Prayer in public schools "See You At The Pole"

So my daughter said they had “pray at the pole” or “see you at the pole” yesterday. She says she doesn’t partake because she doesn’t believe in that and that one of her friends got mad because she wouldn’t go “pray with her”. It caused a fight between them. They’re not talking. I told my daughter that she did the right thing and that forcing your religious beliefs onto other people is immoral. I feel like this manipulates other Christian kids into trying to force the other non religious students into participating. I was thinking “that shouldn’t be allowed in public schools” and I feel like Christians organizations are trying to use loopholes by saying it’s “private” to get it allowed in public schools. They’re manipulating the religtard kids in school into doing their dirty work for them. Yes, I have a problem with this.


Good for your daughter, but I know it will be difficult for her as I have a granddaughter going through a similar thing, although it has not come down to the pole shit…Yet.
This is more of the insidiousness of the Xtian
nightmare. Using children against each other.
My granddaughter tells these programmed little assholes that she doesn’t know if there is a god and doesn’t want to discuss it further. She has lost a few friends already, but she is fairly secure in her awareness, due to her father (my son) and I helping her through the “corn maze” of stupidity. She is 14 and is finding her way in spite of this backward fucking redneck area with a majority population of uneducated, uniformed, religious zealots. I wish her and you well in dealing with this horseshit.

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Yes, yes they are. They pushed that shit on me to try and get me to do that in school. I didn’t ever go to prayer at the pole, just seemed stupid. Plus at my school it was always deemed “nerdy” and awkward, it was just uncool.

Me being the already uncool Christian kid in school I tried to stay away from anything more detrimental to my high school popularity ranking. Ahhh I feel sorry for poor little me back then, poor sap never had a chance.

The whole prayer in school shit needs to go. School is stressful enough, kids don’t need anymore mental baggage to deal with. My feeble hormonal pornography riddled high inside fastball clobbered brain went right along with that theist shit. I was so busy trying to make ANY kind of friends I would have hung out with homeschoolers…… come to think of it I did hang out with some homeschoolers….

Using religion to prey on kids social needs is fucking disgusting. What happened to me should never happen to any kid.

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Kudos to your daughter for having the stones to stand up for herself.

I worked at a hospital that always had a daily prayer session, and–being (culturally) a Jew–was often uncomfortable.

The consensus seems to be that a lack of religious conviction is the equivalent of a lack of morality.

I have a very hard time trying to understand why everybody assumes that you are immoral simply because you reject religion.

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And of course, that is because there is such a lack of understanding concerning the nature of morality.

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Oh yeah, She said a while ago that the school bribes them with “free snacks” if they go to the pole. That pisses me off. Something needs to be done about it. I think the Freedom From Religion Foundation and The American Atheist Association needs to take this to court and have it voided. After doing some research, I understand that “See You At The Pole” is legal. But obviously, it’s a trick for Xtian students to harass and indoctrinate other students as well as a manipulative work around Separation of Church and State. It doesn’t help when the teachers are xtians themselves and they’re pulling their own punches to get students to go to the pole for “school prayer” which is what it is.

Eventually, with how it’s going, a teacher will walk into class and be like “okay before history class starts take a moment so you can bow your heads and lets say the lord’s prayer”.


It may be fucked up but these is the facts:
In the early years of See You at the Pole , some schools apparently felt that allowing their students to gather for prayer on school property might violate the Establishment Clause.1 However, a broad consensus quickly developed within the legal and educational communities that See You at the Pole posed no constitutional problem. Two documents were instrumental in forging this consensus. First, Religion in the Public Schools: A Joint Statement of Current Law was issued. This document explicitly declared that “student participation in before- or after-school events, such as ‘See You at the Pole ,’ is permissible. School officials, acting in an official capacity, may neither discourage nor encourage participation in such an event” (Religion in the Public Schools: A Joint Statement of Current Law , September 13, 2001).

It might be interesting to have a follow-up day,
Something akin to “Draw Muhammad Day” but for Christians.
How about…

“Pin the Nails on Jesus at the Flagpole.” (Win a holy wafer and a sip of wine.)

“Stab Jesus in his side with the Holy Spear of Destiny at the Flagpole” (We could just stand back 20 feet and hurle spears at car crash dummies dressed up like Jesus.)

Hey! A cross burning ceremon… NAW!.. It’s been done before.

The real problem is that getting a bunch of atheists to attend an even is a bit like herding cats.
I got it. We will have an ATHEIST DAY OF PRAYER. Invite everyone you know. Really pressure them to show up. Talk it up. Free beer. Free BBQ. Rich people passing out 100-dollar bills. Guest speakers. Live bands flown in from around the USA and Europe. Movie Stars. The biggest event of the century. A real Atheist Prayer Bash. Take out advertisements in newspapers. Get TV to donate late night commercial time. Get guest spots on local radio shows and just talk this up. Promise anything and everything. Anything anyone can imagine is going to take place at the Atheist Prayer Festival. And then… No one show up. (Absolutely Perfect!)


Another issue I have and I went to @David_Killens with this problem. They’re teaching religion in schools. My daughter’s history teacher has been giving out worksheets on Judaism. I don’t see the point in her learning about a religion she’s never going to practice.

