(OT) Or On Topic? 92 Billion Light Years Across

Lingering in my mind for some time.

I wonder what we would find if we could travel the entire 92 billion light years we have an idea of that space is that big.

In other words what might we find if we could travel the entire 92 billion light years?

Where @Whitefire13 and @Cognostic go every night, when they are not here on this forum? Or better yet, maybe that is one of those things that is best not answered, if you get my drift. LOL!

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I get your drift.

It is a curious question, like what might be out there?

What would we find?

What if we find a wall?

Maybe though it is best not answered too.

If it is a wall, would it be the one that Donald Trump promised the Mexicans would pay for? LMAO! But in all seriousness, the only answer I can honestly give you, is “I don’t know”. That’s it.


I don’t know is the answer I come to too.

Edit; Yeah it’s Trump’s wall.

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Thanks Cog.

92 billion light years is just the theoretically estimated diameter of the observable universe in the present day assuming that the rate of inflation is constant. So what I find most likely, is that beyond it is just a new star-scape to see.

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Yes is true.
We know only what can be observed.

The possibilities are nearly endless, not like we have any way to get out there.

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Not a lot, what with being dead after a few years.

Might as well make it 92 trillion, I’m unable to comprehend large numbers.

Yeah as it is not possible to travel that fast.

I don’t know seems to be a better answer though as to what we would find (IF) we could get out there.

Did you ever see Katie Melua’s correction of her song to reflect accurate science?

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—and there you go yet again. Do take care about saying things are impossible, there’s a good chap. In this case I think you’re probably right, but neither I nor anyone else knows with certitude as a far as I’m aware.

My point had nothing to do with above light speed travel. It was about how we understand numbers. I said it might as well be trillions as I can’t grasp billions or indeed vastly fewer numbers.

There are aboriginal tribes (at least) who don’t even use numbers.

. Blake’s Australian Aboriginal Languages points out Aborigines felt no need to count, and while they all had words for “one” and “two” only some made it to “three” and “four”. 1


No I hadn’t seen it.
That is truly something isn’t it-
Thanks for the video :grin:

Okay currently it is not feasible to go light-speed, but we have no idea what is possible down the road. But I don’t figure any speed which would get you to the other-side of the universe is possible.

The question of what is there though is interesting.

Yes I should stop making unbiased claims.

Here’s a more plausible alternative to light-speed travel:


Not entirely convinced that cyrogenics are feasible yet. My understanding that there is [so far] an unfounded belief in future medical advances. It’s also making the [also unfounded] assumption that the company doing the freezing will survive long enough.

Right now I don’t know is a frozen body can be reanimated. I really hope it becomes possible after an indeterminate number of years. That would give the religious something to think about. I think that might demonstrate that the mind is only a function of the living brain.

Also worth considering that some companies offer a head only freezing. Have no idea if such a person could be revived to a viable state beyond a head in a jar. I wonder how a person would feel about being a conscious headless body?

As far as I know, not one person has been revived after years.

From the article you posted; cyronics is generally seen as fringe pseudo science.

True, it’s a long shot. But not as long as “going faster than light” that’s just absurd because there’s so much evidence to the contrary; barely worth speculating.

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You sometimes have to re-edit quotes.

Is that what you are asking?

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