Old site archives

Will threads from the old site eventually be transferred over here? If not, will there be an archive somewhere?


That sir, is a good question.

I can only guess because I am not administering these boards, but based on past forum administration experience:
No, threads will not be transfered over, to do so would likely require a custom script/plugin given full administrative access to the forums and every user’s account. Including banned/closed accounts, etc. And if we wanted those threads to be normal and editable by users here, it would require all the same extreme access by a bot to the new forums.

The old forums will be the archive. It will cost close to nothing to keep the old forum up as an archive. And as others have explained on the old boards, using google actually makes for a robust and simple way to search through those archives.

The minus to me of keeping the old boards up is: it splits the audience some. If we want casual people to participate more easily, there will be a time where it will be wise to have www.atheistrepublic.com/forums automatically redirect to forum.atheistrepublic.com then have forum.atheistrepublic.com have a link to the file path renamed for: www.atheistrepublic.com/forums to be the “archive” link.

Something I would wait to do until there is a healthy amount of postings on these new boards to show new people/casuals there is regular activity here.