesus.

I am 100 percent honest like most christians. Fuck the evil government of America that has lost sight of its christian beginnings. When I thithe I give my money to the church, not to the government. Praise the Lord. I have been running a small church out of my home for 10 years now and that lets me write off 90% of the home as tax exempt. My immidiate famly and I have bible study onmece a week and my dead parents are on the board of directors so I pretend they are alive and vote for them. Ripping off the government with tax free status is the Christian thing to do.

As a Christian these stupid things don’t bother me at all. Jesus loves me and forgives me. Think not of worldly things form m,y mansion is in heaven.


As an atheist these minor things do bother me and I always try to do the right thing. This has nothing to do with atheism or theism as neither side has a monopoly on ethics or morals. There are unethical and immoral atheists just like there are unethical and immoral theists.


Lmao. I fucking knew it. He posted another topic teasing “morals”. Troll.


Yes, same pattern of behavior.

He positions himself as “just one of the guys atheist”, but with exceptionally low moral standards. Makes just one post, then does not contribute to any of the threads he has posted.

Time for a solution to a possible troll.

@DarkLover If you create a thread, you MUST follow up by answering questions and participating in discussions on such topic.

edit: is is expected that when one creates a thread, they will participate in that thread. This applies to all.


I second an opinion expressed earlier in the thread . . . the basic fallacy is that religion is “required” in order to have ethics and morality.

Nothing is further from the truth.

I believe someone can be a decent human being simply for its own sake, and not because of a constant fear of eternal punishment from the creator of the Universe.

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Oh-for-the-love-of-all-fucking-things-slimy-green-and-filled-with-toxic-puss! Holy fucking dingleberries! Good god on an unbalanced unicycle, dude! Seriously?.. Again with this bullshit?.. Damn… Ya know, if you are gonna be a troll like this, could you at LEAST have a bit of self-respect and maybe put forth a little effort at being good at it? You are really starting to embarrass yourself at this point. I’ve seen better acts at kindergarten talent shows. At a MINIMUM, maybe make an attempt to gain at least SOME basic knowledge about that which you are attempting to imitate. Or would that be too much work for you to do? Maybe your bible studies and prayer meetings take up too much of your time? Perhaps you should work on your time management skills and learn to prioritize better. Then you might free up a few moments to actually learn about atheism.

Oh, wait… Better idea. I can actually help you with that right NOW. :smiley: Because it is really, really, really simple. Read carefully. (And I’ll type slow so you can keep up.) Ready?..

  • Atheists do not believe in god(s). Period.

  • Your morals are your OWN PERSONAL matter. Atheism has NOTHING to do with YOUR morals. If you happen to be an immoral sociopathic narcissistic douche-bag, that is on YOU and you ALONE. Does not matter if you are Christian, Catholic, Jewish, Buddhist, JW, atheist, Muslim, or otherwise.

See how that works? Pretty simple, huh? (Or did I type too fast for you to catch it?) Anyway, please go tell your little theist buddies that you all really need to do some homework and improve your pathetic game plan if you hope to have any chance of survival in this particular arena. Because right now you are waaaaaay out of your league.

(Note: As before, this response is not expected to have any discernable effect on DarkLoaf. This is primarily for the benefit of those who read but do not openly participate.)


Lmao 20 dollars says the little asshole ignores your request and posts another “Atheists are immoral” steriotype thread anyway. This piece of shit is predictable.

Wait for it…wait for it…

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Seriously this is tiresome. I expect better in this day and age of ludicrous unreality. Come on, the plots in Michael Bays Transformers movies are more believable than this.

Again, if you can’t “divine” moral fiber from the basic concepts of functioning in an organized society you are a lost cause. I don’t cheat on my wife because we are co-people. Not MAN and wife or whatever ambiguous gendered thing you might be.

Why is it that it keeps implying “us” or “we” as atheists? Atheism is not organized. There is no real us or we. Other than the lack of belief in any form of god(s). There is no secret cabal of elders that meets once a month at the back of Red Lobster to decide how we can secretly doom all Christians to hell by peddling delicious sea scorpions to make them sin. There’s no group of “us” on a Bond villain island building space lasers to melt the polar ice caps and tunneling through Antarctica into the firmament to create dark technology using human stem cells as biological supercomputers. (Oh the world is flat in this scenario) So we can build the ultimate human synthetic sex machine with more holes, yes more holes I said! More interesting and intriguing holes! That is true atheism, because there’s no true Scotsman.

I don’t know if this “thing” is here to sample atheism or to test the “truth” about atheism as explained by its religion.


Hey! Whoa-whoa-whoa! Are you trying to say those movies aren’t real?.. :flushed:… FUUUUUCK! :weary::confounded::weary::confounded:… Well, I guess that explains why I never get any responses when I send in my applications to join the Transformer Team. Son-of-a…!

Huh?.. Then who the hell are all those people I’ve been meeting with at Red Lobster every month?


I created thread this morning and went to work I can’t post at work during day, have no computer to access forum. I was planning to follow up on post. You got give me more time to respond than simply from this morning. How can I respond if i been to work all day and have no access to a computer at work just got home. posted this morning.

Are you hanging out with hypocritical theists again because they’re so darn believable as real human people? I told you time and again if you’re in the restaurant on Sunday ordering the Admirals Feast with a bunch of saggy Q-tips you’re at the wrong place. We only eat at Long John Silvers. Someone needs to re-solder your your capacitors on your drive card. We don’t go against our true atheists code of only eating at fast food seafood restaurants, not sit down restaurants. The code, remember the code, chode.

Say whaaaaaaat??? :anguished:… Why didn’t I know this? I never got that memo! I LOVE LJS even better than Capt’n D’s! Awww, maaannn… I feel so cheated. But now that I know… GOODBYE, Red Lobster! (Although, I do admit I’m gonna miss the cheesy biscuits. :pensive:)


What?? Code?? WTF??? There is a code?
Why didn’t any of you fuckers tell me?? No wonder I have been getting such confused responses…you guys are unbelievable bastards. To take advantage of someone as pure and innocent as myself is, well frankly, massively reprehensible…I’m not sure I can ever trust anyone again…ever, or at least for an hour or so…


Uh, because you didn’t know the code, dumbass. Duh! How the hell could we trust you with the code if you don’t know the code that lets us know it’s okay for us to trust you? Geeeez! Some people you just have to explain EVERYTHING to them. :roll_eyes:

Like @Tin-Man said, you need to know the code before we know you know the code, so we know you know the code. It’s really simple. Do we need to spell it out in bird seed?

Ah, I see said the blind man. The code is only considered to be “ the code” if the identification of such is absent, indicating the omnipresence of the code itself, contraindicating the need for mutual acknowledgement thereof.