New guy who believes in God

Hello strangers.
Do you get any believers here?
Ask me anything.
Please understand, I don’t represent all Christians but I do believe in God so that should be enough to set me apart from most of you :slight_smile:
Take care and happy Saturday.

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Welcome to the site. I seriously doubt anyone around here has any questions about theolog. Can you stay on a single topic? Give me one good reason for the existence of a god. Just your very best reason. The reason that convinces you. One actual reason that you are sure is convincing.


Universe didn’t come from nothing and we’re not a random accident.

HUH? Can nothing even exist? What’s your point? I agree with both statements. Somethng exists, I have no idea how you would turn something into nothing or that nothing could ever exist. Unlike you however, I have no idea how the universe got here. How do you think the universe was formed and from what?

I don’t know what a random act is? What is a random act? Do you mean something random like a higgs boson manifesting physical properties when slowed down by the Higgs Field, thus validating Einsteins assertion that mass is energy and energy is mass and allowing energy to manifest as particles? Is that what you are calling random? What is this randomness you are speaking of?

So can you define your terms. What is ‘nothing’ and how could it exist. What is ‘random’ and how do you distinguish it from 'non-random."

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Do you guys come from a factory with these questions? :slight_smile:

Big Bang didn’t come from nothing. God created this reality.
So we’re not a random cosmic accident that developed accidentally.

Here’s the important part.
If you’re happy with your beliefs and I’m happy with mine then we’re bother happy and adding some happiness to the world.
Some existential questions will never be proven for as long as we exist and this is what separates a man of faith for a non-believer.
If we knew things for sure with absolutely certainty, we wouldn’t be having millennia-old debate.

I already conceded this point… are you just going to blab away ad nauseam or are you going to have a discussion. What is this “nothing” you speak of and why did you start there? Can you demonstrate “nothing” exists? Why are you talking about nothing. You told me where the universe did not come from and I agree. The universde as we best know, came from a singularity. All evidence points to this. We are in agreement.

How do you know this? Are you asserting a ‘god thing’ existed inside a singularity with everything else? Are you making the claim that the god thing caused the singularity to expand? What evidence do you have for this claim or are you just spouting nonsense?

Huh? You keep bringing this “random” thing up. What in the hell is a random event. Can you give an example of something that happens randomly. We have agreed on this point as well. The universe is not a random event. We pretty much understand how our current presentation of the universe came about. What is this randomness you speak of?

So you are saying that you don’t actually know. The question of god can not ever be proved. That means you believe in this god thing for no good reason. You offer up 'faith." But can’t I simply believe anything at all based on 'faith?" Faith is not a path to understanding anything. Every religion on the planet relies on faith. Don’t you care about what is true or real? 'Faith" gets you nowhere. Faith is the excuse people give for not having evidence.

If we knew things for sure? What in the hell do you imagine you can know for sure? There is no absolute certainty in this world, and yet you are sure a god exists. Your belief in god is nothing at all like the theory of a big bang. Every fact that we have points to a Big Bang. Is it certain or “absolutely certain” as you say? No. But it is the result of the best possible evidence out there in the world today. It is as close to certainty as we can get. What similar support do you have for your god proposition?
“Faith?” Nothing more?


Look, I have to tell you that I have some internet mileage so a lot of questions and reasoning that I see from you, I’ve seen before so it’s dejavu for me every time. So before we talk about technicalities which I can also prove to you, that you as an atheist fails to adhere to, let’s discuss the very basis of what separates faith from no faith. Belief and non belief.

So, we exist.
Why do we exist? You can’t tell me this existential question. Or you might say “we’re just a cosmic accident”. But you have no absolute proof either. I don’t even know your position but if you’re an atheist according to the definition of the word, all you’re allowed to say is “I don’t know”, that’s the only thing your position allows you to say.
If you say anything else, you’re agnostic.
I say “I exist because God created me”. Do I have proof of this? No. So why do I say it? Because when you and I look at the same thing which is the beginning of the universe, to me it seems very absurd that this universe or the Big Bang came all on its own without a prime mover.

THIS is what separates me and you. You don’t know and I believe.

So this is what I’d like to emphasize in my discussions before we talk about Double slit experiments, Jesus Christ or the definitions of the words (my favorite part).

Which responds to nothing I have asked you and is an attempt at shifting the focus of the conversation. You either have evidence for this god thing or you do not. Do you imagine you have said anything unique? A first cause bullshit argument? Really? You imagine no one had heard that before on this side?

No, let’s not discuss faith from believe and Belief from non-belief. You are shifting the focus of the conversation. I have asked for evidence of this god thing. If you want to discuss faith from non-faith and belief from non-belief, start another thread and I will join you there. And as you sign out of this thread, simply admit that you have no good evidence for your belief or faith in a god.

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Why you got so upset?

I’m essentially telling you that I believe in God because he’s a prime mover.
If humanity had explained to me so far Why I exist then I may have not believed in a Creator.
But nobody knows why. So the answer is belief after we both look at the same event and we arrive at different conclusions.

Now you think I am upset? Are we posing an appeal to emotion. Cite your evidence or go away.

You believe in god because he is a prime mover. Another assertion. Just one inane assertion after another. Please cite your evidence for this claim.

Again you bring up the “Nobody knows.” This was addressed previously. Are you following this conversation at all. NOTHING CAN BE KNOWN ABSOLUTELY. The best evidence supports the big bang. WHAT EVIDENCE IS THERE FOR YOUR GOD THING?

No, we do not look at the same event and come to different conclusions. One of us is saying “I DON’T KNOW.” and agreeing that “NO ONE KNOWS FOR CERTAIN.” And the other is asserting ABSOLUTE KNOWLEDGE IN A PRIME MOVER CALLED GOD. Demonstrate how you know this.

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Just a quick question if I may… Cog…

Eli… This God you refer to … does it have a name …does it have what you may refer to as Holy texts…if so what are they called.?

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LOL … It’s public chat… Try to keep him on topic though. He want’s to weasle away.

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Lol. Dude, you’re not reading so take a moment to understand these words.

Nobody knows WHY we exist. Nobody !!!
Your position as an atheist says “I don’t know” to this question.

My position to this question says “God created me and this universe”. Do I have evidence of God? No.
So Why do I say it? Because it seems impossible for all this complexity to spawn on its own without order. For Big Bang to spawn on its own without a cause.

This is why I mentioned earlier that it’s a matter of belief and I’m happy with this. Nobody has the answer to WHY.

The name is not important at this point.
We are discussing Why I believe and what separates a believer from a non believer.
I’m showing the thought process.

NOOO… You are giving him an out… don’t go to the holy texts, now we have to discuss the veracity of some dumb religious text and why that should or should not count a evidence. And down the rabbit hole we go,. The assertion was “I believe in god!” and then he said “Ask me anything.” The question being asked is “What is this god thing you believe in and why believe in it.”

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I’m not going to the texts don’t worry. I’m doing basic logic and thought process 101.

We are not discussing what separates a believer from a non-believer. You said you believe based on faith and I demonstrated that faith can get you nowhere near reality. There is no position at all that I can not hold based on faith.

So why do you believe in this god thing as we have now put faith to rest. Or are you asserting that you have no good reason for your belief in god.

Its OK Cog … He doesn’t want to engage in real debate…see he’s trying to hide his own uncertanities… daren’t give us the texts or the name… he is demonstrating his own fears. that he may be wrong…


He does not know he is uncertain yet. He is getting there though.

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Also definitions are not quite right. Agnostic can only say “I don’t know”, atheist simply rejects all propositions of god.