On the escape into fantasy

What is consciousness? It’s a metaphysical question, but seriously, I don’t know. It’s the brain at work, but how does it work?

Faerie is a fantasy, what’s wrong with the fantastical? Is pure escapism somehow politically incorrect? Does fantasy interfere with reality in a way that cannot be corrected? To me, fiction is a lie but not all lies are bad. As an atheist, I know that those who believe in materialism will wish me dead, but though while metaphysics is beyond it, does it not serve a need in the here and now for something beyond ourselves?

When I seek enlightenment, I search for humanism. That way, I stay grounded.


Why is it a lie and not simply an entertaining diversion? Calling fantasy a lie must really restrict your possibilities for entertainment. Or is it that you enjoy lying to others, lying to yourself, and being around lies all the time? It just sounds like a very restrictive world view.

HUH? How does this make any sense at all?

Beyond what? And what evidence do you have for anything at all metaphysical?

It sounds like you are asking if metaphysics serves a need beyond ourselves. The peanut butter sandwich in the kitchen is currently beyond me and I have a need for it. There is nothing metaphysical I can think of that is going to get that sandwich into my mouth. So, excuse me if I get up, walk into the kitchen, and stuff my face. I am finding that my need for peanut butter is far exceeding my need for continuing this conversation.

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You say, Cognostic, there is no hope for apostates. On the other hand, I simply don’t trust apostates.

Yes yes! That is exactly what I said. You are very good at reading between the lines. ,I, I find apostates more trustworthy when they wear their panties outside their pants. What do you think? I am really interested in what you think. Please tell me what you think.

Sarcasm doesn’t work without context, Cognostic.


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SORRY (((((((((((( C O N T E X T )))))))))))))))))))

Cognostic, I believe that you don’t think.

I believe English is not your first language. ‘Does that make us even?’

PS Did we have anything interesting to think about?

Who’s we, Cognostic?

I’m a soldier without any luck and a soldier needs luck.


What’s your point?

What is it that you want to debate about?

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CyberLN, personally, I think that it is the lies of the religious that get most atheists riled up. I just couldn’t give a shit what they believe.

This is nonsensical again, I suspect that one of those words doesn’t mean what you think it does, as atheism and materialism are not incompatible. Indeed the only thing that is incompatible with atheism is theism, and literally nothing else.


Then there seems to be no legitimate reason for you to be posting on a debate forum where the beliefs of theists is grist for that debate.


What they believe is a matter for them, CyberLN, it is how they carry themselves in public that affects me.

Actions are very often motivated by beliefs, if one wishes to challenge the act, then one must challenge the belief that motivates it. Especially if one wishes to intervene before the act and its consequences.

What matters after the mind is the heart.

Most theists I know tend to keep their beliefs to themselves, however if they ever express a belief or part of their religious beliefs I think are pernicious, then I am obliged to say so, and to say why. Beyond that they may believe the moon is made of cheese if it pleases them.

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What the hell does that even mean?