Muslim female persecution

How do We protect the Rights of Female Muslims worldwide any Idea :bulb:

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Ummm… Let’s do the right thing and start a war. That should do it.

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Thankyou for your opinion on my question many thanks…

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Not very mystical of you to miss the dripping sarcasm in the post. Why not talk about mysticism and defend it? Are we talking Kabala, Sufism, The I-Ching, or Taoism? Jane Roberts did a lot of mystical stuff with the ‘Seth Speaks’ material. Are we talking about Carlos Casteneda? G. I. Gurdjieff was one of my favorites, and “The Fourth Way” was one of my favorite books. Of course, there is also ritual magic in the Wiccan or Satanistic traditions. Loads of interesting people on the site would love to hear you try and defend anything mystical.


I’m not here to judge others only learn about myself And forgive I would never be sarcastic too anyone blessed be…

Demonstrate how this question helps you learn about yourself.

By looking at how my actions offended you so sorry…

So you run about tagging people with erroneous accusations of offense? Is that how you defend yourself against anyone making a legitimate inquiry?

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LMAO, literally the best answer in the entire thread :rofl: :joy:

Play stupid games, and win stupid prizes. I was in the process of buying plane tickets and packing my guns. There is prejudice against Muslim women? We need to smite the heathen. I’m wondering why Allah is unconcerned.

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lol it’s called dry humor, man.

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I’ve given it some thought, and it’s a big sacrifice on my part, but they can stay at mine for a while, it’s not a cult or a harem of course, but I think we will need a hook. So let’s just say I’m in charge…

Mustttt notttt commmenntttttt…argh!!! It’s to, not too, and brrreeeathe… :smirk:

Now I can’t stop being sarcastic, how’s that for irony. I guess the good thing to understand here is that listening and learning, and being sarcastic are not mutually exclusive. Yaaaaay, I can crack on and we can still learn stuff… :innocent: :sunglasses:


Don’t say that. You’ll get the xtians confused.

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I’m A Seeker Friend My life journey is too seek the truth I live by the Idea that I live by the Idea that I don’t know what I don’t know…

Now you are a liar. Need I remind you.,…

Not only did you judge me you showed no ability whatsoever to “Seek Truth.”
Did you ask me, 'Are you offended?" No! You just jumped right out there and assumed it. A truth seeker would have asked a question. Are you incapable of seeing the bullshit you are shoveling? No one need be offended to call you out on your inconsistencies or your or your hypocritical posts.

You now have the opportunity to apologize and try again or continue along the path you have chosen. No one is going to stop you from digging your own grave. You appear to be about as mystical as a soup spoon. Demonstrate that you are a seeker of truth. You do not live by the idea that you don’t know what you don’t know. What you do is pretend to know things that you can’t possibly know. That has been demonstrated.

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How can I prove what I don’t have the answers too thankyou for your time in answering My questions…

Who is the we to whom you refer?
Which rights?
Why specifically Female Muslims?
Any reason for the extra capitalized words?


It appears ‘English’ may not be his first language. I don’t think he understands what he is saying. I would like a response to my original inquiry. (My assumption is ‘he.’ )

Again Cog and Cyber, what I think 777 is saying (and it strikes a deep cosmic chord within, stirring my turgid bowels is) :

We vibrate, we reflect, we are reborn.

You may be ruled by turbulence without realizing it. Do not let it obliterate the richness of your quest. Yes, it is possible to destroy the things that can eliminate us, but not without presence on our side. You must take a stand against desire.

Generic new age image

By redefining, we grow. Transcendence is the growth of consciousness, and of us. You and I are seekers of the planet.

Gaia will remove the barriers to life-affirming serenity. The uprising of purpose is now happening worldwide. It is time to take karma to the next level.

To go along the myth is to become one with it.

Only a traveler of the biosphere may ignite this fusion of transformation. Where there is pain, conscious living cannot thrive. Suffering is born in the gap where ecstasy has been excluded.

Even Ratty should get the message in this.


Yep. You and ratty. That stuff isn’t even worth breaking down. I want to see evidence for Karma, transcendence of consciousness, barriers to lives serenity, anything related to a purpose, and what in the hell is a seeker of the planet. The planet is right here under my foot. "Ruled by turbulence? WTF? We can destroy the things that will eliminate us? DID TIN START THE EGGNOG PARTY WITHOUT ME? That asshole.