Plato & Aristotle: The Great Separation

The entire existence of Western Civilization has rely nothing more but on the foundation of Aristotle’s Philosophy which we focus more on the Material Realm which gave us the knowledge in understanding how reality works and yet they still can’t explain why the universe has laws and rules that it follows according to what reason, having a explation in how “it” works but never the explanation on “why” it works, the whole point of inventing is to create something that does not exist which are things only capable in the Physical Realm which is the Material World.

Aristotle has brought us many things for the Sciences to grow rapidly and categorizing only this Reality which is the Material.

Plato World of Forms is a great example on why our ancestors have been worshipping Gods and the Phenomenal things occuring including Magic during that time. Partaking in worship and rituals.

Plato has explain this very clearly as a philosopher, “The only thing I know, is that I know nothing.” furthermore explaining to his fellow students and peers that it is hard for him to explain what he really was teaching about, saying people don’t know anything at all. He described teaching his fellow citizens is like keeping 3 prisoners for there entire life in a cave without seeing the outside world but only the shadows from the walls. When one prisoner is release and comes back to tell him the truth they believe him not and offering them to come with but refuse to accept the truth of their fellow companion who has been with them longer than anyone else.

If you where to believe in Evolution wouldn’t you believe that as humans we should not only evolve physically but mentally due to our environment. Dolphins as a species have a biological sonar made of flesh able to communicate and send signals to find their food.

Wouldn’t you believe humans have developed similar and different abilities or your entire existence is based on the (Ego) as your foundation in what you perceive to be right according to you but yet not knowledgeable and belief in a form of government that you follow a (Ideology) to control your fellow humans in what to do, think, act, and foremost manipulate.

Your premise of rejection of a God says nothing about why you should believe or if their is one but based on the idea that you are nothing more but flesh and bones without a (Soul)

If the (Ego) was to represent something it will have to be that your (Ego) in itself is (God) which chooses what it perceives in what is right and wrong by your definition. As the (Ego) you will never acknowledge your wrongs nor the rights at any given moment making just like any other human who is ignorant and arrogant in their own ways and so would you.

If (Gods) do exist don’t you think that they to partake in philosophy?

The question is not in believing that their is no (God) but if you have a (Soul)?

Saying no you will continue the indoctrination of the human race which are enslave and never supported to achieving a good home on Earth.

Subjecting your (Ego) to stand alone but you wouldn’t want to stand alone because who would want to be lonely so you indoctrination others with your thoughts and ideas even though that one thing that is certain that the only thing you know is that you know nothing.

I would like to hear your thoughts.

My thoughts on what? I read your post a couple of times and although I could comment on snippets of it, I’m unable to understand if all your paragraphs speak to a common theme and what that theme actually is. Would you kindly provide a succinct clarification?

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Welcome, Comic Priest!

I agree with @CyberLN ; the above is rather disjointed.

This may be heading toward a discussion (?) about there actually being no real answer to the question of why anything whatsoever is the way it is.

I could be wrong about that.

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Have you not read the works of the (Three Great Philosophers) that contributed everything for the rest of humanity and as it’s foundation for future human civilization.

Have you read about the works of Plato, Aristotle, and of Pythagoras?

Why start philosophy at the very end of its peak or between it when you should start where it first began?

I recommend reading Plato’s work but not in a rational way but as a belief or religious perspective.

From there you’ll understand why humans continue viewing themselves as “imperfections”.

Have you not read the works of the (Three Great Philosophers)

Yes, I’ve read them.

that contributed everything for the rest of humanity and as it’s foundation for future human civilization.

That’s quite a leap. Are you suggesting that no one else contributed to humanity?

Have you read about the works of Plato, Aristotle, and of Pythagoras?


Why start philosophy at the very end of its peak or between it when you should start where it first began?

When did I do that?

I recommend reading Plato’s work but not in a rational way but as a belief or religious perspective.

Please provide specific instructions on that methodology.

From there you’ll understand why humans continue viewing themselves as “imperfections”.

When did I tell you that I think humans view themselves as imperfections?


Seems like word salad.

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Yeah… no.

If contained to serious discussion, this would likely have led to Nietzsche’s critiques of Plato, namely referencing Berry’s Nietzsche and the Ancient Skeptical Tradition, IMHO. We might also have contrasted Plato’s focus on stasis with the flux and ‘becoming’ of Heraclitus.

I’m rather doubting the pursuit of an analogous course here.

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OH FUCK! Before I even start reading? Why do we have the listing ‘Agnostic’ as a possible Choice? Can’t we change that … You are either Agnostic Theist or Agnostic atheist. Okay… I am not looking forward to what this guy has to say at all… but… here goes… I have my fingers and toes crossed… Chimps can do that you know.

Oh FUCK! Another “Laws of Physics” on the Atheist site. What happened? Did a science site decide to boot out all the trolls?

Invoke Aristotle and Plato, a bit of name-dropping to move things along. So far we have said not much at all.

Let’s insut the dolphins… It any of this going anyplace???

