Please Help! Trying to understand how information/instructions in DNA are not intelligence based

what are you talking about, every one knows that C,A,G, T are the letters of the DNA alphabet which creates information, instruction, and messages on how to build the protein cells. the DNA strand is billions of letters long and as a language have to be exact to communicate the message.

with new body forms comes new cell types and most importantly new information from the correct sequencing of the DNA letters correctly. do you need a scholarly source

the scratch example is not correct. DNA is a language that tells the environment what to do. the rock scratch is chemistry and the environment. we conclude based on looking at the evidence, the rock is not sending out a language for information, instructions, and messages encoded

i refuted that in another post. hope you got it.

@JC1432 I don’t have an answer to your question, but I do have a comment: It is you and people much like you that make conversation so strained as a theist on this forum.

Instead of looking for ways to try proving that the people here are wrong. Look for ways to challenge and refine what you already believe. Learn something that you didn’t know through contrast. You can’t convert people. People, change their own minds because they choose to…just like you.

Is there anything anyone could say here to make you disbelieve God? No, right? You would just become defensive.

You aren’t achieving anything, and you are just being unnecessarily antagonistic.

did you get a reply on this, it shows up near the bottom of the tread i have

If you want to believe in a designer. Be my guest. Don’t expect the rest of us to buy into your Watchmaker argument. I’ll leave you to the rest of my fellow atheists here. I’ve said what I wanted to say.

Let me ask a much simpler question: can a random process produce information?

eta:I got my answer from a different post of yours

well i think my argument is that randomness can’t create information, instructions, messages as only an intelligent creator can do that. non-random chemistry, molecules cannot write instructions or a language code, only intelligence can do that

someone was telling me that selection is random because i said that in order to select something you have to have an intelligent mind to diagnose the problem, identify possible solution options, analyze the pros/cons of the options, then select the solution and communicate the solution elsewhere

Why, oh why, do you continue to deny Kyle? Everything you have said about God so far is exactly like Kyle. (Well, except Kyle is a bit more “simple-minded”.)

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I’ll take that as your answer. What you have said is incorrect. It suggests you don’t really know what information is. It is a very subtle concept. Watch the video I linked.

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I offered a valid counter to your assertion, yet you repeated this same assertion multiple times since then. Are you stuck on a script, or just not reading and responding to the input of others?

Please participate, not just preach.

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lol in my opinion, Kyle is a way better god. At least Kyle lets you have same sex marriage ,multiple sex partners, multiple wives and husbands, abortion, public fornicating, ALWAYS legal contraceptive and more holidays off from work to fuck in Kyle’s name. He even allows gluttony! :smiling_imp:


…(jumping up and down excitedlywaving hands wildly)… Oo-oo-oo! Me-me-me! I know this one! I know this one!..

did you get the message about the junk dna i sent - is becoming clear that it is far from being junk as it turns out to be responsible not only for the regulation, maintenance, and reprogramming of genetic processes but it also contains highly mobile segments of DNA called transposons that can fabricate copies of themselves and then move to different sites on the genome with varying effects, including possibly disabling genes and activating inactive genes.

plus a design cannot be determined if bad if you do not know all the constraints to the system, functions needed, trade of on functions…

regarding mistakes, “random” mutations are degenerative for example. i honestly do not know, but the system was set up intellectually from God, and i know you hate this answer, but because of the entrance of sin in the world, the bible stated that the world (nature) entered into decay. errors.

1- Intelligence can only come from a mind - thus the biological operations of our bodies came from our parents, and their biological operations from their parents, and so on and so on and like our bodies our minds evolved into the conscious beings we are today. Demonstrate anything ‘Transcendent’ exists. If it is transcendent, how in the hell would you know it was there?

  1. Demonstrate any evidenced at all for the God you profess exists.

  2. Where is this randomness you speak of. There is nothing random. It is all well understood physics.
    We agree. There is nothing random in the creation of DNA. It is well understood chemical reactions. Information is not produced. Chemical interactions act like information being transmitted. This was previously covered. DNA is analgous to a code and not a code itself.

  3. There are no ‘random processes.’ There is nothing random in the creation of DNA. There are random mutations that still follow basic chemestry.

  4. There is no language. The fact that you have stopped calling it a CODE and now reference it as a CODE and now reference it as a Language or Information, is not gaining you any milage. DNA is ANALGOUS TO A CODE, A LANGUAGE, INFORMATION. It is chemical interactios analgous to these things. END OF STORY. You are engaged in an Equivocation Fallacy.

  5. DNA IS NOT a computer code. It is ANALGOUS to a computer code. Random changes in DNA code frequently degrade functions. Then there is chromosome 2. Not all changes are degrades, but not all changes are necessary for survival. DNA is not a Formal Language,

You are merely being dishonest - Calling DNA a CODE, a Formal Language, or Information, does not make it so.

MrDawn…incorrect! do you know of anything in the universe that can create information, messages, and instructions other than an intelligent being (like a computer programmer)

david used a tree ring or rock scratch example, but that was easily refuted

Claim and Proselytizing. Imagine having a Muslim disagree with you and say

“No, Allah created humans. Your god is a false god.”

or a Hindu claim that “Kali created humans, your god is a false god”

All of these religions claim to know the right answer. And here you are. A Christian using Watchmaker Analogies to infer your beliefs onto us here. You have no evidence. NONE. ZILCH. NADA.

If you want us to believe as you do. Then you’re going to have to go gather evidence and DNA Designer Fallacy arguments are not EVIDENCE!

You ignored my question 'What objective evidence can you demonstrate for the existence of any deity?"

and you won’t answer. When you make a claim you automatically accept the Burden of Proof. And you have a Burden of Proof. I’ll spell it out for you.

Generally, describes the standard that a party seeking to prove a fact in court must satisfy to have that fact legally established. There are different standards in different circumstances. For example, in criminal cases, the burden of proving the defendant’s guilt is on the prosecution, and they must establish that fact beyond a reasonable doubt. In civil cases, the plaintiff has the burden of proving his case by a preponderance of the evidence. A “preponderance of the evidence” and “beyond a reasonable doubt” are different standards, requiring different amounts of proof.

The burden of proof is often said to consist of two distinct but related concepts: the burden of production, and the burden of persuasion.


Depending on the jurisdiction and type of action, the legal standard to satisfy the burden of proof in U.S. litigation may include, but is not limited to:

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Fuck!@@ My mother, her mother, her mother, her mogher, etc… etc… etc… This is just bullshit first cause apologetics wrapped up in DNA bullshit.


I don’t hate that comment, even though I spewed a lot of milk out of my nose. Fortunately it missed my keyboard and it was easy to clean up.

Does that decay involve hookers, cocaine, and rock music? I would find life unbearable if not.

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why do you think i don’t research genetics and read on scholars without any evidence that i don’t. everything i am giving you is coming directly from the scholars books. so you assertion is way out of wack and complete nonsense

so saying something like i don’t use the scholars is really ridiculous because that is all i am using

How? All I have witnessed is someone repeating a script.