News about the Satanic Temple

Evidently, religious bigots tried to bomb the Satanic Temple.

See below:

I have the feeling that if it was a Christian church, that there would be a greater degree of news coverage . . . so it seems (at least to me) that this event was downplayed because of a negative bias. I saw a similar negative bias in the news when Planned Parenthood clinics and AIDS clinics were firebombed with Molotov cocktails in the 1980’s and 90’s.

What are your thoughts?

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Totally agree the so called God fearing Christians don’t love everyone else…

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Also, another question occurs to me: If people are planting bombs at the Satanic Temple, then how is this different from Muslim Shia and Sunni killing each other, or the Hindi and Muslim fighting each other in India over religion?

How is America any different?

Well, certainly some don’t. But saying that’s the case for Xtians in general just doesn’t fly. I know some very decent folks who are religious as well as some assholes. The same is true for folks I know who identify as atheist. To say all Xtians, all Muslims, all women, all atheists, all Asians, all anything act or think identically is tantamount to bigotry.
You might want to walk your comment back a touch.


Thankyou for your good advice I came here to learn about others but not judge them thanks…


Not judge? Huh…that’s awfully Christian to say. I grew up being judged by others. Judging happens. Hell, I judge people all the time. These Christians have you playing by their rules. In the Christian pantheon, only they believe their “god” can judge. You gotta stop and start playing by your own rules, you know? Start making them play your game.


I agree, it is important to condemn actions, and not people in a generic way, like the idiots who decided it was ok to bomb anyone that didn’t share their views or beliefs.

Judging actions and ideas is fine, but judging every member of a religion is not. It’s ok to condemn ideas, and religions are ideas, it’s not ok to condemn every adherent of a religion, that’s just bigotry. The kind of bigotry that compares all atheists to Stalin or Mao, or assumes no atheist can be moral.

Rise above it…

I don’t judge anyone ever, and I hate those who do… :smirk: :innocent: I’ll get me coat…

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So if you noticed someone likes to cause shit and they come up to you wanting to hang out, but you feel like they’re just going to be a stick up your ass and you decide not to hang out with them. How is that not making a judgement call?

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Of course it does! I will judge an individual based on their behavior and/or words. I do my best, however, not to judge an entire group based on a wide-ranging categorization. What do I mean by wide-ranging? Those I mentioned in my earlier post are examples.


I’ll just give my irony a boost with some emboldened text. At 58 it’s to be expected that my sarcasm doesn’t have the same potency … :sob: :face_with_raised_eyebrow:



Fair enough. Yeah, same even though I’m not perfect at times. It’s hard for me to not blame most Christians for supporting the garbage religion that’s widely supported. Especially the ones copping out and saying they don’t have a religion. You worship the god of that religion, yes you fucking do.


You can’t fix stupid, and I’d be willing to bet that there are a lot of stupid theists out there. If they actually knew what TST stood for, instead of believing that it’s members actually worship Satan, they might have thought twice before doing this.

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I actually ran this idea by a conservative Christian friend, and the logic (if we want to call it that) is that Satan–as the Father of Lies–is the source of all deception.

Because Satan is deceptive, the members of the Satanic Temple are actually deluded into thinking that they aren’t actually doing Satan’s bidding while they play right into his hands.

After all, Satan’s greatest accomplishment was to convince people that he doesn’t actually exist.

And just so you know, I smiled nicely to my friend, picked up the check for our lunch . . . and tracked down a Smart Recovery meeting so that I wouldn’t relapse back into my alcoholism.


My life’s principles is too live one of the Truth, mindfulness and love…

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So you are planning on using us like rats in a cage. Observing and not sharing. That makes you antisocial and frankly impolite. Do you think you are just going to ask questions and not get questions in return? Do you imagine people will continue responding to your inquiries while you sit back and say nothing? Is there something wrong with you?


Another erroneous capitalism. What are you calling ‘truth.’


Love and unconditional love for Mankind And One Unity Through Peaceful Means My Friends…

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TROLL… (Unresponsive and simply seeking reactions.)

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COG! How could you!!! Remember me saying?;

Nothing is impossible. Awareness is the healing of curiosity, and of us. Sharing requires exploration.

Generic new age image

We must learn how to lead high-frequency lives in the face of ego. We must change ourselves and empower others. Imagine a flowering of what could be.

We are at a crossroads of joy and desire. We are in the midst of an astral condensing of joy that will amplify our connection to the cosmos itself. Our conversations with other storytellers have led to a maturing of supra-interstellar consciousness.

Humankind has nothing to lose.

The person 777 has such wisdom but I have a better aesthetic…


Can you demonstrate your assertion., I want to see a round square.

Awareness is what? Here is a deepity, “Awareness is the healing of curiosity.” Why should curiosity be healed? “Sharing requires exploration.” No it doesn’t.

High-frequency lives… what are you smoking? LOL What do you think an ‘Ego’ is?
We must — really “must” change ourselves. Why?

WTF? We call speech like this - ‘Word Salad.’

Supra intersteller consciousness? Hey, I have an idea. I’m gonna go smoke some banana peel and get back to you.