Bring Freud’s debunked Ego bullshit into the conversation… Hmmmm… Not sure why? Bla bla bla and something about being right and government…

Who is he talking to? Anyone around here knows Specifically what God is he talking about? I have rejected many gods. I don’t have a premise. I have many fallacious and nonexistent gods because they demonstrably do not exist. Which god are you referencing? Do you have a God that exists? I would love to hear about it, absent all the garbage you spouted above. Show me your God.

Now there is an idea. I think you should set that idea aside and work on the God thing first. I have never seen anyone indicate anything that can be defined as a soul.

Ego? Not sure what you mean by this word. Generally it translates ‘personality.’ How you get ‘God’ from Ego will remain a magical mystery to me. Freudian psychology and the Id, Ego, Superego, division is something so passé that it is laughable in modern psychology.

Gods partake in philosophy ? Hell, you are just all over the place aren’t you… What is this the ‘Shotgun argment for the existence of God?’

Why would you confuse standing alone with being lonely. The two things are not connected at all. I am an introvert and prefer to be alone. I am rarely if ever lonely and tend to prefer my own company to dealing with the idiocy of others. Like a true introvert, I have a few close friends.

So Lets drop all the Bullshit at the beginning and the end. Your assertion is…

Atheists reject God and the Soul**
That is basically all you said. Getting beyond all the smoke and mirror bullshit you threw out there to seemingly make yourself sound more intelligent than you seem to be; as it is your first post, I will be kind and let you know that I reject neither a soul nor a God I have no 'premise.* Now. Do you have any actual evidence to support the idea that either of these things are real? I would love to hear your evidence.


God is everything. Everything exists. God Exists.

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If I told you that the (HEAVENS) exist would you believe me?

If I told you that (GODS) walk amongst you will you not believe?

If I told you the practice of (Magick) is as ancient as human civilization would you believe?

Would you believe if the (Devil) prowls around looking to devour his next victim?

but you wouldn’t cause some dude on the internet is trying to make you believe in fairytales.

Honestly if you do take a interest in source of information wouldn’t you rely on the alternative?

Yes Science is based but what so based about living amongst people who are Communists, Capitalist, Libertarians, or Fascist amongst extreme perverted ideologies in controlling the masses and all your trust in government.

You know the KKK practices Magick literally calling their leader the “Grand Wizard”.

If it’s not for the people who is it really serving for?

If I told you the truth you would hate it even if it was the truth, but at the same time the truth can set you free.

Its the practice in doing so, I would fight for your right to say the most stupid things on this planet but a takes a stupid person not only to abuse it but to just keep running their mouth without actually doing full on action convincing who people who legitimately don’t care about you? Maybe a few but what does it take to not only pursuit not just the Science but the Arts too.

Hey guys! Been a while! What’d I miss?

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You know what Priest? I hold a very cushy spot here on AR as the most OUT TO LUNCH, BAT SHIT CRAZY, MUTHERFUCKER WHO EVER WALKED THE STREETS.

And now there’s you. Well, shit. I’m gunna have to find another angle.

Uhh. You’re all over the place, man. Stick to one delusion at a time if you can.

Like me, for instance. Now I KNOW that there is a SUPREME OVERLORD because I personally talk to him on a regular basis.

Fucked up, right? But it’s true. And THAT’S not ALL! I haven’t even TOLD YOU about THE EVILONE!!!

But that’s it man. I have a little side gig going on with Buddha (yes, I talk to Buddha). But other than that I’m a pretty simple guy.

I’m usually all over batshit crazy lunatic speak - but you’ve got Aristotle, Plato, Pythagorus, the Bible, the Government, “Majick”, the KKK, Grand Wizards … what exactly is your MAIN POINT?

I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners.

Oh yeah? chewing absentmindedly on a carrot hold on. I’ve got something in my teeth. licking my teeth vigorously

Okay. You have my undivided attention.

Question number one:

Are you the second coming of Jesus Christ?

The Second Coming is the Resurrection. Only the one who is Christ conscious can do so.

Mmm hmm. This is getting WILD.


OMG. 10 to 1 odds he is!!!


All three are obviously true. Can you disprove any of them? The only thing mocking around on the internet is you. What in the fuck give you the balls to enter an atheist site and start telling me what I believe. Go fuck yourself. ***

I stand on my position and assert you don’t have a clue what in the hell you are talking about.


Dagnabbit priesty, you’ve gone and got Cogster all worked up again. Why can’t you just go find a street corner in L.A. to spew your batshittery from?

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@CosmicPriest369 Welcome to Atheist Republic, I sincerely you are having a good day. I had to correct your profile, you are obviously a theist. To state otherwise is dishonest.

Your grasp of evolution is distorted and lacking. Evolution does not drive towards a goal. There is no end game, humans are not evolving towards any standard. How we evolve is a result of evolutionary pressure.


AWWWWW FUCK! You mean I am going to be stuck being a fucking chimp in my next life too? What about the “Evolutionary Ladder?” He he he he he he he he … I just thought of something really funny… At least I’m not a garden gnome, a tin man, or a skriten, (what the hell is a skriten anyway?) I sure wouldn’t want to be one. I like my monkey feet.

Maybe. Or you could just go watch Planet of the Apes and stfu…
Oh yeah, what a Skriten is remains a nonsensical question…you must just accept the existence and quiet your troubled mind…

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