They don’t need to go on and on and on like my daughter’s history teacher is about the Jewish traditions and talk about the Torah. Who GIVES A FUCK about what the Jews believe in. All the work he’s been giving out looks like shit that a kid would bring home from Sunday school. There is no point deep diving into a religion if they’re never going to practice it. It’s only then when they get indoctrinated into that religion do they deep dive into it. I just think it’s absurd. I complained to the school. The principle argued that the students needed to learn “about” it. I disagreed that they didn’t need to go into vast detail about it.

I personally don’t know jack shit about Buddhism or over half of the thousands of religions in the world. I didn’t even bother learning about the other thousands of Christian denominations that exist and are being made here in America. I just don’t care. I am never going to practice those religions. I know all I need to know. That those religions are a waste of time and just cause problems.

Did you get the principal to commit to that position? On paper or with valid witnesses? If so, then you can force that principal to teach other religions and cultures. Hint hint: non Abrahamic religions. And I am sure that the children should learn about history and religions from their own land first, such as the indigenous religions.

Unfortunately no. I don’t think I have a case. He sent the text book home with my daughter and he stated that he would sit and talk to her teacher about his presentation. Looking through the text book seemed like it and the presentation were similar. He claimed the text books they get are looked at by the FFRF and is a government textbook corporation. He mentioned that he likes his teachers to go by the book when it comes to religion and to not branch off. My daughter also mentioned that while her history teacher is giving them the worksheets, he isn’t verbally talking about it in class. But I do think it is time that he moved on to another subject.


LOL… I would be really curious, what it the fuck is there to teach about Jewish biblical history It’s all made up stories. There was not Moses, the Exodus from Egypt never happened, The exodus from Persia is a secret because no Jew wants to admit to being a Polytheist, then Henotheist before ever even considering Monotheism. There are no patriarchs that can be validated. Noah’s flood did not happen. Seriously, what is there that is Historical about Jewish Religion.

For example, there are apparently over 3,000 unique individuals named in the Bible as a whole, however extra-biblical evidence for only 53 of them has ever been found - and the majority of them are pharaohs, kings, high priests and officials. None of them are the biblical characters involved in any supposedly miraculous or supernatural events contained in the Bible.

Honestly, what can they teach about Jewish History?


Question is: Why is Judaism being taught at all? It’s not something they need to learn unless they’re going to be practicing it.

It’s a gateway drug. Teaching them about Jewish history is also teaching them the early history of christianity.


I think they’re slowly making Christianity legal in schools again and I think Atheist organizations have their hands full with lawsuits trying to uphold it. But the xtians are too many and if they want prayer in school. It’s going to happen and that is a major fear of mine. I don’t want it to happen.

Unfurtunately, it probably will in your nation. The christian nationalists have been slowly beaten back from the “good ole days” of the KKK and a church on every corner. It has taken time but they are finding how to manipulate the system to their advantage. In politics it is gerrymandering and restricting voting. Legally, they now have the money to prevail. And socially, the propaganda and lies are overwhelming.


That would be traumatic for me.

My ex wife always complained that there was no prayer in school back when our kids were little. One of my daughter’s kindergarten teachers was a big religtard and honored a request that my ex wife had made. To pray at lunch. So the teacher bragged to my ex wife that they all prayed at the cafeteria table and my jaw just dropped. I was surprised no one complained. But it’s Missouri and almost everyone where I live is a Christian from some denomination.

I really regret that marriage to this day. It was a dumpster fire for me. She stood against everything I stood for. I was against religion in school. She was for Christianity being promoted in schools. I supported abortion, she didn’t. She humiliated me. I’m glad we divorced. By being married to her, I was part of that problem. My views were heavily muted and censored. Any time I voiced how I felt about things, I was met with backlash.

That’s why I’m so opinionated on here. I spent years being silenced by a woman that was religious fanatic who was also a hypocrite. Who cheated on me. Whose religion was a convenience for her.

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If there is a god she will be in heaven sucking jesus’ dick while you will be in hell partying with the fun people.

There is a stairway to heaven but a highway to hell.


I would argue that “convenience” is fundamental in many, if not all religious systems. How convenient that regardless of the question, the answer is “god has a plan” or “the lord moves in mysterious ways” “you just have to have faith” and on and on ad nauseam. How convenient that I have this magic book with all of the answers. Wow, I really don’t have to think at all!

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I just find it funny that she went out, whored around with other men during our marriage, abandoned her kids with me, never saw them, and got addicted to meth and other drugs. Sometime after she got clean, she found religion again and is “the big expert” on good morals now. She & her bitch mother like to preach at our kids when they visit. Her mom told the kids I’m going to hell. That atheists have no morals. That atheists turn out like Jeffree Dahmer. Honestly they better watch it with the bullshit. I might “conveniently” take her back to court for “sole custody” and completely cut her out of the picture. See how she and her “god” like that idea. That’s the kind of convenience we’re looking at. She’s the biggest hypocrite I know. At least I make good on my word.

Edit: I more than likely won’t take her back to court. It’s just when I get pissed at her family and I would like to wash my hands of them completely. I just can’t because Missouri is a 50/50 state. Custody battles can be insanely expensive. I’m lucky I got fully custody. Not really something I’m up for. I’d have to see a different judge willing to do give me that.

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I have seen this a number of times. Meth heads who become “ministers” are a common one here in Mo.

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