Every bird you see in the sky is a government servailance drone. The government has been manufacturing bird drones since the early 1950’s and slowly replacing the bird population with robotic birds to spy on us. The bird drones keep their charge with the use of solar cells built into the backs of their heads and with the use of telephone wires. We no longer need telephone wires or telephone poles. Those things have been extinct for over 50 years. Why haven’t they all been taken down. Our cell phones don’t need them. The government has changed the wires in the telephone poles to charging stations for the drones. Where do you think Elon got his idea from? He got it from the government who is intent on spying on us. And when those birds swoop down to grab a bit of bread or some seeds you have thrown out to them, it is not because they are hungry. They are robots. Robots don’t eat bread or seeds. The birds collect that material, take it back to CIA labratories and analize it for your DNA and to see what effect government chem-trails and GMA manufacturing are having on the plot to alter your DNA. This is a serious problem and the direct cause of the rise of Atheism in America. The governmant is attempting to do away with religiosity and replace itslef with the God idea. The rise in Atheism is the first step in this process. The next step is blind obedience to scientists and their discoveries. (Or at least the discoveries they tell you that they have made so they can manipuilate you.) Wake Up! Wake Up! Wake up now, before it is too late. Government bird drones are everywhere. I even ate one last night. It was fried with crunchy skin on the outside and juicy nano technology on the inside. I could see the wires as I nibbled on the electronic artificial flesh. It’s happening in plain sight. Big brother is here. The birds are watching! Wake up now!

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You saw the video by SCIMAN DAN about the nutcase lady that believes all that bullshit, didn’t you. I saw it several months ago, this person really needs some help.
What about my 2 favorite birds, turkeys and chickens. They don’t fly, so they must be real. I hope so, I’ve been eating one/both of them every day of the week for years, haven’t choked on any wires yet.

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You gotta have some troops on the ground. Not everything can be seen from the air. How are you going to spot cocaine streaks under someone’s nose without a few turkeys on the ground? And chickens are sneaky fast. They can get in and out of places before you even know it. That GMO store-bought chicken is loaded with nanobots. They get into your intestines and beam messages directly back to the chicken farms which are all undercover "Joint CIA, ICE, FBI, ABC, AAG, BOP, CEOS, CTS/DOJ, DEA, IRS, JTTF, MLARS, NCIS, DOJ, DOS, FAA, FBI, IRS, NCIS, NCTC, ALL DIVISIONS OF DOJ, OMC, USAO, USMS,AND YOUR LOCAL SHERRIF’S AND POLICE DEPARTMENTS, Forces Operation. " Your government will do anything to keep track of you and to control you.

The role of government is to put you in a cage and perpetuate the slavery America was founded upon. You do understand that the 13th. the amendment did not END SLAVERY in the USA. It limited slavery to a government institution.

The 13th Amendment to the United States Constitution provides that "Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction. Slavery is alive and well in the USA. The Chickens and Turkeys are all a part of the plot.

South Park predicts the future.

The media knows. Hidden in plain sight!

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Nothing to see here!

Maybe that explains the intestinal issues I’ve dealt with for almost 5 years now. The doctors can’t figure it out.

No. The doctors are just telling you that they can’t figure it out. The stomach aches are a natural result of nanobot infestation. You have been eating too much chicken, or, chicken of the sea. (Yep, the Tuna have been replaced as well.) This conspiracy goes deep. The stomach aches are a warning sign. The doctors may have you alter your diet a bit or give you a little something to help flush your system and reduce your overall nanobot count. If you ignore the stomachaches, do not go to the doctor, and still manage to eat massive quantities of chicken, SHC is the result. There you are walking along, living a happy life, enjoying the sunlight and the little birdies in the park trees; THEN POOF, you are gone in a puff of smoke and nothing is left behind but your arms and legs. It’s a nasty sight to behold but more common than you think. Why do you think cameras are not allowed in parks. Enter a park with a camera and some cop will accuse you of taking pictures of children. They want you out of that park now. They don’t want you to witness granny blowing apart on the footpath while walking her dog, or the little kid happily running up the hill, kite string in hand, and suddenly, “POOF,” no more kid; just a kite string trailing along the ground as the kite falls from the sky. There are reasons behind everything. Nothing happens without a reason.

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Yes! Leaked documents are all over the internet. Those who are in the know, ‘KNOW’ the truth!
Government Spy Tuna

Could be nematode worms. Filthy little bastards crowde up the lining of your intestines and cause all kinds of nasty issues.

Scientists Put the Brain of a Worm Into a Robot… and It MOVED

They have certainly been working on that one.
Scientists Put the Brain of a Worm Into a Robot… and It MOVED - YouTube

We need to be afraid, very afraid.

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I think you are barking mad and marinated in paranoia.

I think you’re not smart enough to process humor. :woman_shrugging:t2:

Each to their own opinion, eh?

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You can’t argue with facts. Just makes you look silly.

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You can’t argue with facts. It just makes you look silly.

It’s all a joke dude. That’s all it is. He’s just fucking around. That’s what we do on here sometimes.


Don’t go misleading Bob like that! How DARE YOU! Cog is trying to impart some seriously important knowledge to everybody here. Now here you are trying to make a joke of it all, meaning Bob will fail to heed the wisdom being provided to him. Stop being so irresponsible. :triumph:

Thanks Tin. There is one born every minute. Some people are so ignorant, it just boggles me. You show them the blue prints, You tell them what’s happening. You clearly support each and every claim with solid evidence. And still these dweebs just don’t get it. We even have a Tin Man on the site but the bigot wont allow Tin Birds or Tin Tuna. Isn’t that the most bizarre system of cherry picking you have ever heard?

Cowboy hats. Cowboy hats, colored contact lenses and beards all work together to help us help hide our activities from the goverrnment drones. Put wrinkled aluminum foil inside the cowboy hat and the bird drones can not find you. They can’t see you because of the cowboy hat brim and the aluminum foil keeps your personal biorythem from reaching the brainwave reading software. The aluminum also does a good job confusing the chickens and tuna. But as they are under the brim of the cowboy hat, not a complete job. I have found that wearing fake contact lenses prevents the optical recognition software from getting a read on ones’ identity. Likewise, a good beard can thwart facial recognition software. Peopl need to be aware and the government needs to be stoped.

Being a retired RF tech., I do wear a copper helmet frequently, but boy this news about birds is disturbing to say the least. I have been photographing birds for a number of years now and this sure does explain a lot.

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