Prayer in public schools "See You At The Pole"

I think they were better off on the drugs and being a nuisance elsewhere. Hypocrites shouldn’t preach morals and religion to people when they couldn’t even follow their own rules.


Funny, I have debated this point. It comes down to a matter of degree, at least for me.
They are both leeches in the society. They are both massive liars and deceivers. They are both destructive to those around them. They are both detrimental to education and “enlightenment”…when I have to put up with their sanctimonious horseshit, yes I think they MAY have been better off on the drugs.

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LOL - Actually, the Christians might benefit from a religious course on 1st Century Christianity… ummm… errrr…which , ummm … was Jewish History.


Tell her that it is OK for friends to disagree. Nobody (not even Mum and Dad) got where they were without a few arguments on the way. And she and her friend can get by by just disagreeing, and being OK with that.

That requires her friend to be OK with that.

If her friend is not OK with that, then obviously she needs to smack the bitch down. Hard. I suggest a knee to the eye as an opener. She won’t be getting back up after that.

These are the people who, ironically, shout “smaller government” the loudest, IME.

Combine this religio-political movement with the Republican party’s now-abysmal commitment to peaceful and legitimate transfers of power and you indeed have a state that’s being reshaped to serve anti-democratic goals.

Christian conservatives who wish to fuse the state and their religion should remember that the tools of oppression, once they’re in place, fit many hands other than their own.


Here’s a new book that goes into this in exhaustive detail:

American Crusade: How the Supreme Court Is Weaponizing Religious Freedom
by Andrew Seidel